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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. forever! Credit: Tweeter Tinuviel

“They treated friendship the way they treated the sun: its existence undisputed; its radiance best enjoyed, not beheld directly.” -A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini.

Silly talks, stupid giggles, trivial fights, missed calls, sharing the same plate and many more are the smallest but some of the most priceless moments that one always cherishes. Irrespective of the heights one reaches in life, this particular relationship cuts across caste, creed and color.

Swetha Seth, a commerce student comes up with an interesting analogy. “I mean this is like the SIM cards. Its validity is lifetime and the recharge thingy would be hangouts and bloody silly arguments! I have many cousins both from maternal and paternal sides, at the end of the day my friends are my bitching-crime partners [muhahaha]. I’d prefer a friend for life rather go on to commit myself to some guy, whom I know for a short span”, she says.

This is the only relationship that is being celebrated by all ages, till date. Friendship is not just a word, it’s a promise made wholeheartedly to stand by the person till death, to give the freedom they want and to be a part in their own world. “Yes you do need them in life’s highs [I am not talking about the Vodka highs!!] and lows. But it sure is like a reminder that you are not the only stupid person living. What would have life been without a friend kada?! For me, a friend is a one, with whom I can speak what I actually think of something or somebody. She would be keeper of  my secrets, my critic and my well wisher”, says Sahana Iyer.

“My best friend is a rock star; we are like the North and South Pole. She is so freaking nerdy – I am not. She is very emotional and senti and I pacify her. I am a tomboy; she is like the typical swan princess. God knows how we share such a good rapport”, she adds, while describing about her best friend Bhumika . Some call their frienships crazy-mad, smart-sweet, some say it is like the fellowship from the LOTR, some say it’s similar to that shown in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Everyone has their own way of putting it down.

Friendship day that was celebrated on 2nd August is a day, which many people eagerly look forward to. But not everyone celebrates it in the same way. Some had a small get-together in their homes, some were busy on the dance floor while some had a party with hip-hop music on their terrace. Aparajitha, a hard core party animal and an employee says, “We are a group of twenty one. We all live in the same area. This time we planned something ‘WOW’. All of us distributed the work like one brought the food, the other music cd, the other cake and so on. We was celebrated it in our tennis court. Every time on friendship day we book tickets to a movie, then food and then right way to pubs. This time as we mourn the recession timing, we kept it cool”. Isn’t that a good way too?!

Gowrie Naha told us, “We had a get-together at school. Few of us were not in touch with anyone. Many of us met each other after a long long time. Then we had talks where, we shared those memories, which made us think of how kiddish we were. There’s this guy called Alekh, who was the prankster of our section; he still is! There were many incidents, where we were punished for not completing our homeworks. Dancing on the stage like no one’s watching us, then to be inducted in the cabinet of captains and now to a responsible person. Reminds me of Ronan Keating’s song-life is a rollercoaster.”

To end this on a friendly note, remember to discover, rejoice, enjoy these priceless moments. It’s never too late to say- Happy Friendship Day!

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