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The Aeromaniacs. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

IT and CSE has taken a back seat, ECE and EEE have grown old; the Gen X loves speed and wants to fly high, to complement their needs and to fulfill their dreams the only course, which is here to stay is the “Aeronautical Engineering – ANE”.

Chronicles of the Aeromaniacs – A fascinating world of air crafts flying faster than the speed of sound, learning how to create top end machines breaking the sound barrier, all the excitements and much more.

A glimpse into the real life at CMEC of the ANE students. Our survey revealed shocking figures! No, not those figures, but statistics that pointed out to several factors like – Choice of branch, Faculty, Infrastructure et al. To begin with, only 15 out of the 40 surveyed students over 4th year to 2nd year from Aeronautical Engineering, revealed that they joined the course because they were interested in the subjects. They wanted to study in detail and make a career out of it. And equal number of students had opted for ANE, as it was just another option they got through EAMCET counseling and wanted to get into B Tech; and 10 of them told us, they were forced into taking ANE by their peers.

HOD - Aeronautics: Mr T Prasad (In White Shirt). Credits: Dynamic Warrior

HOD - Aeronautics: Mr T Prasad (In White Shirt). Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Prassana, a final year students points the problem behind the low awareness level of Aeronautical Engineering. She tells us that only 10-15 Engineering colleges, out of a whooping total of 300 or more have ANE as an option. The misconception about ANE leading to pilot jobs also misleads many and many non-local students don’t even know that such a course exists. She pleads the college management and EAMCET authority to make an effort in this way to create better understanding in this context.

But joining ANE doesn’t make one  an Aeronautical Engineer; the truth has a very bad face as depicted outside. Santosh, another final year student of ANE from CMEC complains about his labs and the faculties. “We have to share our labs for two semesters with other college from our same group and thus the whole learning experience is spoilt. Being the first batch we always faced problem especially as the labs were established late and only our batch suffered.” He requests every new student to check with the lab facilities provided by the management prior to taking up a seat in the college, because in ANE the presence of proper labs and infrastructure is very important for the students as a whole to understand the concept.

Renaissance - College Fest by Aeronautics Dept. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Renaissance - College Fest by Aeronautics Dept. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

The survey taken regarding the labs and other infrastructure was completely in tune with what Santosh had pointed out to as 96% of the students believed their labs are very bad and the rest 4% said it’s all okay. College management made efforts to sort out the matter as quickly as possible to ensure that facilities were at least made available in the sister-concern college i.e., MRCET – Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology.

Speaking of the faculty, almost everyone loves their Head of the Department Mr. T Prasad Sir, though they all agree in one voice that he is not from aeronautical background as he is a M Tech (Mechanical), but they all love his teaching methods and admit that he is among the very few lecturers in their department of whose teaching they understand.

For the rest of the staff the survey results pointed out, that 80% students feel their lecturers are inexperienced to teach them but 76% of them agree that they are efficient enough to tackle the subjects. As pointed out by Gaurav, the faculties are mostly their immediate seniors from other colleges and hence the small difference in age gaps makes it difficult for both, the lecturers and students to adjust. But he agrees that most of the faculties are very hard working and helpful when it comes, especially to clear their doubts, regarding the vast subjects like Aerodynamics and Flight Vehicle Designing they cater to.

Leisure hour in classroom. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Leisure hour in classroom. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Students, especially the seniors, who are the college’s first batch admit that they didn’t have proper library facilities. No books (even as per syllabus) were available on time. But the new batches will not face these problems as their seniors have taken care of all this by ensuring that the management orders all text books as required.

ANE department of CMEC was the first among other branches to open a technical committee of their own titled the Aeromaniacs‘, which focuses on overall development of a student apart from studies and conducts seminars, guest lectures and other events such as debates and elocutions. ANE branch also conducted a college fest called ‘Renaissance – ‘08‘, which was hit among the non-aero branches too as it had quizzes and technical paper presentations.

Taking opinions on whether ANE is a good choice to be opted for in EAMCET or any engineering discipline, survey results show that almost all the students have the same opinion that only if one is willing to work hard by themselves and has the zest to learn new concepts, can take up Aeronautical Engineering. This is mainly because of the lack of proper faculty members, in any college across the twin cities. Also because it’s a comparatively new branch of study and it has no “All in one” to prepare from. Thus, from the examination point of view, it gets really difficult to score high percentages compared to other branches of engineering.

As the Aeromaniacs slogans says: “The dynamic ones rule”

Spontaneity is the key to succeed and come out with flying colours in this course. So unleash the spirit within and free your ambitions to fly high and reach the sky.

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