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Orphans. Credit: Vigilant Knight

New Life Foundation (NLF) is a Non Government Organization. It was started on 16th October, 2008 by a group of students with an aim to help poor people  and provide service to society. New Life Foundation is registered by the government in the year 2008 with the Registration no 956/2008. (Picture: Orphans at Care and Love Welfare Society. Credit: Vigilant Knight)

It was started by the vision of three students, who had a dream since their childhood to establish an organization, which can help the poor and the needy. They began with their mission invoking innocent smiles and established an organization under the title ‘New Life’ and managed to make a lot of members through the social networking site, Orkut. Currently, there are about 318 members in the community, out of which around 50 members are active, who help in every possible way they can by their donations. “We have provided 57 units of blood in emergency to the poor people. Thanks to all the donors for donating blood. Doctors always prefer fresh blood for easy survival, because blood cells are more active in fresh blood than in stored blood. Serving people is the only satisfaction to the human existence”, opines one of the moderators of the foundation.

“The main objectives of this wing are to help the students in their education, to provide nutritious food for the poor, to provide blood in emergency and to help physically handicapped people.  The members think that ‘If the poor cannot come for education, then education must reach them’. Education creates that thinking power in man, which brings a revolution in our society. It helps a lot to know our basic rights & duties and also it helps us in building an open mind. But it is reaching only to the rich and middle class people, where as the poor people are working as a child labors and begging on streets. Education should also reach to the poor people to lead there life better. So, NLF came to educate poor people by providing them quality of education”, says Vijay (name changed), one of the moderators of the organization. Blood donation and hunger are also the major aspects on which this organization focuses on. Hunger is a feeling experienced when one has a desire to eat. Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty. Several people die every day due to hunger or hunger-related causes.

The events that are conducted by the NLF foundation are helping all the orphanages, schools in various possible ways. The team started spreading its roots to the various centers in the city including the oldage homes with successfully completing total of  six events. The first event took place at Sri Sai Children’s Orphanage (Dwarakamayee Seva Samithi), where it shelters 45 children. The team  had provided dinner to all the children. The second event was on the New Year day at the Yamini foundation, a school for physically handicapped children, where the team members distributed chocolates and biscuits to the students and spent some time with them. “We were satisfied a lot by doing so”, says one of the members of the team. And the next event was conducted at care and love welfare society. “We have donated rice bags, oil, domestic goods, First Aid kits and some eatables”, says Adarsh (name changed). The next event was held in the month of July at the Sahaya’s home for orphans consisting of 16 children where they have celebrated the birthday of one of the volunteers of the organization. They donated clothes, food and games to the orphans.

The major event took place on 2nd of August, 2009 at Amanvedika Rainbow Home, an orphanage at Secunderabad, which shelters around 70 children, where the NLF team donated food (Annadhanam) to children. This event was conducted in the memory of Late Rama Laxmi (who expired on 22nd July) and also on  the occasion  of  Friendship Day  &  Raksha Bandhan. Every one assembled at Jamai Osmania MMTS Railway Station by 11am and from there they went to the orphanage. Children at the home are cute and very innocent. They received the members, welcoming them by  singing songs. Later singing and dancing competitions were conducted to bring out their talent. Later the Annadanam program started with a lot of items and the team members tied Friendship Bands and Rakhis to all the children on the occasion of Friendship Day and Raksha Bandhan.The program ended with the distribution of chocolates and gifts to the winners. “The total atmosphere was full of Joy and happiness, we spent around 7 hours at the orphanage”, chirps Raja (name changed). The program was attended by Praveen, a close friend of Late Rama Laxmi.

Children at Dwarkamayee Seva Samiti. Credit: Vigilant Knight

Children at Dwarkamayee Seva Samiti. Credit: Vigilant Knight

Ramya (name changed),  a  BE student says, “I like to voluntarily work in a NGO because I feel along with making a career I do  have a responsibility towards the society too. If there is anyway in which I can make somebody’s life a little better, it would be a pleasure for me to do so. Every individual should come forward to help various such centers and let us together make it grow”. “In my life it has never been about what the NGO had… its just that intense feeling you get when you interact with the kids and as a adult you get a sense to life. I certainly cannot describe it, you got to feel it”, adds Vasanth Benjamin.

“Poverty is the root cause of all social evils and also restricts promising students to get education. We through this organization help to educate poor children, the government cannot bear the responsibility of educating numerous illiterate children and hence we help the poor children, who are close to poverty line or below poverty line”, admits one of the volunteers of the foundation. “Every month we collect a minimum amount from each of our members or through campaigning so that we can get funds to help several help age centers in the city”, adds Geeta (name changed). The details about the above foundation can be obtained from the website www.newlifefoundation.co.in

“Life’s most urgent question is:  what are you doing for others?” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are millions of children in India, who do not go to schools and many people across the country suffering from hunger or several other diseases, hence it is the duty of every individual to realize the responsibility towards the society and put the efforts to make such foundations successfully grow.

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