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Striking success MGIT 01

This world seems to get competitive with each passing day and it is now a necessary asset for every individual to grow in stature so as to stay on par with others in their society. The situations and the syllabus are changing very fast. The kids of today have a lot of exposure and in turn there are a lot of things they need to be knowledgeable about. Engineering students going for coaching for writing various entrance exams as early as in the III year seems to be the trend. With the recession hitting the job market noticeably, there barely seem to be any student being placed and this scenario does not seem to change very quickly either. The students, who were selected and trained with promising offers also have been denied any progress and they seem to be on the bench for an eternity. (Picture: The students strike for a 5- Day week at MGIT. Credits: Beyond Boundaries)

With the world on such a canvas, pursuing higher studies seems to be the only stroke that the students can paint. Third year students from various colleges across the city have joined in the so-called  ‘Super Long Term’ courses, it seems to be the right move so far. The students of MGIT too wanted to blend in the trend but the rigid schedule they had through the week restricted them from doing so. Most of the institutes offering coaching for the entrance exams such as CAT, GMAT, GATE and GRE have acquainted their schedules to weekends due to their intuition that all the colleges had a 5-day week timetable. The students of MGIT did not have the privilege and they wanted it.

The Management trying to calm the agitated students Credits: Beyond Boundaries

The Management trying to calm the agitated students. Credits: Beyond Boundaries

Taking the first move forward, the Class Representatives wrote letters requesting the same to the HOD, director and the management, these letters were signed by all the students of each class and given to the Head of the Department. Most of these letters made it to the HOD but none to the higher authorities. The solution never seemed to come in spite of repeated written requests from the students. After two weeks of waiting patiently, students were frustrated at the irresponsibility of the management in not responding to their plea. Finally on Monday, the patience broke into an outburst and the students from all branches staged a strike in front of the director’s office.

The director, who initially refused to budge, finally yielded to the slogans and offered the representatives to be present in a meeting with the board to decide upon the issue. The press and the police came to the scene but had been rightly sent away as it was an internal issue. The students placed forward their plea in a written form again. After two hours of debating about abiding by the rules while considering students interests. The students got to know of the constraints the management had. A total of 90 working days was necessary in each semester, most of the top colleges in US and other countries considered the B.Tech Degree only then. There was a mandatory 36 classes to be taken in each week compared to the 29 of the OU system.

The Meeting with the Director and all HODs. Credits: Beyond Boundaries

The Meeting with the Director and all HODs. Credits: Beyond Boundaries

The students made a few permutations and combination and offered a few suggestions, which could buffer both the rules. One of them was to hold full day classes through the week and put a class on Saturday which would make it easy for the students to manage their attendance percentages. The other effective suggestion was to hold the tutorial sessions on Saturday and only those students, who have doubts can come to college. The decision was postponed to Tuesday; all the active representatives were called again for a meeting at 10:30 in the morning.

On Tuesday morning, the students were asked to for a written apology for their uncouth behavior and for creating conditions, which provoked students to participate in the ‘Strike’. The students apologized and prostrated to the management with humble hearts. Just when the disheartened students were about to leave the room with the weight of the failure on their shoulders, the Director announced a 5- day week to all the III and IV years of MGIT. The joy of that bunch of students knew no bounds and the news spread like wild fire. At the end – All Happies!

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