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The latest and youngest branch to be introduced in CMEC – Mechanical Engineering; was long anticipated to become a part of the college which already had ECE, IT, CSE and Aeronautical Engineering, better known as its far cousin. It was introduced in last years EAMCET counseling and had 60 seats available then, and has been increased to 120 seats this year. (Picture: CMEC – Mechanical Block. Credits: Dynamic Warrior)

Surely after the recession has hit IT and CSE hard the hot favorites among the students have become the Mechanical and Electrical, but among the two the evergreen field is and will always remain is the Mechanical; considered to be the Big Bro of many other engineering discipline like Automobile, Aeronautical, Production, Mechatronics, Robotics etc, it still remains a great choice to be opted for in the Bachelors of Technology.

Ankit a student 2nd year of Mechanical engineering from CMEC quotes “Our Head of Department Mr. Veeraraju Sir is one of those few persons with a “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude…he is always encouraging. And that’s the reason not only me, but everyone in the whole mechanical department always regards him as an “Ideal Person”. I’ve learnt a lot. From him and still there is so much more to learn from him”

No doubt after reading what is mentioned above you may have guessed by now when asked to the students “Who is there favorite lecturer” All of them replied in chorus their HOD sir. And when asked about the rest of faculty members Gautham tells us all of them are good up to a point and are hard working in their respective subjects thou not motivating enough like their favourite Veeraraju Sir but not all can be the BEST right?

Mr. Veeraraju - HOD Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Mr. Veeraraju - HOD Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

The labs in the college are all set for what is required as per the current syllabus and every semester more and more buildings come up with better lab facilities for the students; as Ketan adds that they never faced any problems with the infrastructure especially with water overflowing and being wasted in the bathrooms they never had any serious problems with any amenities provided by the management.

All and all the course and the college seems to be the perfect place to be in but many disagree and want changes with the rules; the latest to do the rounds is the BAN on T-Shirts; as Prakash suggests “If the college is having any problem with any person’s clothes, they can privately have a meet with that person and warn him” they feel there’s no point intruding into the comfort level of the students.

The surprising figures are yet to be revealed as only 30% of the students said they opted for Mechanical engineering out of their wish and the rest considered it as just another option in the EAMCET exam or were made to join by their parent’s desire, something more like living their dream and pursuing a filed wish once they wanted to.

But unlike them many students shared with us why they joined the Mechanical engineering branch only, few like Niharika who said she was driven by the fascinating machines and how they worked and Sainath who was really very interested in robots and the machinery involved in making them work and so fantastic and interesting that they took mechanical engineering.

Mr. Nageshwar Rao Senior Faculty member of Mech. Dept and Guest @ YANTRA . Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Mr. Nageshwar Rao Senior Faculty member of Mech. Dept and Guest @ YANTRA . Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Though being only a year old in college they have made there mark in college; and as they don’t have any direct seniors, the students from 4th year of Aeronautics treat them as there juniors and encourage them to participate in seminars and workshops together. The recently held Tech Pragna under the banner of MRGI- Malla Reddy Groups of Institutions, held its Mechanical Technical Paper Presentation at CMEC under the guidance of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics; it was called as YANTRA and was a hit among the crowd, students from the mechanical branch showed great interests to make this event a great success.

Even during the annual day celebrations of CMEC the Triumph-09 students of Mechanical engineering branch performed a scintillating dance performance with their dance group called as “THE MIGHT MECHS” which became a rage among the college crowd after their entertaining performance.

So if you are interested in developing mean machines such as “The Terminator” or experimenting on the eco friendly machines of tomorrow; your next pit stop
@ CMEC – ME: The place for future Mechanical Engineers to be.

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