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“You just cannot get rid of two things in your life, one is a woman and the other is a medicine”, Louis Pasteur once jokingly quoted. Though the students of B. Pharmacy at Bharat Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) tend to agree with the above quotation, they also have something to add to it. “We don’t just sell medicines, we make them”, say a group of enthusiastic future pharmacists of this college. Located at one of the best campuses ever seen or heard of, Bharat college of Pharmacy, affiliated to JNTU, was established in the year 1999 under the validation of AICTE, New Delhi. (Picture: The main block of B.Pharm  Credit: Ankita)

This college is headed under the guidance of Mr. Sunder Rajan Raja, the principal of this esteemed institution wherein students had achieved a record pass percentage of 98.8% in the academic year 2008-2009. Being ranked as the top 3rd college of the state under the pharmacy course, this college gives equal importance to sports as well as academics for the all-round development of students. Being NBA accredited, Bharat college of Pharmacy is primarily divided into two sub colleges, Bharat and Nava Bharat. Both these sub colleges offer courses for Bachelors (B. Pharmacy) as well as the Masters (M. Pharmacy).

The Faculty Members of BIST. Credit: Avinash

The Faculty Members of BIST. Credit: Avinash

When asked about the motivation behind choosing this branch, Vijay, a final year student says, “I initially chose this branch because I knew that it will always guarantee a promising career and when I look back now, I feel I have done the correct thing by choosing Bharat for pharmacy”. Another student, Vikas says, “After the completion of my course, there will be a lot of good opportunities. But I primarily took Pharmacy up because of my disinterest towards math”.

There is a total intake of 140 students at Bharat and Nava Bharat together with each containing 70 seats every year. “There is a balanced proportion between the students coming in through the General quota (counseling) as well as the Management quota (Donation)”, says Mr. Jagannath, the admissions department officer at BIST . One of the most important factors for for anyone thinking about taking an admission is the fee pattern of the college. The students, who are admitted through the counseling have to pay Rs.30,500 every year as a part of JNTU tuition fee exclusive of the development fee of Rs.12,500 which is taken in the first year only. One has to get a rank of 8000-9000 in EAMCET to entertain a hope of getting admitted into BIST. For others, who are looking at a management seat, a whooping sum of Rs.9-10 lakhs have to be shelled out for the complete course. This donation is exclusive of the yearly fee of Rs.90,000. When asked if such high fee is actually worth, Rithika, a second year student feels that, “Getting a seat in this college itself is quite difficult. The infrastructure here is one of the best. Though the faculty is not that good, I still think that it is worth paying such a high fee and getting into BIST is worth it”.

The Anatomy lab  Credit: Painless Predator

The Anatomy lab. Credit: Painless Predator

There are a total of 10 labs for this branch. These consist of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab, the Pharmaceutical Unit Operation Lab, the Health Education Lab, the Micro Biology Lab, the Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Lab, the Pharmaceutical Technology Lab, the Computer Lab, the English Lab, the Cognosy Lab, the Physical Pharmacy lab. “High in infrastructure, phenomenal in the availability of various resources like chemicals and great guidance can be regarded as some of the main features for the labs”, says one of the members of the faculty.

The faculty of B. Pharmacy has 34 members including the Principal and the Vice-Principal. This branch is also known for its ‘experienced and dedicated’ faculty members. Students, on the other hand, seem to have a different point of view. Ganesh (name changed) says, “The faculty members in this college are a total flop when it comes to teaching. Though they have an in- depth subject knowledge, it is a waste as long as it is not being communicated to the students”. Another student, Raksha completely disagrees. She says, “The work of any faculty member in a professional course is just to guide  students and not to spoon-feed them. Though we keep cursing these people, it is of no use until we start studying on our own”.

The Principal of this college, Mr. Sunder Rajan Raja, also a HOD for B. Pharmacy, is known for his strict rules and ‘discipline’ implementation techniques. When asked that what kind of unwanted discipline is forced upon the students, Ashok says, “We are not allowed to wear T-shirts to the college. This is the only phase in our lives where we can wear ‘cool’ stuff. But this fucked up rule prevents that from happening”. Another student, Abhinay says, “No one can understand two things about our Principal, one is his baseless discipline and the other is his English. Though for the position that the college is in right now, all the credit has to be given to the principal”. If a college lies on the top, it is because the college focuses more on sheer determination for the completion of its goals and most importantly ‘the rules’, which are very rigid sometimes and can’t be broken. The students generally bear this just because they carry a tag of ‘I am a Pharmacy student of Bharat.’

Celebrating Republic Day Credit: Painless Predator

Celebrating Republic Day Credit: Painless Predator

As the saying ‘Advices should be taken only from the experienced’ goes, the seniors have suggestions which will be useful for freshers planning to join this college. Avinash says, “Expecting much from the college is wrong. It all depends on one’s hard work and worth”. His friend Anwesh, on being questioned about the opportunities in B. Pharmacy says, “After doing Pharmacy, one can become a drug inspector and this designation is considered to be a very respectable one”. He further adds, “Knowledge is the key in pharmacy. If one develops such skills then even sky is not the limit”.

The field of Pharmacy is increasingly growing in importance. Each year, as the widespread of several diseases are posing a major threat to mankind as a whole. Though there are not many answers to the deadly diseases like AIDS and Cancer, the students of Bharat college of pharmacy are fairly confident of coming up with an answer in the near days to come!

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