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Basic Engineering 01

The core courses of Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) and Mechanical Engineering (Mech) and the basic course Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) have given rise to many other branches. These are considered the basic and core branches of engineering history. These branches are indirectly responsible for a great history of every invention. Even the computer is an electronic device that is ruling the world today. All the inputs taken by the electronic machines are in the form of 0’s and 1’s. For electrical and mechanical its electricity and motors are the key things. An interest in physics and dynamics of all the electrical and electronic devices is a must for these branches. All that a general man knows is, we need power to switch on everything, but how the current flows and what is the direction it all happens is a concept of thrill and passion. (Picture: Regulated Power Supply: A device used by ECE and EEE students. Credit: Morle’la Wheermy)

The ECE branch at SVIT is headed by Mr. D.S.Rao garu, the EEE branch by Dr. Kesavan garu and the Mech by Mr. Bashaveshwar Rao garu. All the Head of the Departments have more than 10 years of teaching experience and are strictly concerned about the students. The EEE HOD Dr. Kesavan was the former principal of the college and later he is placed as HOD for EEE. He authored many books and one of them being Control Systems by Hitech publications is very popular.

The annual intake into ECE is 120, EEE is 60 and Mech is 30 students respectively. These seats are filled through EAMCET counseling. And the lateral entries are filled in the second year. The ranks range up to 50,000 in ECE and EEE, more than 50,000 in Mech. The counseling seat fee depends on the JNTU rules and regulations. The management seat fee varies from one branch to another. Due to the recession the inflow into ECE, EEE and Mech has increased drastically. The management fee for ECE was up to 6 lakhs, EEE is 4 lakhs and Mech was 2 lakhs previously. But due to various other factors it increased this year. Established in 1981, the Department of ECE offers a 4-Year B.E. and a 2-Year M.E. Degree Programme. The M.E. is has Embedded Systems and VLSI Design [M.E], with an annual intake of 18 students.


ECE: There has been a steady increase in the number of students placed through campus recruitment in reputed organizations – Satyam, L & T, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services [TCS] and CMC etc. EEE and Mech had no placements. “I am glad the college provides us with extra potential and support, even for those students, who attend external placements are provided with good guidance”, said a ex student. “I don’t think there are any placements and those, who are already placed got it outside the college as per my knowledge”, said Sandhya.

Infrastructure and Laboratories :

The Department of ECE is equipped with 12 labs, 4 advanced labs. Advanced labs like VLSI Design Centre (PPVITSER) are established jointly with PortalPlayer Private Limited Advanced Data Communications & Computer Network Lab established under CISCO Local Academy programme Digital Signal Processing Lab Embedded Systems Lab. For the EEE branch is spread over an area of 1,000 Sq. mts, the Department is equipped with 6 labs. The Mech has 12 well and fully fledged labs a central workshop with the facilities of Carpentry House, which imparts necessary skills to the student. “We don’t have the exact infrastructure in the labs and most of the times when we connect a circuit it won’t work”, said an ECE student. “We are provided with labs having good infrastructure and we have great opportunities given to try new things too at our labs”, said Ravi from EEE. “We don’t have complete infrastructure in the labs but whatever is there is sort of satisfactory”, rants a Mech student. “Our main problem is with Rajeshwari mam, basically she is very friendly but when it comes to labs she makes us stand completely through the lab sessions. Being strict is fine. The ECE dept is sort of caustic”, told another student from ECE. The college provides departmental computer centre, departmental library, classrooms with modern teaching aids and staff rooms. For details visit http://www.svit.ac.in.


The college management proclaims that all the branches are provided with good faculty and the faculty are very experienced too. When queried how true this statement is the students replied as follows.

ECE: “We have few good and few very bad faculties. Few are awesome they tell us hows and whats when we have a doubt. And in ECE, it’s like we have only 35-45% of such good faculty. Most of the time when questioned about something, they twist and twirl it and leave it without giving a reply”, averred Abhijeet. “Our HOD teaches very well and he is very experienced too. He is very serious about the behaviour of the students”, harangued Archana. “Personally I don’t have any problem with my faculty, they teach us and ultimately it’s even the responsibility of the students to read and learn more”, said Harika.

EEE: “Our HOD is the best person to teach but the problem with him is he is a very Hi-fi teacher. He will start the topic with words when we don’t know alphabets even. He teaches far better, which feeble minds like ours won’t be able to understand. And the faculty are good too even if there are only 2-3 students in the class still they take classes”, said Sai.

Mech: “Our ex principal was from Mech so that helped us a lot. He sent us for industry interactions and that was a matter to laud. Faculty is hopefully 50% fine. Pavan sir is very dangerous. He is good but one has to be very careful with him. We can pass off in exams only if one is caught copying then they will fail them. Lakshiminarayana sir is the one, who sets all the marks of the students in labs, internals and even for project”, told Sai from Mechanical.

Students at Electronics lab.

Students at Electronics lab.

“As of now the labs are okay but they don’t have that ardor that holds the students to attend labs. Except for attendance we don’t have any other reason to attend labs”, said a second year student of ECE. “We don’t have any sort of issues with our HOD and we neither love him nor hate him. He has got a million brains fused into one”, alleged Teja from EEE.

The EEE students are best known for bunking and the Mech for ‘rowdyism‘ in the college. The ECE students are ambiguous. “We learnt a lot in the college. It gave us lot of opportunity to prove our talent and we are also able to protract our skills”, stated Vijay. The college has a good technical base and the main problem is with the students, one cannot expect the faculty to spoon feed every concept in detail. The course time is less and one always has to be ready to study for ones self too, after all now we are at under graduate level was the response of most of the students.

The ECE branch is rated 6/10, EEE is 7/10 and Mechanical 6.5/10. “Our college was established just 5 years back. It is on the way to achieve. The point of joy is that there are more number of students, who have very good communication skills, talent and mingle mentality. In the process of growth we achieved a lot till now”, said a faculty. “All the students in college are good; one thing is there should be someone constantly reminding them about importance of studies. I do that. The college management provides a wide platform for all the students in all possible ways and few can’t be given. The most problematic students in the college are second year ECE students”, said Narsingh, a worker at SVIT. He is better known as ‘Dean of the College’.

On the whole the college has all kinds of students. Few like it and few don’t. But many proclaim it as a good learning centre. So Cheers SVIT!!!

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