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Exam Time. Credit: Inverted Frequency

“It’s back… the darned thing is back! Just when we had begun to enjoy the fact that we had just turned into super seniors, the doom spelling menace is back. People must have heard of Monday morning blues… at Loyola it is a prolonged one!” Wonder what Ankur is talking about? It’s the return of exams at Loyola Academy.

The month of June arrived and kick started yet another academic year. The rituals of senior-super senior bonding, induction of the juniors and the consequent ‘interaction sessions’ characterized the beginning. Following the semester system, the first form of the exams – the weekly tests, began after two weeks of classes. These weekly tests gave way to mid-semesters that began on 04/08/09 and are going on at the moment. “I cant believe its here already. I feel like I attended my first lecture of the year just yesterday. Sucks man!” says Jeswin with shrugging shoulders.

Semister system has indeed begun its routine at Loyola with exams coming one after another with not a lot of breathing space. “For the second and final year students, it’s going back to the same old crappy routine. By the time we finish mid-sems, pre-finals are round the corner. It’s been very hectic. I just want to get done with for the last and final time”, says Adam (name changed). The freshers who’ve just entered Loyola with a variety of expectation and anticipation are currently facing their first major ‘test’ here.

“We were little apprehensive about the semester system of module as it was a total new concept for us. Turing our fears into reality, we were bombarded with weeklies and even before we could adjust to the new college atmosphere, we were told about mid sems, which were waiting for us. I guess we just have to adjust. With three years of similar bombardment to face, we just need to tighten up our defense mechanism I guess”, says Rahul as he manages a faint laugh.

Exam Time Blues. Credit: Inverted Frequency

Exam Time Blues. Credit: Inverted Frequency

The final year students have also been looking for opportunities to do part-time jobs or any other extra curricular activities but this hectic system has arrested that idea. “I wanted to learn guitar, I wanted to learn dance, I also wanted to do an extensive computer course, but I cant manage any of them with the kind of schedule at Loyola… I’m fighting to keep up with this schedule alone. As beneficial as this system can be, it hampers my extra interests and that is not very good.”

While most of the freshers’ are stupefied and the seniors are cribbing their way to giving these exams, there are a few people, who believe this system is truly an effective one. Dipesh, a final year student says, “I understand how this system is hated, but if we look at it in a broader sense, it eventually comes down to our future. I don’t enjoy giving these exams too, but eventually its serving the purpose of being the road to the externals. Its simple, if  I do well in internals, it is pretty obvious that I’ll do well in externals too. So what’s the point in complaining?”

Mrs. Sita (name changed) shares the same views and says, “The idea of students hating it is not a shocker. It is obvious. Working people hate their jobs but they need to earn. Similarly, students hate exams but they need to score and semester system is the way to go in under graduation. I’m very happy with the way my son is progressing in Loyola and it’s all because of this very system of continuous exams”.

While the seniors and the super seniors go through this system without really wanting to and the freshers getting accustomed to it, life at Loyola Academy has officially begun and whoever said it, said it right, it’ll keep one on one’s toes.

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