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College canteen KMIT

“Students run from the classes as if the gates of prison are opened and all of them rush to the canteen for some really delicious food that would satisfy their appetites. When I first joined the college, my mom said she wouldn’t be packing any tiffin and she asked me to have my lunch at the canteen, but now, I force her to pack my tiffin as I do not want to have anything at this nasty place. There is no variety, sometimes no taste to the dishes they prepare. It makes me sick to have those meals”, complains Disha.

We interviewed some people about the KMIT (Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology) college canteen and the reply, in short was , ‘the canteen sucks, dude!’. The canteen is situated to the right side of the first year block and is a tiny shed. It can hardly accommodate 30 people at a time. The tables and chairs are never properly arranged and there is a noticeable dearth of them. Students find the canteen as an excellent place to have their tiffins but not the canteen food.  The only pleasurable aspect of the canteen is that students can enjoy the cold breeze that passes by.

The canteen works on the ‘tokens system’. Tokens have to be purchased and need to be produced, to buy food . The students had lots of problems in buying the tokens as they were insufficient and unavailable most of the time. Thanks to the hell lot of complaints put forward by the students, the tokens are finally available at anytime in the canteen itself. The menu at the canteen is  limited as it just provides meals and curd rice daily and noodles, manchurian, dosas and puris on alternate days. The costs are nominal with the noodles and manchuria costing 20 bucks and other items costing 12 rupees. The quantity is quite sufficient for 2 people to share it.

Vijay says, “I never have anything in the canteen. It’s just so disgusting. Early morning there is nothing at all you could find, except for the lays, and a couple of samosas. Then the lunch is all about meals and whenever we have manchuria, it is either extra-salted or over-fried to carbon black. So, I and my friends, go out for lunch”. When asked if he complained to the management about the same, he replies, “We all friends did complain to the management about the canteen food and asked them for more variety. We first complained about the place, then about the menu, but the management turned a deaf ear to our complaints”.

Lecturers have a good time at the canteen, because it provides excellent tea and coffee. The only thing that the college canteen could be praised of,  is the hygiene that it maintains. No one has had any problems with college food yet. It’s all safe and hygienic to have food here. Students put forth a lot of suggestions about many aspects about the canteen but then it seems that the management has decided to not pay heed to the complaints. “Let alone the complaints or suggestions we give, the college managements is not even  ready to have a bigger area for the canteen. It’s hardly taken any steps for its improvement. They promised to change the menu, supply with lots of other snacks like popcorn and sweet corn, but it never happened”, says Meenakshi.

When the college management was approached, it provides us with a different picture saying, “As far as the canteen menu is concerned, we can not afford a huge loss by putting up a number of items, because there is no serious demand for the canteen food. The number of students, who eat in the canteen is minimal. Most of them either go out or get their tiffins from home. For a bunch of 20-30 students we can’t have a five star menu. If students want to have five-star dishes, they can go to restaurants, we allow that. We never put the students’ health at a risk and we run a hygienic canteen. Secondly, we are building a new place for canteen. It is going to be open for the seniors this year by the end of this semester. It is about double the area of the previous canteen and we will try our best to meet the demands of students. The previous canteen will be the canteen for only juniors, who will be joining us this September”.

The students were then informed of the upcoming new canteen and all of them are excited and eager for  it. Students expect a grand new place with a brighter look and delicious items on that menu list. One of the IT senior, Siddhartha, mentions, “At least we could be hopeful of a new place, where we would be having some good stuff and hangout with our buddies. Thanks to the media, rather the Vidyouth reporters, we came to know that there is going to be a new canteen. We can surely pressurize the management guys. Vidyouth is doing a great job. College management, the Principal,  are all now a bit more alert and we hope they become a bit more active”.

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