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BITS Mania in Hyderabad 01

The BITS mania in our city has reached its peak once again. With the second academic year of BITS-Pilani Hyderabad campus having started a few days back, the BITS fever has grabbed everyone. The Hyderabad campus of the BITS Pilani University was set up last year and opened its doors to a bunch of 546 enthusiastic students in the month of August, 2008. After successfully completing one year in Hyderabad, the university has admitted a fresh batch of  600 students on the 29th of July, 2009. The incoming students were welcomed with open arms by their seniors, who also promised to the teachers and juniors alike that their campus would be ‘Raggig Free‘.

Two whole weeks have passed since the reopening and there have hardly been any complaints regarding facilities/teachers/seniors/security. So all the critics, who mentioned that joining this campus would not be a right choice because of the various teething problems, need to definitely eat their words. Last year, even the students of Andhra Pradesh preferred the Pilani and Goa campuses to Hyderabad. The new academic year has seen a complete reversal in the trend, with Hyderabad being higher on their priority list than the other two. As Alankrutha, a second year student from the civil branch opines, “The facilities provided in our campus might look limited from the outside, but the fact remains that we have everything that we need and more than that. It would not be exaggerating to mention that everything that we have at present is nothing short of being world class. This includes an auditorium with a capacity of 3500 seats that is to be built by next year, which would be the biggest of all the technical universities in India”.

A fresh morning on campus. Credit: Blabber Bullet

A fresh morning on campus. Credit: Blabber Bullet

The place of gyaan. Credit: Blabber Bullet

The place of gyaan. Credit: Blabber Bullet

Working out. Credit: Blabber Bullet

Working out. Credit: Blabber Bullet

The university, recently ranked by The Week magazine as the best private university in the country, has lived up to expectations as far as this campus is concerned. BITS Hyderabad offers  BE (Bachelor of Engineering) courses in ECE, CSE, EEE, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical and dual degrees which include M.Sc Physics, M.Sc Economics, M.Sc Maths, M.Sc Chemistry, M.Sc Biology and not to forget a pure M.Sc Degree called M.Sc Tech (Information systems), which is perceived to be an equivalent to the BE (CSE) degree. The university also offers M.Tech degrees in diverse fields. In addition to these, Ph.Ds are being pursued in various fields under distinguished professors by about 15 students.

The senior batch of students unanimously agree that apart from world famous professors, the two people that lend ultimate strength to the campus and stand as strong pillars with their undying efforts are the Director Prof. V.S Rao, who previously held many top posts in the Pilani campus and Dr. Vidhya Rajesh, the student welfare division (SWD) head. To handle two batches  of absolutely demanding students in a campus that has just entered its second year is definitely a herculean task.

Students & the classes-phew! Credit: Blabber Bullet

Students & the classes-phew! Credit: Blabber Bullet

In spite of the starting problems the university has left no stone unturned in providing the best of the best facilities to its students. The library, though small in dimension has the required material-both technical and non technical for the all-round development of the student. The students of the college represented their campus at various national level festivals including Goa, Pilani, Roorkee and others. The contingents that took part in varied competitions, right from the technical side to extra curricular activities like dance, singing, art did exceedingly well for their age and ended up among the top five colleges in all the fests. Smaranika,an ardent painter says, “The major chunk of the appreciation for all these achievements has to be given to the teaching and non teaching staff for their support in all directions at all times”.

Has staying in a hostel or being suddenly pulled away from the comfort of thier homes, been a hindrance for these youngsters? They disagree in unison. As Neha says, “There is no question of hostel life being boring or not interesting, at least on our campus. We have enough things to do and the facilities to support our needs that sometimes I wonder if 24 hours in a day were enough”. Her friends even smile with contentment at the answer to the question they thought was absolutely baseless.

The long and short of it is that, 30 kilometres from Secunderabad, hidden in the woods of Shamirpet is a buzzing campus, so full of life and energy that it would not be a surprise if their positive vibrations spread to the other colleges in the city as well.

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