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Weightage given to all the exams. Credit: Sinister Imp

All are yet in the mood of fun and to the students’ surprise exams are on already at Loyola Academy. As it is, the college has started a month ago and the students have to face the exams, which began on 04/08/09 and will end on 13/08/09. At Loyola it is semester system that they follow, which is 2 semesters per year for all the graduation courses and the mid-semester exams are of great importance for the internals (40% of the aggregate is of internals and the rest 60% is externals).

Mid-semesters are an issue as it is of 25% weightage from the internals . Even the management knows this and so they had granted one day preparation holiday for the students. It is taken so seriously by the management that they had arranged a meeting for the teaching staff in which they have given the faculty instructions about how the invigilation has to be.

These exams are being conducted in two sessions, morning & afternoon. Morning session the first year and the third year students have their exam, afternoon session being assigned to the second year students. In this issue the second year students are real lucky, as they can prepare for the exam coming to the college in the morning and for the ones, who hide about the exam from parents it is like a gift as they can just walk away from home as they are going to some regular college.

Coming to the students’ opinions the first year students (designated with the letter “A” i.e. Arrival  to the college) feel a bit weird about these exams as they got to face an exam every Wednesday in the form of weekly tests which have a weightage of about10% from the internals. As soon as 2 or 3 weekly tests end, they get started with the mid-sems and after these mid-sems there is a very short gap of bout a 45-50 day’s they get started with the pre-finals and the practical pre-finals for the science student’s and as sson as these get over the semester end exam are real close (the externals). Sounds like they have got nothing but exams all over the year at Loyola.

Notice regarding 1 day preperation holiday. Credit: Sinister Imp

Notice regarding 1 day preperation holiday. Credit: Sinister Imp

The second year (designated with the letter “N” i.e. Neutral stay at Loyola), they don’t really know how a year passed away. By the second, they slowly get habituated to the college, the way it works at Loyola. Firstly, it is a like a big burden considering the importance of attendance, discipline, and specially the exams, but by the second they slowly do get adapted.

Finally,the final year students (designated with the letter “D” i.e. Departure from the college). Yeah, it is true that everybody regrets about everything that happens here at Loyola, but when they are into the final year they come to know that all these exams is to polish the students and improve their final aggregate percentages. Having all these exams is like a big burden of course but as they keep writing so many exams it’s obvious that one gets habituated to face an exam.

There are many other college students, who don’t even know the question paper pattern, but here at Loyola by the time one faces the final external exams one knows what to do and what not to. For the science students there is always an added advantage of having the practicals. The more number of practicals the more are the chance of improving the percentages. By the time one gets into the third year one will know the advantages of having such regular exams. Ultimately, by the end of third year one gets to realize why Loyola is known to be the best degree college from the city in fact from the state.

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