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By Morle'La Wheermy On August - 10 - 2009 1 COMMENT
IT- CSE block. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

Ever imagined the world with no language to speak? And the only way to communicate being signals 0 and 1? This is the world of the software engineers. A world of logical statements and loops. The master intellect for all the evolved and emerging technologies from the past to the present and future is accredited to the departments of Information Technology and Computer Sciences. Most of the students, who prefer for these subjects as their career mainly prefer it because of their easiness. ‘If one is not a person of numbers then one should prefer computers’ is a myth made up in many minds. But one thing that has to be kept in mind to take up these branches is that a person must have an inclination towards logical analysis and should always stay updated.

A survey among the students and faculty of SVIT is scripted down. What should we possess? What are the prerequisites that we have to look after before taking these branches? Why the students at SVIT chose this college? Why these two branches, was queried and traced out. The first and foremost thing about what we have to possess before taking the department of Information Technology and Computer Sciences is a liking for the logic. In the present scenario as there is no boom for the IT and CSE branches many students and their parents prefer for other branches. For those, who are already in these branches proclaim the recession even as a thing of joy. As the loopholes always exist there are people, who still blame the markets and the global up-downs.

The annual intake into CSE and IT departments is 120 students. These seats are filled through EAMCET counseling. And the lateral entries are filled in the second year. The management takes special care towards these branches. The ranks range up to 35,000 in CSE and 45,000 in IT. The counseling seat fee depends on the JNTU rules and regulations. The management seat fee varies from one branch to another. It is up till 6 lakhs for IT and up to 7 lakhs for CSE. The departments also offer fee waiver to the poor and needy students to the extent of 10% of the intake under fee waiver scheme of AICTE – Government of AP.  The average pass percentage of the students in CSE is over 80% and IT is 75%, subject wise. Students from CSE have been placed in companies like Infosys, IBM, Wipro, Satyam and Sierra Atlantic etc. On an average 25% of the students go abroad to pursue their higher studies. And the first batch of IT is yet to come out. And from 60 of the fourth years around 30% are planning for further studies.

“A student, who would like to get into the IT and CSE departments basically should have minimum knowledge about computers and a pursuit towards staying updated about the various evolved and emerging technologies. This will let them know how they can proceed with the future and which direction they would be interested to make progress in”, said Karthik. The CSE and IT departments are treated as the major branches of SVIT. They are claimed as the splendid branches and special tutelage is taken for the students of IT and CSE. The CSE department is headed by Mr. Anil Chowdary garu and IT department by Mr. Satyanarayan Sharma garu. Both well known for their strictness and disciplinary nature.

The CSE and IT departments both were headed by Mr. Anil Chowdary garu till last year. “The IT students got a new HOD this year. Previously both the branches had the same HOD, which is against the rules of AICTE. The reason being that IT has started just 2 years back i.e., the college is established in 2004 and the IT department started in 2006. The first IT batch will be out this year”, said Manognya. “The IT- CSE students are very talented. They are both bookish and naughty. They win almost all the events conducted in the college. There are students into every field from these two branches”, said a faculty. The ‘07 Mr. and Ms. Fresher and ‘08 Ms. Fresher are from IT, CSE department.

The labs are well furnished and the lab faculty take personal interest in the students. “One fine thing that my college is different from many other colleges is the faculty, who teach us the subject even look after the labs. That makes both the faculty and the students to know each other well and even the students can interact with the faculty full fledged”, coined Priya. On the whole there are 7 labs under the IT-CSE department. All the systems are provided with the required software. “We have few good lab faculty presently. Until last semester I had to almost maskafy my lab faculty for my lab internal marks and they were not even helping us with the programs. Now things changed. They give us the software if we want”, said a student.

Computer Lab. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

Computer Lab. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

The CSE HOD is better known for his disciplinary act and he doesn’t bear with any discrepancies in the college by the students of his department. He takes the classes of almost all the years and its based on the time table sketched. “We were taught C language in first year by our HOD and we never had any problems with the way he taught us. He teaches everything in an appropriate pattern”, rants Krishna. The IT department HOD is new to the branch but is well known to students for his witty jibes. “He is a man of logic. One always has to think twice before speaking out something, before him”, said Nikitha. The best part of the IT department is that the IT HOD has got both industrial and teaching experienced faculty for the students of his branch. “Majority of the faculty members, who are presently teaching this branch have above 10 years of experience. Few are new but still have a power and control on what they are teaching. At times there is a problem with the language that the faculty use but still they are not that big that we can’t tackle”, says Ikya (name changed).

The department has well equipped labs with Internet, Scanning and Printing facilities. All the department labs are connected through LAN (Local Area Network). The state-of-the-art computer network has 30 nodes (Pentium IV) with star topology. It has an Ethernet network with Windows 2000 and Windows ‘98 as the operating systems. The other facilities include a wide access to a range of databases, word processors and latest graphic packages. The library has around 1529 books 345 titles for CSE and 1530 books of 325 titles for IT. “Contribution of papers to national and international seminars and attending of QIPS by the faculty reflect their zeal for intellectual growth”, says the management. For further more details visit http://www.svit.ac.in/

The college is both mixture of positives and negatives. Not so popular but not a low rated college too. “Everywhere the students will have problems with the management and vice versa. No college can constantly be ally to the students. The students do dolt things. Both have to go hand in hand. Albeit the management in the college looks and tries to maintain a sternness towards students it still looses at times. ‘Rome was not built in a day’ – SVIT is presently not the best but with the same pace of success it will reach the best colleges list in less than 6-7 years down the lane”, averred Prashanti. For those, who have innovation to do something in software field SVIT is a real good center for learning. IT and CSE rockzzz!

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  1. We tried a lot to change the H.O.D. But we left the college in 2008 without the success. I felt very sad at that time. Now the management decision is absolutely fabulous. Mean while in our graduation time, we need the Sharma sir to be as our HOD. But things were so different at that time. SVS Sharma sir truly deserves the HOD for the Computer department as well as II.

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