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Personality Development Training by Ms. Revathi Turaga. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony
Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself.”— Robert Collier
“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”— Thomas A. Edison

Bearing the significance of success  in mind, the Humanities and Basic Sciences (H&BS) Department of GNITS, headed by Dr. P. Aparna, brought forward the exclusive opportunity for the final year students of GNITS to help develop their overall personality and achieve success through a Meta Mind Management Development Programme. The programme was conducted under the leadership of Ms. Revathi Turaga, an International Meta Mind Management Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Behavioral Coach. She is an Executive Committee Member of the Global Academy of Meta Mind Management (GAMMA), an educational institution that has a presence in North America, Singapore and India. (Picture: Personality Development Training by Ms. Revathi Turaga. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony)

The program was carried through four weeks on Saturdays in the months of July – August. A certification by GAMMA was provided to the students who attended the program. A nominal fee of Rs. 350 was charged from each of the students as the management bore the rest. The sessions aimed at improving the overall development of one’s personality, focusing on strengths, weaknesses, goals and the means to achieve them.

The 1st session was an introduction to the whole process of one’s personality development. It slowly turned into an interactive one when the students were asked to relate themselves to any of one of the few entities named in the activity.  ‘Ocean’ saw the highest number of students amongst the given ones.

The students took part enthusiastically and when asked why they choose what they did, Shubhleena said, “I choose the ocean because it is very mysterious and keeps changing from pleasure to power, resembling the tides. This is in accordance with my moodiness.” Adding to this, Soumya said that she relates herself to the ocean because every time life gives her some trouble, she fights back with greater strength, like the waves in an ocean always do so. A few others choose the mountain and said with confidence, “Mountain represents the power and also signifies the top position. I always want to be at the top of anything and everything I do.” Summing it all up, Ms. Revathi, the trainer, testified, “Here, the choice was to be done based on the major trait that one has, but in the end, everyone has a few traits of everything. How we perceive what we have and what we want makes one different from the rest.”

Revathi Turaga interacting with students. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Revathi Turaga interacting with students. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Enacting the poem! Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Enacting the poem! Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Another set of Students. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Another set of Students. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

The 2nd session was about the process involved in setting and achieving a goal. Goals are basically of two types: Long term and Short term. The short term goals are the means to achieve long term goals. The presentation given by the mentor, Ms. Revathi, also gave the students a lot of information on the means to achieve their goals. It was followed by the identification of one’s strengths and weaknesses. The students were asked to discuss them with a peer group and then with everyone in the hall.  The goals, things they love the most and dislike the most were also discussed this way.

Session 3 was where the importance of listening and speaking was highlighted. Various activities related to them were proposed and participated in by all the students. They were seen getting more and more comfortable and enthusiastic about the sessions as they were fun and educating at the same time. Yashaswinee shared, “I wouldn’t miss a single minute of these sessions. They were amusing and entertaining. And the best part was to rediscover myself.” Next was the most convivial and hilarious act. Few students were asked to volunteer randomly and were given a strange poem which was to be enacted in various emotions.The act sent the audience into fits of laughter. Each one of them, divided into groups, had to enact this in front of the others. The roars of laughter that echoed through the walls of the seminar hall were the loudest imaginable. It was fun at its best. Ms. Revathi saw to it that the students got adapted to being comfortable interacting with huge crowds.

Being the last session, many were looking forward to Session 4. Living up to the expectations, it turned out to be livelier than ever. It was very informative and interactive like the others and focused on positive thinking, behavior with others, forgiveness and other aspects. Using an eay way to remember the session, Ms. Revathi highlighted aspects of positivity, assertiveness, the power of smile, appreciation, responding to situations, etc.

Individual attention to build up confidence. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Individual attention to build up confidence. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

“One should always follow these concepts in life to succeed and most importantly, stay happy and contented. Felicity and satisfaction are those which give a meaning to life.” added Ms. Revathi.

“The best part about the sessions was the anecdotes that were shared by Ms. Revathi from time to time and they fit into the discussion perfectly. I adore the way she conveyed everything with such an ease that I’m sure will stay in our minds forever,” asserts Vasundhara of ETM. “I am more confident than I was earlier. I am also clear about myself and what I need. I am glad that I attended this workshop,” expresses Vidya. On asking the students about the usefulness of the program, every one of them had a positive reply. They also opined that it should be offered for other batches as well.

The above article is authorized by GAMMA, and is in line with their copyright policies.

For further details on the trainer Ms. Revathi Turaga, and to invite her to your college, visit the site, http://www.revathionline.com/ and for to know more about Meta Mind Management, log on to http://www.metamindmanagement.com/.

When such fabulous opportunities are provided, they ought to be utilized effectively and efficiently. Here’s wishing all success!

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