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The first thing that comes into the mind of every student while selecting his/her college is whether to give preference to the stream they are interested in, or to select a college having a good reputation, not giving much thought to the course they get into. With EAMCET counseling just around the corner, this sort of dilemma would have already started giving many a student sleepless nights. The thing is, not many of the students are sure if they want to get into a college just because the infrastructure, campus, the crowd etc is good. In fact, gone are the days when a student gives preference to a college just because it’s some 30 years old.

Owing to the recession and slow down in the industry, it’s all the more important this time to weigh the options carefully and select a course and college based on a thorough analysis of the what’s and when’s of the college. The recent ICFAI fiasco might have served as an eye opener for those, who don’t give the credentials of the college a great thought. The first and the most obvious step for anyone seeking an admission into a college is to verify if it has been approved by the necessary board of education. Then come the questions regarding the faculty, infrastructure and the placements the college has got to offer in the 3rd year. Again, it all comes down to the student and his/her performance after getting into a college. No matter how good a college or the faculty is, one can’t be expected to come out on top if there’s not a great deal of enthusiasm from the student. Also, just selecting the desired course and letting time do the rest is a very wrong notion, which is seen a lot among students, who are relieved getting into their desired course that they just don’t bother about their current academics.

Class in progress. Credit: Insanity Personified

Class in progress. Credit: Insanity Personified

ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) is the hottest stream at present owing to its demand in various specters of the organizations. With 120 seats being introduced in ACE Engineering College, it’s a chance for many to rejoice, as the faculty in the ECE department is touted to be among the best in the whole state. The laboratories, equipment and all the other stuff related to it are maintained to thorough perfection and are updated from time to time. To cite a recent example, the CROs (Cathode Ray oscilloscopes) were changed immediately and were replaced with a much better and superior CROs when the students complained that they weren’t up to the required standards.

The last rank to get into ECE without the reservation quota last year was around 20,000. This time it could extend to a higher rank as the number of seats have been doubled in the ECE department. The activities going on in the Electronics department are way too fun, enjoyable and prove to be a thorough learning experience for the students right from the first year onwards. The urge to participate in all the fests conducted by different colleges is encouraged by the staff of the department and the students are entrusted with ideas to come up with, while organising any fests in our college.

With Mr.P.Satyanarayana as the HOD of ECE and distinguished professors like Mr.R.Murali Prasad, J.Nageshwara Rao in the ranks, the teaching staff can’t get any better than this. These three professors together have an experience of more than 50 years in the electronics field and have given invaluable ideas, suggestions and shared their knowledge with the students everytime it was required of them to do so. Regular trips to various institutions and sites are among the hallmarks of the college. A visit to the Infosys campus in the very first year of the students was something that was very appreciable. Also, the students had been taken to the Nagarjun Sagar Dam by the college authorities to get to know the generation of electricity in a practical manner.

Sports and Fun in ACE. Credit: Insanity Personified

Fun at ACE. Credit: Insanity Personified

The college also engages some of the finest and distinguished professors from the state to handle a few particular topics as  guest faculty. Many superb and wonderful lecturers all over Andhra Pradesh are a part of this project in the ECE department since the conception of ACE Engineering College. Also the fact that the ECE section has made it to the top 30 ranks all over the state in the year 2009, shows how dedicated and focused are the faculty towards the academics. Faculty from the ACE Institute (which is considered to be the top institute in India for GATE Coaching) is also a part of the esteemed faculty with at least two professors from the institute handling the junior sections.

All in all, it’s a wonderful learning curve to belong to the ECE stream as it’s considered to be an ‘evergreen’ subject and the interests can be progressed further to the maximum extent possible if the management and the faculty is very encouraging with regard to the student’s interest. Anvesh and Suraj (names changed) are of the opinion that Ace Engineering College is the place to go for if one’s genuinely interested in E.C.E and wants to spend the four years of B.Tech in a carefree and an enjoyable manner. Though, they are a bit apprehensive about using the word ‘carefree’ in the same line as ACE Engineering College, rest assured it’s a pretty good college to belong to and they opine that anyone who’s got a rank between 7000-20000 can consider this branch in ACE seriously. Such an environment can be found in ECE @ ACE Engineering College much to the relief and happiness of the students, who despite getting a bit higher rank in the recently concluded EAMCET examinations hope to get into ECE in a decent enough college.

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