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The college buses of BIET started as-usual at 4.30 pm. The buses were moving in full speed trying to overtake the other; half of the students had already dozed off and the other ones either enjoying music or talking stuffs. Then suddenly at around 4.45, the bus stopped at a place, where there was hardly any life around; to see what was going on in the other bus (same college), which was stopped already.

One student of that bus (stopped earlier) named Paresh (name changed) of 2nd year, who happened to be drunk, teased a girl, who is also from the same year. She really got tensed and started crying. One lecturer noticed her and asked what was going on. Obviously the lecturer got angry and shouted at this guy. In a drunk state and forgetting the fact that he is  a student, Paresh misbehaved with the lecturer and that was the time when the matter reached heights.

“The way he shouted back at the lecturers was horrible. Everyone was really worried about the consequences”, told one of the students in the bus. The bus driver heard all this noise and stopped the bus and yelled at the student for not behaving properly. Paresh rose (don’t know for what reason) and pushed the driver back and held his collar hard. Everyone became speechless, when they had seen all this. No one had any idea about what was happening. The cleaner of that bus came to support the driver and he pushed Paresh. Then all of a sudden, all his friends came running from behind to fight. The girls in the bus got really scared and one among them speaks, “This was the worst thing that has happened in our bus till date”.

People discussing really hard. Credit: Priceless Aggression

People discussing really hard. Credit: Priceless Aggression

After all this fight, the bus driver Mr. Shiva called the Bus in-charge, superintendent and few security guards. They came in about 5-10 minutes and things were being discussed. Meanwhile, other bus people got down the bus and started gathering more news about the incident. When asked, Rajeev says, “I didn’t want to involve myself in such stuff so I didn’t descend the bus”. Sneha says, “I really like such masaledaar news, I wish I could get down, but no one allowed me to!” But Raj (name changed) had something else to say. “I don’t know this guy personally but I don’t think he would do something like this on purpose.”

Coming back to the incident; all the lecturers, students and the drivers were discussing about what has to be done next. Though all this happened the bus driver wanted the topic to be left there itself as a student’s career is involved. It was not as easy as it seemed, the bus in-charge and the lecturers were not at all ready to compromise. The worst part was Paresh had no sign of guilt on his face and he was just sitting in the bus coolly. Most of the seniors were supporting him; they even went to an extent of begging the lecturers to leave the matter. The bus in-charge said, “Such guys should be suspended”.

The girl was well supported and protected by the lady faculty in the bus. It was almost half an hour and still the buses hadn’t started. Then a lady lecturer got down and solved the situation just like that. So finally it was decided that the matter would be kept in front of the Principal and he would decide everything.

The Crowd. Credit:Priceless Aggression

The crowd making decisions. Credit: Priceless Aggression

It was Saturday and the decision had to be taken then. Paresh had to get his parents, so his father had come along with him. Immediately when the Principal came to college, Paresh, his father, security guards and the bus in-charge went inside the Principal’s room for discussion. The matters really got worse inside when Paresh attempted to do something, which was the most unexpected thing that could have ever happened.

Paresh lost his temper and tried to manhandle the Principal, then the security guard came in between and therefore he was hurt, but still this guy was not done yet, he moved forward again but at this time people caught him from behind and stopped him. Everyone became tongue-tied and terrified by the way the things took place. The Principal Mr. Padmanabham, who was boiling in anger passed an immediate order to give Paresh TC (Transfer Certificate). This decision was appreciated by most of the faculty members and students as our Principal has done full justice.

Is this the type of role-model, which has to be set as an example for the coming generation? Such non-sense should not be tolerated by anyone and everyone has the right to rusticate such acts.

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