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Blood Donation at SWEC 01

Two days before the independence day i.e on 13th of August, a blood donation camp was setup in Sri Devi Women’s Engg College by an organization called Sathkruthi. The camp was setup in the college campus and it started at around 11 A.M in the morning and continued till evening 3.30 P.M. (Picture: Blood Donation Camp poster. Credit: Kryptic Mind)

Sathkruthi is a social organization, which organizes programs such as blood donation camps, teaching music for the blind, donating books for the needy students, volunteering as scribes for the blind etc, organized the Blood Donation Camp. Samatha a 4th year EEE student of Sri Devi College, who also happens to be one among the many volunteers in Sathkruthi, was responsible for conducting the blood donation camp in the college. The program received a very good response as many students turned up for the purpose. About a hundred students came forward for donating blood among whom only those who were fit in terms of health were allowed to do so. There were a few Sathkruthi volunteers and a many number of students who organized the complete event and a doctor from Red Cross who supervised the students who donated their blood.

Initially all the students who came for blood donation were checked if they were above 50kgs. All the students with under weight were not allowed for the donation. Students who weighed above 50kgs were given donor applications and a Red Cross card which they had to fill in with their details. Once the application was filled the students were again subjected for another filtration by the doctor, who picked up only those students who were not anemic. “It is very important to test whether the person is fit enough to donate blood before he or she actually does. There are many criteria such as the person must weigh above 50kgs, must have a good pulse, must have a normal B.P and most importantly should not be anemic,” said Dr.Rajesh from Red Cross who was filtering the students at the event.

Principal of the college Mrs.Y.Rajashree encouraged the students by becoming the first person to donate blood firs from the college. The faculty interested in donating blood came forward too. After them, all the students who were carefully filtered were allowed to donate. 350ml of blood was taken from each student which was donated to the Red Cross. The Red Cross in turn intends to donate it to those children who need blood transfusion every three weeks for their survival. “It feels good when you donate blood for a good cause. Its gives us some satisfaction and at same time is good for our own body since the human body replaces the donated blood with newly generated blood,” says Deepti a 4th year student who donated her had donated her blood.

All necessary measures were taken by the organization so that none of the students who donated blood felt weak. Fruit juices and sprouts were provided for the students who donated their blood so that they wouldn’t feel dizzy. When questioned about how she felt after donating blood, Sindusha a 2nd year student says, “After the donation, I did feel a little dizzy but nothing to worry about. I laid down for few minutes and felt okay. In an hour or two, I was back to normal.” Students who donated their blood were given a Red Cross card. If the student or the kin of the student with the Red Cross card needs blood in near future then this card can be produced and blood would be provided for the particular person free of cost once. “It was nice to see so many students turning up for the cause. In my opinion, people should donate blood once in 10 months or at least once in a year. That way they help people who really need blood and it is actually good for their own health since new blood is generated,” concluded Dr.Rajesh.

The college management is immensly happy seeing the way students have reacted to this program and appreciates them. The management plans on conducting such social service programs with a little more frequency in the future than it used to in the past.

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  1. Painless Predator says:

    Nice one!!!… Makes one feel their responsibility towards the society.

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