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Extremely Cool Engineers(ECE) at Bharat 01

Engineering is a field that has recently gained so much impetus that the self-claimed ‘I am an Engineering student’ itself says that one is ‘someone’ in a crowd of thousands. This is the general conception among many. Most of the insiders though feel that Engineering is like a local train, where one gets into it with people pushing from behind and eventually gets out of it in desperation. The future ‘Extremely Cool Engineers’ of ECE at Bharat Institute Of Engineering And Technology (BIET) beg to differ though. The Head of the Department of ECE, Mr.Kumaraswamy says, “In order to choose the branch of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), one must be focused and determined to work very hard, but most importantly, one must have an enthusiastic outlook”. As the popular slogan of ‘ECE rocks!’ resounds through the 80 acres of beautiful and picturesque campus in BIET, it is definitely not surprising to notice that this branch achieves the best results on the academic front every single year. When asked why this branch holds a top priority for most of the students, Nitya says, “Currently, there are better career opportunities for ECE graduates in core companies and as the IT industry seems like it will remain on a standstill for sometime, it is more or less a ‘blessing in disguise’ for us”. Another student Sukrut says, “I chose this field as I was inspired by my friends and seniors”. He further adds, “Apart from that, I don’t like computers, so I opted for ECE and I am happy with my decision”.

The Lica Lab. Credit: Painless Predator

The Lica Lab. Credit: Painless Predator

Every year, the department of ECE offers a total of 120 seats. These seats are mostly filled under the ‘management quota’ as this branch requires a good rank in EAMCET ranging from 10000 to 15000. The fee structure for the students acquiring a seat through counseling (tuition fee) is Rs.29,500 every year and students have to shell out an extra fee (development fee) of Rs.10,000 for library and infrastructure. This fee is only taken in the 1st year and is valid till the completion of the course. As far as the fee charged under the management quota is concerned, generally a seat in ECE may cost around Rs.5-6 lakhs, which is exclusive of an yearly fee of Rs.85,500. When asked if there are any variations in donations along the course of EAMCET counseling, Mr. Bhushan, a student counselor says, “The donations can fairly shoot up before the EAMCET counseling starts and can decrease quite dramatically with the second phase of counseling almost coming to an end. So a seat costing around 6 lakhs initially may come down to 3-4 lakhs. It’s just that one has to play the waiting game very tactfully in order to save money”.

The faculty of the department of ECE boasts of ‘supposed’ good faculty comprising of 18 lecturers, 8 professors and an efficient HOD but the students, as always have a different story to tell. Santosh, a student of this branch vents out vehemently. He says, “The faculty members are not that good. Even if they are experienced, it doesn’t matter when they don’t teach properly”. His friend Shravani, who is very adjusting by nature, feels completely opposite. She says, “It is totally up to a student to get accustomed to the environment as we really cannot blame anyone”. Another student Rohan feels, “Most faculty members lack communication skills. What they want to convey in the class is fairly miss-interpreted on most of the occasions. That’s their main weakness”.

The Electrical devices at EDC lab  Credit: Painless Predator

The Electrical devices at EDC lab Credit: Painless Predator

Spacious classrooms, appropriate infrastructure and excellent ventilation can be regarded as added features according to the brochure printed ‘especially’ for the freshers. This branch is allotted with a separate building wherein students have an easy access to their labs, washrooms, restrooms (exclusively for girls) etc. On being asked if all the above claims by the department are true, Bhairav says, “The infrastructure, keeping the campus in view, is probably the best but as they say that ‘all that glitters is not gold’, the lab facilities and guidance is not up to the expectations. The availability of drinking water is a big problem but the toilets on the other hand are very well maintained”, he jokingly adds.

There are 6 labs exclusively available for the students of ECE. These include the Electronic Devices and Circuits (EDC) lab, the Communications lab, the Electronic Computer, the Aided Design (E-CAD) lab, the Linear IC Applications (LICA) lab, the Digital IC Applications lab (DICA) and the Micro Processors lab. Osman, a student says, “Gaining practical knowledge is very important in this field. Thanks to the lab attenders and in-charges, who explain each and every experiment quite convincingly, our job becomes easier”, on being questioned if there is an emphasis on field knowledge in labs.

The HOD of ECE, Mr. Kumaraswamy Rao, a retired scientist of DRDO, carries with him a vision to make his department the ‘Numero Uno’ of BIET. He is known for his effective oratory skills and administration capabilities ‘outside’ the ECE department. Though like always, the students have a different take on it. Ruchita (name changed) says, “The HOD is a very capable person but sometimes lends a deaf ear to our problems. We don’t know whom to approach in such situations. So ultimately we land up in the principal’s office, which again leads us nowhere. It’s very irritating”. Her friend, Akanksha (name changed) says, “Our HOD is a very experienced and a highly qualified person but it is very difficult to leave his room with a solution to our problems”.

The 'basic' facilities not taken care of. Credit: Painless Predator

The 'basic' facilities not taken care of. Credit: Painless Predator

As they say that ‘strict leaders carry strict rules’, there are rules imposed which are just not acceptable. When asked if the said rules exist, Arpit (name changed) says, “Definitely yes! We are not allowed to carry cell phones to college. This is insane. If any authority spots a student with a mobile even if he/she is not using it, the phone gets confiscated”. Another student, Tina (name changed) bursts out, “ The dress code violation raises a lot of eyebrows, especially for girls. We can’t wear what we feel like. We have to stick to salwar kameez all the time. Once a faculty member insulted me for wearing a ‘sleeveless’ top in front of the whole class. It was so embarrassing, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it”. When the students were asked on what they would like to change about the department if given a chance, almost all the students unanimously felt that they would like to change the lab facilities and the faculty members for the better but most importantly the misconception of ‘Ragging’.

As major fields like Computer Sciences (CSE and IT) and Aeronautics have taken a back seat in keeping the preferences of students in mind, official JNTU and OU surveys say that most of the freshers are keen to opt for Electronics as they feel it is not going to be affected with the recent buzzword ‘Recession’.

When asked for some important tips or suggestions for the freshers interested in this field, Kamya says, “ECE is definitely a very good choice. Placement record for this branch is very good especially in top companies like Infosys and Microsoft. Though a lot hard work and commitment is required if hopes of a bright future are to be entertained”. Her friend Deepak (name changed) adds, “Scoring in the internals is a must for obtaining a good overall aggregate.”

With so many energetic and  spirited students cultivating their aspirations in a positive direction, the department of ECE in BIET certainly has a long way to go. Only time will tell if they can live up to their self –claimed ‘Extremely Cool Engineers’ tag in the days to come.

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