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The ICE Department. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

ICE – Well, the discussion here is not about the solid form of water that we all know about, rather it is about one of the branches in G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Science (GNITS). ICE is the abbreviation for Instrumentation and Control Engineering. All over India, there are only about fifteen colleges offering the course and GNITS is one among them. (Picture: The ICE Department. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony)

Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE), is an industry oriented course, which was introduced in 2002 by JNTU. The present intake of students at GNITS in this branch of Engineering is 60 per academic year. The admissions in this course are provided through EAMCET counseling as well as NRI quota. The fee structure is as follows:

Convener Quota (through EAMCET counseling): Rs. 33, 200 per annum

NRI Quota: Initial donation: Rs. 2-3 lakhs and annual fee of Rs. 94, 000.

The branch was earlier jointly headed by Prof. Y. Rajeswari & Prof. C. R. K. Murty, who have teaching experience of 8 years and 18 years respectively. Prof. C. R. K. Murty has retired from the post a few months back, thus the HOD of ICE department is Prof. Y. Rajeswari presently. She opines, “ICE branch of Engineering pertains to one of the most important functions in any industry. With the continuous advancements in the area Electronics, Communications, Information Technologies and Software, there has been considerable development in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. These advancements are being extensively used for plant automation, robotics, aircraft instrumentation, space crafts etc”. Few of the students, who do not wish to be named express their disapproval towards the HOD and a few staff members. They would like to see a little more responsiveness in their HOD regarding the problems of the students. They say that the lecturers need to be more knowledgeable in their subjects. Swetha (name changed) informs, “The faculty are so strict that they wouldn’t allow us into the class even a few minutes late. They need to be considerate regarding this as it is unavoidable at times. We loose our attendance also, which causes us trouble in the end”.

The following are some of the labs, unique to this department, where the students love to conduct their experiments:

1. Transducers & Instrumentation Lab

2. Industrial Instrumentation Lab

3. Analytical & Biomedical Instrumentation Lab

4. Process Control Lab

5. Control Systems I, II & III Lab

  • CS-I includes experiments on linear control systems. Various parameters like pr, speed, etc are controlled by P, PI, PID controllers.
  • CS-II also focuses on digital control systems like Robot control and digital communication system.
  • CS-III includes design of linear and digital control systems by using MATLAB, SIMLINK softwares.

Apart from the college library, the departmental library maintained by the department has about 376 titles, which include books on Advanced Instrumentation and Control, Biomedical Instrumentation, Neural Networks, Projects with MATLAB, Project reports, Journals etc., which is an added advantage for the students so as to refer to the specific subjects required. The R & D cell of the department focuses on students aspiring to carry out projects, by using ARM processors and others.

The technical association of the department named as ‘INSTRUSPARK’ carries out different activities to motivate and improve the skills of students, like technical paper presentation, guest lectures by eminent professors and executives, technical quiz etc. and also non-technical events like elocution, debate, etc. The department wall magazine is updated every week with the on going developments in an artistic way so as to be both attractive and informative.

Analytical and Biomedical Instrumentation lab. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Analytical and Biomedical Instrumentation lab. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

The placements for this branch are offered in software companies like Satyam, Polaris, Wipro, Infosys , Accenture ,TCS. Instrumentation Graduates also have good opportunities in core companies such as the HAL, Tata Projects, Keithley, Hareetha Engineers, Reliance Industries, Navyuga Power Corporations, BHEL, ECIL, DRDL, Siemens, Rockwell, Allen Bradley, Yokagawa, Invensys, Honeywell etc.

Based on the survey conducted among the students belonging to ICE branch, the following can be quoted:

“The branch is a synergy of ECE, EEE & CSE, thus covering all the important fields of engineering. It is very interesting to study and gives us a larger perspective of the technology.” __ Anusha, 2nd year

“The events conducted from time to time under the technical association are of a great help for us to be abreast of the latest technical developments taking place. We gain both knowledge and certificates from them. ” __ Deepthi, 3rd year

“Most of us are now well settled in our respective jobs in various fields ranging from software to hardware. We are fortuante to have studied in this branch that gave us wide scope in career options.” __ Rohini, pass out student.

“Freshers aspiring to study instrumentation can opt for this branch without any further misconceptions.”__ Deepika, pass out student.

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