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Fast tracks!

By Tweeter Tinuviel On August - 13 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
Arts college railway station. Credit: Namita Afzulpurkar

“I enjoy coming in trains, they are economical, faster and better way to escape the traffic in the city. There is a hell lotta traffic and pollution caused by the vehicles on roads. So trains are a better option. Though the trains aren’t that frequent like Mumbai, they are increasing. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been coming to my college, which is in Osmania University. Damn! I’ll miss them once I am out of my college”, says a happy-go-lucky Pritha. She lives near Balanagar and commutes by train everyday to college. (Picture: Arts college railway station. Credit: Namita Afzulpurkar)

The concept of Multi-Modal Transport System or MMTS, as called in Hyderabad, is a local train system in Hyderabad. This service was started on August 9, 2003 and is run by South Central Railway with 84 trips a day covering 27 stations. These trains connect Secunderabad, Nampally, Falaknuma, and Lingampally with a commuter base of approximately 1 lakh a day. The railway has seen gradual increase in the number of travelers by trains. The Railways have planned to expand the  number of stations by 40% with in 5 years now. A few reasons the trains have been accepted to this extent is due to low fare, peaceful travel, etc.,

“See, the trains are not so like us (he he!). They arrive at the scheduled time and stop for a few seconds. Within this few seconds you’ll see vendors loading and unloading things, college students running to their colleges as soon as the train arrives on platform and many working people too. The thing here is that they (railways) are very systematic and also there are enough bogies to accommodate the travelers. They have the ladies coach, the vendors coach and a coach for the physically challenged people too. So that there will be no rush-push, like the buses (*phew*). I’d any day prefer trains”, says Trishala, who is a working woman.

Train stop! Credit: Namita Afzulpurkar

Train stop! Credit: Namita Afzulpurkar

Trains can be the best mode of transport; it is just that there are hardly any stations in comparison to the APSRTC bus stops. There are projects in the pipeline, by the government, to increase their number. But as Trishala says, the buses are the ones crowded the most, though they have the benefit of regular stretch of bus stops. Not everyone likes waiting for trains. Srija is one of them and when asked about it, she says, “You think we students will wait for trains? I’d rather take a bus. I travel from Jamai Osmania to Mehdipatnam to my junior college. These train stations are not reachable. Even if they were, then we’d have to walk for at least a kilometer. And once you get used to the buses, you’ll not like the trains. The fare might seem cheap, but you’ll have to spend an additional amount of rupees 15 from the station to get to the college”.

Change is inevitable. But every one can adapt themselves to changes. To travel to many far-off places like Falaknuma and Lingampally can be a bit tiring by buses. Trains are a better option to travel because they are comfortable and reach the destinations faster than other modes of transport. The fare also is low as 2 rupees. Traveling by trains gives you a nice feeling and one will never get bored because the ‘over the top’ view gives happiness every time one travels. “I’d never traveled in a trains, but I did try it out thanks to one of my friends. This is so freaking amazing ya!  Especially, when you have to get to Secunderabad, the traveling time is faster and full of excitement. I do travel everyday to my college in Vidya nagar. The last time I’d been to Falaknuma on a project work, it was like Zip-zap-zoom… I am there in 30 minutes. Isn’t that cool?!” says the bubbly Madhuri Ramakrishnan, who is optimistic about the increase in the number of trains. The train travel will prove worth a try. Happy journey!

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