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M.B.B.S has been a very popular branch of study since ages. Many parents tend to force their kids to take up Bi.P.C at junior college level and grab themselves a seat in any medical college to be a part of this respectable field. As statistics show, M.B.B.S seats have been selling out like hot cakes in the last five years in literally gigantic numbers (both is terms of the number of seats and the prices for them). But for an intelligent student, who wants to get into a medical college based on merit, Osmania Medical College is the place to be.

Osmania Medical College located at Koti has a reputation of being the best medical college in AP. With a history of over a half century the college has produced world famous physicians and surgeons. Securing a good rank in EAMCET is the ONLY way to get oneself enrolled into this college. The college is affiliated to the NTR University and there is an intake of 200 students per year.

“It’s a matter of pride for me to pursue medicine and the icing on the cake is that I am doing it in the best medical college of the state”, says Asha, student of OMC, on being questioned about why she chose this particular stream. The Principal of the college, Dr.Shailaja, is a very well known gynecologist and a dynamic person. The progress of the college under her supervision has been tremendous. Being rated the best medical college in the state, OMC has all the fluidity required for the overall upping of a student.

The Physiology Lab. Credit: Jeet

The Physiology Lab. Credit: Jeet

“Since its a Govt. college and is totally merit based, most of the students are hardworking and disciplined. We don’t have any management seats”, says Mr.Naresh, one of the heads of the academic section. The tuition fee is very nominal and it is Rs.10,500 every year. “It’s refreshing to know that the fee is so minimal. It makes me feel all the more proud for not burdening up my parents with mammoth sized fees”, says Ankitha, a fresher. There are also scholarships available for the backward castes and the schedule castes.

The course of the study is four and half years and there are a total of 14 subjects, which can be grouped as follows:

1 st M.B.B.S – Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry

2nd M.B.B.S – Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Forensic

Final M.B.B.S:

Part 1- Ophthalmology, ENT, SPM
Part2 - Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology (obstetrics included)

e-library. Credit:Jeet

e-library. Credit:Jeet

The college has a total of six labs, which include Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic and Microbiology. All the labs are well equipped and there are a number of specimens related to that particular subject. “We upgrade the labs with the best of infrastructure and see to it that each student gets sufficient material for the experiments. We order for microscopes and slides every month even if there is minute damage”, says a faculty member. The dissection hall is huge and there are good number of cadavers for the students to dissect. Since the number of students is 200, the lecture halls are spacious enough to accommodate at least 300 people and has mike facility enabled along with provision for projectors.

The faculty of the college is the USP. Experienced and well-knowledged professors and associates take up the task of enlightening the students. “I think the Micro HOD is the best. OMG! She’s a complete power house of knowledge. I wait every week for her class on Thursday. The way she teaches, I swear even a non-medical student can become a master in the subject”, says Ravi, who seems to be in total praise for the Microbiology HOD. Where as some students like Anvesh (name changed) beg to differ, “The lectures are so frigging boring. It’s such a waste of time. I either SMS my friends or just take a small nap. Listening to the lectures is equivalent to committing a suicide”, he says.

Table Tennis Room. Credit:Jeet

Table Tennis Room. Credit: Jeet

Apart from academic infrastructure, the college also has a huge playground and there are rooms for table tennis and other indoor games. The Library has a vast collection of books and students can borrow them for a stipulated time. The college is also furnished with an e-library which is usually filled with students and Post graduates. There is also a bank, (State bank of Hyderabad) which is a boon for the students, who don’t have to go in hunt of other banks. But the hitch is the canteen, which is rated as WORST by the students. “I wish we had a ‘bearable’ canteen. I envy all my friends from other colleges, who have super cool canteens to chill out at”, says varsha.

Coming to rules and regulations, the college has a strict dressing code with only formals for guys and salwars for girls. Ragging has become a serious issue in the college after a couple of disreputable incidents. Strict measures are being taken against students, who rag the juniors. The management is also taking serious actions against students with low attendance.

“I enjoyed my tenure in this college. Though it’s not hi-fi like the private medical colleges, as far as academics are concerned it’s the best place to be at. Just make the best possible use of the facilities available rather than cribbing about what the college doesn’t provide”, says Yashwant, a final year student.

The field of medicine is a very noble one and doctors are treated next only to god, so Osmecans, gear up and heal the world!

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