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An inside look of CMEC – IT and CSE Branches. Everyone said IT and CSE are treated like the favorite kids until the recession took its tolls and later they started getting step-son like treatment from everyone the lecturers, the career analyst and of course parents. But surprisingly at CMEC in the time of global recession last year, the college had immense faith in the growth of the branch and raised the intake to 120 than 60 earlier, making a total of 180 for combined CSE and IT. (Picture: College Championship Trophy – CSE. Credits: Nisargh)

Harsha, a final year student has other views regarding recession. He says, “As the saying goes; every dog has its days, so do all the branches in engineering. It is our bad luck to have completed our degree in such tough times, where the same jobs fetch us only half the salaries”.

Agreeing with most of the students, the faculty of the college advise the students either to pursue higher studies especially M.Tech level course or take up jobs to learn the concepts and gain experience.

Felicitation Ceremony for FSW. Credits: Nisargh

Felicitation Ceremony for FSW. Credits: Nisargh

The college houses two separate departments for CSE and IT with their respective HODs, who are Mr. A Venkata Ramana for the CSE Department and Mr. A Srinivas Rao for the IT department. As students from the college tell us, both HODs are very cordial to each other and always are seen together walking through the corridors, scolding the students. Students are just too thankful that they don’t teach together. A survey among the students shows that 80% of the students are glad to have their respective HODs but still nearly 20% of them believe that with the obsession these people have for discipline in terms of dressing and attitude of the students is unbearable.

As for the rest of the faculties like all the engineering colleges have, the survey conducted revealed the following results; 75% faculty members are experienced and teach well too, and out of the remaining 25% nearly 15% are experienced but as the students put it, they are not effective enough in their methods to teach them.

Ask the students, why they took IT and CSE as an option in engineering and pat comes the reply from most of them, saying; it was the best branch available at one point of time. Pratima, a student of CSE shares her agony as she says, “Mujhe kya pata tha yeh Satyam wale aisa kaam karenge ! (How would I know that Satyam owners will do such a thing)”. Like most of her classmates believe, it was due to the Satyam issue that the IT market is suffering from recession especially in the context of Indian scenario.

Richard Mathew Stallman at FSW function. Credits: Nisarg

Richard Mathew Stallman at FSW function. Credits: Nisargh

But nonetheless not much has changed and optimists rule the scene as everyone anticipates that in a matter of a year or so the recession would die down and IT – CSE would back emerge as the leading branches for engineering students again.

With the prices of EAMCET regular seats this year going to Rs.32,500/- per year and the seats in the management quota ranging from 3 lakhs rupees to 5 lakhs rupees varying as per  colleges are still comparatively inexpensive to the counter parts of ECE and Mechanical.

As for the infrastructure, the figures speaks for themselves as a whooping 98% students believe they have good labs and other facilities, wonder what the remaining 2% had to complain about, no guessing! Few students want the air conditioners in the labs to be put to use. Well, now there is not much to ask for, after all programming is a strenuous task.

Laxman, a 3rd year student told us he would like to change one thing in his college if given a chance, he would want to conduct more seminars and competitions for his branch, though they have Technical group called “Mavericks”, they still wish to carry out more such co-curricular events to prepare themselves to face interviews and get ready for the mean mean world outside.

Gnu Free software. Credit: Nisarg

Gnu Free software. Credit: Nisargh

Most of the passed out students of CMEC, especially IT and CSE have taken up higher studies and are currently pursuing MS, mostly in the United States of America. Surya Kiran, a passed out student of IT has successfully opened his own firm called as VOIS- Voice of Ignited Souls, Tina and Sandeep from CSE have opened a group called FSW- Free Software Organization, which mainly emphasizes on using free softwares, the world famous software freedom activist, Richard Mathew Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation, had come to inaugurate the function held at CMEC.  And many other students have taken up teaching back in their college and are continuing with correspondence in M.Tech courses.

In the end, a piece of advice from the students of CMEC; Only the daring and brave can take up IT or CSE in this time and to make the going easy there is no better place than CMEC.

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