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Bhumi - Freedom under construction. Credits: Poet's Revenge

On the eve of August 15th, 2009, when a nation awaited its opportunity to celebrate the greatest event that earned them their freedom, a group of young and enthusiastic men and women, who had gathered in Hyderabad were not quite convinced with our understanding of ‘freedom’ as we call it and they are on a mission to redefine the term. These people belong to Bhumi, an organization that was established in the year 2006 with the motive to finish the unfinished. It is the brain child of ordinary people, who had an extraordinary vision for the country. It is the fear of exploitation that is holding back India in many aspects and Bhumi has realized that the only way to put huge man power to proper use is in this direction is through strong and efficient leadership. Bhumi is aimed at transforming ordinary people into valuable assets for the nation by awakening the leadership qualities in every single individual and as a part of their campaign decided to celebrate the glorious Independence Day in an unusual, but useful way.

At work! Credits : Poet's Revenge

At work! Credits : Poet's Revenge

About a hundred Bhumi volunteers along with a few locals of Qutubullapur got together at Govt. High school to help with the construction of the wall and kitchen that was taken up by Bhumi. Bhumi volunteers wore shirts which had ‘Leading India’ written over it. Everyone, who had volunteered had to sign up by filling a form. The volunteers included even foreign nationals from the UK, Malaysia and China, who were elated at the opportunity to celebrate the day along with their Indian friends. As midnight struck, the gathering stood in reverence as the national song was played.

Mujeeb, the co-founder of this organization had a few inspiring words for everyone present and imbibed the feeling of Indianism into them. Then Mastan Bhai took over and explained exactly how the volunteers had to go through the work. He told them that they had to form a human chain and transport material as quickly as possible and that they would work in 25 minute shifts with a break of 5 minutes between every shift. The volunteers were in high spirits and the Mexican wave started from the word GO! Tea breaks helped them rejuvenate themselves but they were not to rest. The work had to go on to the next day and they had to stay awake all night. 1500 more volunteers were expected to join them and help them speed up the job. Though the people present there were having their share of fun, it was the pioneers of the organization, who knew the seriousness of the event.

Thats how you do it. Credits : Poet's Revenge

That is how you do it. Credits : Poet's Revenge

Mujeeb, the co-founder of Bhumi says that the aim of Bhumi is to groom leaders at multiple levels to help communities change themselves. He says that Bhumi is diversifying itself into multiple spectrum, where it will help start the business leadership scenario in India. He adds that a better country can only be formed through successful individuals and people, who are responsible for the country as much as they are to themselves. The 60 lakh rupee (Rs. 60,00,000/-) investment of Bhumi has been aimed at training ordinary citizens to become formidable and commanding leaders for the betterment of this country. The scheme of tutoring and mentoring, where college students, engineers and people of that sort are employed will help the under dogs of the society explore the world beyond. “It is about putting people into situations and encouraging them to deal with them so that they can be successful leaders tomorrow and that is what a modern India needs”, says Mujeeb. A local coordinator of the Bhumi adopted Rasoolpura, Nayeem says that he is fortunate to be associated with Bhumi. He says that he had the opportunity to help educate children in his locality, where everyone was a first generation learner. He proudly states that he was successful in supporting eight students of his locality to appear for the engineering exams. He says that through the inspiration Bhumi gave them, they were able to solve their problems concerning basic necessities. He says that his bonding with Bhumi is for a lifetime and will work hard for Bhumi till he becomes a perfect leader.

The human chain! Credits : Poet's Revenge

The human chain! Credits : Poet's Revenge

Another co-founder of Bhumi and a well known human rights activist in Hyderabad, Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu says that most of the activities they take up is something that the government must have been doing themselves. For example, Bhumi, with its volunteers cleaned up the entire Osmania hospital and the debris was a jaw-dropping 9 tons of rubble and medical waste. He adds that the foreign nationals and medical students are recruited by CAST (Child and Adolescent Support) to work here during the summer. He tells us that the future of Bhumi depends on how big its achievements will be. He says they go through the work with government alliances and also the sponsorships come from friends, who understand the importance of such a revolutionary institution.

Bhumi is certainly an inspiration for every Indian. Maybe it is time for a real change and the nation calls for it. If not become a part of BHUMI maybe we all can dedicate part of our time for our JanmaBHUMI. The youth of India is an indomitable race and has immense potential. If this is put to use efficiently then an ideal India is not am impossible dream.

For more information on Bhumi, please visit: http://bhumi.in

If you would like to take part in this project : http://www.freedomunderconstruction.com

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