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Always use clean fonts which will draw meaningful attention.

One is advised not to judge people on first impressions. Unfortunately, when it comes to resumè, the potential employer will be doing just that . Though a lot of sleepless nights are put into that important document, chances are; employers will pass it after glancing at it for a few seconds. After all, they’ve got hundreds to read and for a myriad of possible reasons and this one failed to entice them. Most of the time it is not even because of qualifications required for the job! It might just mean that one needs to approach resumè with a new perspective armed with some creativity. A resumè should be a branding message and a sales pitch. Now is NOT the time to be modest – toot that horn!

While constructing a resumè, walk a few dangerous tightropes. For one needs to be able to talk about USP without exaggerating and sounding like a pompous bum. Point out what’s so good about oneself and leave it dangling there for the employers to grab because if one is good then they want one in!

Make sure to list all achievements and accomplishments in descending chronological order i.e. the most recent being the first. If an employer has to go through stuff like “won gold medal in LKG for hopping race” and “won balloon blowing competition in class 1″; He/she will dump that resumè down the trash chute before he gets to “Was student of the year in final year of college”. This considering one is dumb enough to be ‘Student of the Year’ and not know what should so not go in the resumè!!  Now what if there are no major achievements? Too bad for a final year student, but if one is in the first or second year, there is still time to make the resumè irresistible! College fests are held for a reason! Maybe now its time one started attending them and actually participating in competitions to make sure and give one’s best in them. Such achievements go a long way in making an impression on the employer.

Always aim for the top. Photograph credit : Aadishpa Singh

Always aim for the top. Photograph credit : Aadishpa Singh

An effective resumè grabs the readers attention quickly. But even the smallest grammatical mistake will fail the hard work. Murphy’s law, which states that “If anything can go wrong, it will”, could have been written with resumès in mind. Fortunately, there is no mistake one can make that hasn’t already been made before. Because so many things can (and often do) go wrong. The point to remember is to make sure the resumè looks pleasing to employers’ eye. Neon colors and funky fonts may get one noticed, but not in the way one wants. Rather, a clean font will draw meaningful attention to the meat of the resumè – qualities and accomplishments! Making oneself stand out without descending to cheap tricks, which will just end up frustrating the reader is the goal.

Career goals have to be very well defined and unambiguous. “Putting my best to do my job in the best way possible” is not a goal; it is just something one wants to do. The goal has to be very precise and should give the employer and insight into where one wants to be 5 years from now. If goals are vague and random it gives the employer the impression that one is not sure what one wants and that makes it a dangerous investment. More often in such situations, one will not get a call back for an interview.

The descending chronological order follows for academic qualifications as well. Also, making a separate heading for technical skills (only if any), surely helps. Do NOT mention computer knowledge as a technical skill because everybody knows how to operate a computer. The mantra is to be specific. Any programming languages or specialized computer/other courses might come here.

Please do not mention “Marital Status: Single” because that was followed so 15 years ago. Ensure that all the contact details like phone number, email address and mailing address are clearly mentioned so that the interviewer can contact if he wishes to take it forward.

This guy's first mistake putting "Resume`" at the top.

This guy's first mistake putting "Resumè" at the top.

Watching TV and surfing the internet do NOT count as hobbies so don’t zero the chances by mentioning them under a hobbies heading. It will just make one look dumb and aimless. Countless job-seekers have tried their luck and have always failed to entice and employer with their “TV viewing” skills and net surfing abilities.

It is almost blasphemous to lie and exaggerate in the resumè because that might just help one to clear the initial screening but once one gets to a tete-a`-tete with the employer, they can tell that clearly one has no knowledge of what is mentioned as a skill in the resumè. What happens next, one can only imagine.

The obvious things like ensuring resumè is in good shape and doesn’t look like an elephant just danced on it goes without saying. Also be thoroughly familiar with the resumè so that one doesn’t get caught on the wrong foot when in an interview.

That is all from this side, so go ahead and make a snazzy resumè and go grab that dream job! We wish good luck.

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