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Pizza Den - The Hangout Heaven. Credit: Beyond Boundaries

In celebration of the years we call ‘Engineering’ there are a few words that command respect for what they offer. Some of these precious words are Addas, Hangouts and Hangovers. Not a day passes without spending time at a Hangout. It might just be the Chai Wala or Hookah at Mocha. With slim wallets and a big bunch of people, all that the students crave for is places, which are atypically ‘Cheap and best’. As if to answer to this prayer of every student stands out the Sindhi Colony, which provides fodder from all over India in the little place that it is. This gully, incidentally, is also the home for the heaven hangout – Pizza Den. Rhythmically located next to Paradise, as if to complete the missing piece in the puzzle, this place, exponentially growing in popularity (especially amongst students) is one good place to be. Hanging out like every other day, a survey was conducted for fun and it was surprising to see the number of people eager to volunteer in it. The excerpts of the survey are summarized into this short article, read on.

The big proprietor and the small Shack that Pizza Den comprises of. Credits: Beyond Boundaries

The big proprietor and the small shack that Pizza Den comprises of. Credits: Beyond Boundaries

A bunch of active teens where asked first and Kapil, one amongst them, was eager to make a mark in the survey said, “I love love love this place! It’s like my second home!” and others around felt he was right. Shraddha summarized the place in simple terms, “Good Pizza, Good Ice-Cream, Good Company, everything’s good”. While Lohit felt, “This place must be renamed…umm… Ice Cream Den or Choco-Fudge Den! I bet it’s better than any of the ice-creams on offer at BR or Havmor”. Pavan, a Chartered Accountant from KPMG and also a regular at Pizza Den says, “I’ve seen this owner guy come in 9V Chetak scooter and now I see him in a Hyundai Getz, No Surprises!”

Pizza Den recently (a year or so ago) shifted from Tirumalgherry to Sindhi Colony, adjacent to Paradise. The change in location has led to a slight increase in price. Though the Choco-Fudge fans still find it worth every penny they spend. Rahul, a bit different in his view feels, “The Ice- Creams are good, but the Pizzas are expensive”. While Seenu says, “Iced Tea rocks and at that price it is a best buy at Den”. Rajkiran, busily devouring the delicious ‘if’s n buts’ says, “This the best place to give a birthday party, everyone and everything is satisfied, including your wallet”. Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner, Dominoes, Slice Pizza and American Pizza, all these offer high quality pizzas at a high rate, if you can mould your taste buds for a lightly Indianized taste of pizza, then the pizzas here best suit one’s tastes and the pockets.

Sriram, Kapil and Lohit hanging out at Pizza Den. Credit: Beyond Boundaries

Sriram, Kapil and Lohit hanging out at Pizza Den. Credit: Beyond Boundaries

Pizza Den turns out to be a catchy place for most of the college goers as they have more than just food to be offered. There are posters and passes of the most happening fests and concerts around the city. It is a very good place to spread a word about your college fest. The surroundings seem to be a little murky due to the adjacent construction and the unfinished cement stairs but the food doesn’t seem to budge one bit on matters of quality. “Though pests can bother you in the monsoon, you show li’l piece of anything in your ice cream/pizza and you are given a fresh serve altogether without any fuss. I like it!” says Sriram, a budding engineer. The free water packets are one very useful amenity because each time you order a ‘Desi Masala’ or a ‘Spicy Mexican’ you may be out of time to buy water. Pizza Den is up and running at 5 in the evening and runs till 10:30, making brisk business in the meanwhile.

The overall rating (on the scale of 0 -5) estimates the nature and stature of this place.

Value for Money: 4.5
Ambience: 2
Quality of Food: 4
Quality of Service: 5
Ease of Finding the Location: 5

(Ratings are based on a random survey, no calculative approach was used)

The service is top class. These Pizza boys attend to customers quick and serve equally quickly. Just in case one hasn’t tried out this place, the next time while passing by paradise, one should surely bypass into the lane beside it to enjoy sumptuous pizzas and mouth-watering ice creams. Horn order please! :-)

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