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New year, new semester, newly painted classes and a new Head of the Department. Fresh flashes of cheer as well as disappointment seem to be visible in the eyes of students of IT department in SVIT with the change of their Head of the Department. We at VidYouth conducted a survey to find out what the students at SVIT feel about the new changes and how they take it. (Picture: Mr. SVS Sharma – A man well known to mute the students with his logical jibes. Credit: Morle’la Wheermy)

Mr. SVS Sharma, has newly taken over as Head of the department of Information Technology. Mr.Sharma has a triple degree with Masters in Mathematics and Management and M.Tech in Computer Sciences. He has 17 years of teaching experience and two years corporate training. He was a visiting faculty for many reputed colleges in and around Hyderabad. “The appointment of a new HOD was known from quite some time now, but it was a surprise to know that it was Sharma sir”, said a student from 4th year IT. Before becoming the HOD of IT he was a faculty member of the SVIT PG and UG courses.

The students of IT had all blues, greens, blacks, reds, all colours of life to show when asked about the change of HOD. The management said that the change was a result of the mandatory rule according to the AICTE that every branch should have a HOD. The department of Information Technology offers a four year B.Tech Degree program. The IT Department was established with an intake of 60 students in the year 2006. This intake was later on increased to 120 students in the year 2007. The department also offers fee waiver to the poor and needy students to the extent of 10% of the intake under ‘fee waiver scheme of AICTE – Government of AP’. “I wonder how my college has all of a sudden remembered about the rule of AICTE. IT was under the surveillance of the CSE HOD for 3 years”, says Mahesh.

When queried how the students felt about the new change, the students responded as stated. “Sharma sir is a real nice guy, very helpful and his becoming the HOD is a welcome change. The old HOD was loaded with two departments – CSE and IT. And now we are also independent. The new HOD is punctual and understanding as well”, avers Vaibhav Kumar Modi of IT 4th year. “The old HOD was good and the new one is also equally good. IT was started late and had less strength but now the strength of 4 year students in one department needs a lot of attention. The new HOD is, in short, a man of logic. He inculcated new trend of learning in the PG block. Hope he incorporates the same new technique of learning into this curriculum also”, harangued Manasa.

Block:2, Place where the future software engineers reside. Credit: Morle'la Wheermy

Block:2, Place where the future software engineers reside. Credit: Morle'la Wheermy

The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty members, who not only teach but also offer necessary guidance to the students to achieve their goals. The faculty were divided into two different branches IT and CSE. “The faculty who taught IT before the change are now teaching CSE students. The students didn’t like the idea of shifting their faculty to the other branch. After the division few staff were appointed to the IT and CSE departments separately. “The new faculty members are amazing and they don’t twist or twirl the doubts”, enjoined Karthik from IT.

For every action to take place there for sure has some reason behind it. And similarly  the new change even might have had a reason or cause behind. When questioned the new HOD about the change he said, “It is mainly because it’s a rule of AICTE. It was in plan for quite some time and as I didn’t have sufficient time to look after both the PG and UG classes it’s postponed”. Some students agreed with the AICTE reason but some had a different story to narrate, “The change is maybe to lessen the burden of old HOD and day by day we are getting too naughty. So to control us I think this is needed”, stated Jyothsna from 3rd year IT.

What do the students feel about the new HOD? “I have no issues with Sharma sir, he teaches extraordinarily and besides, one always has to be careful when talking to him because he is a logical analyser. He is very polite and he even politely warns the students”, says Manognya. He taught MFCS subject for almost all the IT and CSE students. One always has to be careful while speaking to him as he always pulls one’s leg when one commits a mistake. He appreciates the excellence and discourages the nonsense and non logical stuff – said some most of the IT and CSE students. Few even said, “He  walks lazily and has loads of sarcasm while he speaks. Like if students come up with doubts, talk smart, answer well and have enough of logic in their speech then he gets impressed with them. If he catches any mistakes in your flow of talk then you’re doomed”, said Shanthi. “I like him is all I can say”, said Shishir.

When questioned about the new changes after the new HOD’s arrival, the students told us that very well experienced teachers were hired. All the new staff members have at least 6+ years of teaching or industrial experience. Few guest lectures and classes are being organized by reputed and experienced techies and corporate people. “As of now my Computer Graphics madam and Microprocessor sir are the best lecturers I have ever seen. Our ma’am keeps us updated with the emerging technologies by giving us information about them daily in the last 10 minutes of the class. And MP being an Electronics subject, has grabbed a lot of attention from the IT students mainly because sir is making it very easy”, said Mythri.

Mr. Sharma said, “As of now the guest lectures and classes are confined to 4th years, but I am planning to get them even for the other 3 year students, but it is going to take time. Presently I am planning to organize technical seminars by and for the students so that at least now they will inculcate the habit of seeing things professionally and thinking technically”.

Trying new things is what these band of boys from IT do always. Credit: Morle'la Wheermy

Trying new things is what these band of boys from IT do always. Credit: Morle'la Wheermy

The new HOD is not completely satisfied with the students. He quoted, “These days missiles are guided but students are not”. The students in the IT department presently are not professionally and technically complete. They have to infuse a lot of logical thinking into their studies and into the way they go about with things”. “The pass percentage of IT students is 75% annually. We have a good pass percentage in the IT dept, which is something we should be proud of”, said Nikitha.

Placements, a word of great significance in the presently doomed IT scenario. The first batch of IT is going to be out into the market from SVIT in 2010. “I think our new HOD does things in a unique way so I hope he will get placements for us too”, expressed a final year student confidently. The HOD said, “Recession is not any reason to blame. Every 8 years when the American Government changes the global market has a downfall it’s better people get acquainted with the 7 year plan. It completely depends on the student’s mentality to pursue higher studies and work. I have nothing to say about placements now but let’s see there is still some time left”.

The IT students are both joyous and sad regarding the change. Joyous, because of the new curriculum changes. “Our old HOD was very strict and sincere. He used to be serious even about discipline and bunking of classes. The new HOD is also sincere but he feels that ‘Students, who disturb the going and break the rules are to be equally disturbed’”. Besides the stern strategy being followed by the college management the idea of changing got a cheerful welcome.

The mantra of the IT department is clearly ‘Do the new’. We wish both the students and Head of the Department of IT at SVIT all the best.

To know more about IT at SVIT check out these links http://www.svit.ac.in or http://www.vidyouth.com/2009/08/10/it-cse-svit.

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