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There was once a time when people never thought they would come up with something like a computer, but today nobody can imagine their lives without computers. The IT industry brought great changes in the lives of many people, mostly Indians. Many of them started setting their goals to become a ‘Software Engineer’. There’s a saying which means, the more one will greed for it, the more one will loose it and thus happened with this industry. Today it’s in a loss due to recession and financial crisis in the world, but has this changed many minds? No!

Though the industry was badly affected due to many problems, most of the Engineering Colleges couldn’t find any change and one among them is Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology (BIET). In 2006, less than 60 students joined IT, though the limit was 120. In 2008, though the times are bad, the number reached up to 120. This shows how the students still have hope that this industry would come back to its normal position.

Having started in the year 2001, with 5 academic streams namely IT, CSE, EEE, ECE, Mech; BIET  has now expanded its academic programmes by introducing Civil, Aeronautical Engineering and Bio-technology. Most of the students get into the college through management by paying 3-4 lakhs for IT and around 4-5 lakhs for CSE and their yearly fees is Rs. 32,700. The donation fee may vary as the days go by, that is the early the seat is bought the more is the donation. This college doesn’t come in the open category as it is a Christian minority college and there are very few students, who get in through counseling. Even these students will have to pay the same college fee.

The well set computer labs. Credit: Priceless Agression

The well set computer labs. Credit: Priceless Agression

Mr. Shiva Krishna reddy and Mr.Venugopalan are the Head of Departments (HOD) of CSE and IT (respectively). They are very experienced and have been in this field since 40 years. They have worked in many universities like OU, JNTU. The HOD of IT department says, “The kids think that IT is a very easy subject, but it’s their wrong notion. For everything you’ll have to work hard”. The HOD of CSE department taught a subject named Data Communication Systems (DCS) to IT 3rd yearites. The students didn’t like the way he taught them. One among them complained saying, “I never understood what he spoke, he used to just draw the diagrams and leave”. Another student contradicts saying, “I agree sir couldn’t teach properly in the class, but when I went and asked him personally he taught really well. People should understand he’s an old man and should not make fun of him like that”.

“I joined IT even though market was not good then, as it was my personal interest and like this subject very much and I don’t regret about it also”, says a 2nd yr IT student Shweta. But there also few people, who joined this branch out of parents’ pressure and one such student shares, “I really was interested in either Civil or Bio-tech but my parents dint allow me to. The subjects are not that bad nor that good”.

The infrastructure of the college is excellent. The Secretary Sir Mr.Venugopal Reddy has left no stone unturned to make the college look really beautiful. Many parents get impressed by the huge play grounds, well ventilated class rooms, neatly equipped labs, neat and clean bathrooms and join their children in this college. The college is about 80 acres of land with 5 buildings namely Main building for EEE, MECH; New building for IT, CSE, ECE; Octagonal building for Women College; Pharmacy and MBA blocks. Sharon from 2nd yr CSE tells us, “I joined the college just looking at the campus, it really feels like Engineering and the labs are really well maintained”.

Class rooms. Credit: Priceless Aggression

Class rooms. Credit: Priceless Aggression

A 4th year student shares about the teaching experiences, “When it comes to teaching, I think it’s a problem in every college so it’s not a big deal. We used to attend classes only for attendance and read by our own from either text books or all in ones. I don’t think it’s any use to put high hopes on good lecturers anywhere”. But when asked, his friend says, “The faculty is not that good. I mean they are okay, little understanding. They don’t simply fail us in the labs until the student is mischievous in class”. When asked about unwanted imposed rules, Rahul from 3rd year quickly reacts, “Unwanted imposed rules? Aaah I think prohibition of cell phones… I mean it’s ridiculous! I know that almost every college has put up this stupid rule, but still we are doing our Engineering not schooling right?”

Overall to conclude with these branches, the faculty is not so good, the infrastructure and labs are good, the management takes good care of the students. But now it’s the students turn to show up their skills and shine in whichever field they opt for.

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