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Sporting Problem 01

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – this saying goes in an ‘almost perfect’ sync with the budding engineers of the present generation. Yes, the common complaint from students of various engineering colleges is that, they don’t have enough time to indulge themselves in sports and other recreational activities in their college. Of the lot, 25% students say that they prefer spending time reading for their academics, 14% say they have don’t have any interest in sports and other activities and the rest rue over the fact that the college management imposes severe restrictions when it comes to the usage of the sports room and the college ground. The moment anyone is seen in the sports room, they get chastised by the management for ‘whiling away their precious time’ in playing games.

This seems to be the case in almost all the engineering colleges, where playing sports in class hours is seen as a crime. “The furious glare from a faculty member or a passing comment from them in the class regarding this is enough to make anyone retire from playing sports temporarily”, says Vaibhav, a 3rd year student. He isn’t the only one catching the faculty’s hint. Many students from Princeton Engineering College had to withdraw from a major cricket competition last year as the college management wasn’t happy at all when they missed classes to attend a cricket tournament. “Weeks of rigorous practice for the cricket tournament came to a zilch as a result of this attitude from our college authorities when we were refused permission to take part in the cricket tournament. At first they didn’t object to us playing in the tournament, but when we requested the management to give us half a day off, to practice on the day prior to the match, we were completely denied permission to participate and to add to our woes, a lab internal was to be conducted on that day, which none of us could afford to miss”, says Viren (name changed), a member of the cricket team.

This seems to be the case with many students where little help is given when it comes to matters regarding sports and other such events. Anything, which is not related to studies and academics is almost immediately discarded. There’s no denying the fact that the college authorities give more than a helping hand while organizing techno fests and other such technical events. In fact, students are urged by the college management to attend as many fests as possible, but somehow this attitude falters a bit when it comes to organizing / participating in sports events. Says Suraj, a 2nd year B.Tech student, “Apart from the infrastructure and faculty of a college, the sort of encouragement given to sports is the most underlying factor when it comes to enhancing the college reputation”. Similar sentiments are echoed by various students, who say that sports are one of the most important things inquired about by students, who are yet to attend counseling. More often than not, colleges in which sports are encouraged are most likely to get opted by the ‘wanna be’ engineers.

Enjoying the moment to the fullest. Credit: Insanity Personified

Enjoying the moment to the fullest. Credit: Insanity Personified

Students of Nalla Malla Reddy are perhaps the happiest bunch of students among the colleges present in Ghatkesar as they have 45 minutes everyday after regular college hours to indulge in sports and other outdoor activities. The college management is quite happy to devote time for the students in allowing them to play their favorite games. But even the 45 minutes aren’t sufficient for the students of Nalla Malla Reddy, as Karthik, a 3rd year student of that college says, “A minimum of 10 minutes is wasted in getting the required sports equipment into the ground and an additional 5 minutes are wasted in forming teams and arranging the game. Then we have to get the sports equipment back to the sports room 10 minutes prior to the sounding of the bell. This leaves us with only 20 minutes to finish the game completely and very rarely did we finish a game within the stipulated time”.

Sparing 45 minutes per day for sports may not be practical with all the colleges, but one leisure period per week will do the trick and it most certainly will be welcomed by the student fraternity. However, not all colleges have this sort of attitude when it comes to sports. Students of Srinidhi College were given all the help they needed by the college authorities and the management even went an extra mile to help the students by volunteering to pay some additional expenses that weren’t a part of the budget. Such was the enthusiasm among the college administration, that students attending the classes were asked to come out of the classrooms to lend a helping hand in organizing the event when they fell a few volunteers short.

Phani Bhargav of Ace Engineering College says that though sports don’t take the top priority in their college, students are almost regularly seen frequenting the sports room to play a game of table tennis or carroms. The football ground is occupied almost everyday with teams comprising of more than 15 members seen playing after college hours or during intervals. However, sports isn’t encouraged during class hours. He goes on to add that even when there’s a free period, students aren’t allowed to enter into the sports room without a permission letter given to them from their respective HODs.

Yes, there’s a fair amount of logic in the administration’s denial in allowing students to take part in sports activities while the same amount of time could be put to a much better use such as preparing for the competitive exams lying ahead of them. But, the students too should be allowed some time to indulge in activities they like the most and a college is meant to hone not only the technical brilliance of the students but also to allow them to indulge in the hobbies they are into.

P Ajeeth, a physical trainer of a B.Tech college says, “Representing a college in any activity, be it a technical event or a sports event, gives the student a sense of responsibility, pride and also teaches him/her a lot more than just participating in the particular event. Sports in particular bring out the fighting spirit and the ‘never-say-die’ attitude among students, which is a very very important quality to have as they have to face a very intense and a competitive world once they are outside the walls of college. The students too begin to see the college and the authorities in a very different light once they are encouraged to utilize a certain amount of time to relax themselves by playing their favorite game”.

Seeking a goal shot. No amount of time is enough for this. Credit: Insanity Personified

Seeking a goal shot. No amount of time is enough for this. Credit: Insanity Personified

Vinay (name changed) says, “We aren’t so naive to waste time by playing games with exams around the corner. But it really ticks me off when we are denied permission to play a game of basketball when the exams aren’t even in the distant future. Sometimes I feel like I’m back in my intermediate college where studying is the only thing that’s allowed to the students”.

Prateek (name changed), points out that the best sports facilities are available in colleges where there’s a separate quota for students representing certain sports in either district/state/national level and he also says that even the best teams in any game are from these college, where a certain number of seats are reserved under ’sports quota’ during EAMCET counseling. All in all, hobbies are something that every person cherishes and it’s the responsibility of the college authorities to ensure that students retain their interest in their chosen hobby by allowing them a certain amount of leisure time… only a little, if not much.

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