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All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts. Like Shakespeare, every one, who chooses to watch a play over an action thriller or slurp coffee on a subtle Saturday evening would acquiesce these lines and comply with the reality that theatre puts forward. For someone like Suhas Jain, a 20-year old, who is vexed with his run-off-the-mill lifestyle, past few weeks in the city have been different. “I never knew about the theatre scene in Hyderabad until I watched ‘30 days of September’. It seemed so realistic and I instantly got caught in the wave”, he admits. The number of plays staged this year has been increasing with the growing popularity for the world of drama. Nothing is artificial here. Everyone from the actors to the technicians backstage put the stage to life.

Theatre seems to be the new found expression of today’s youth. The enthralled audiences all around provide an easy evidence of this. One of the actors of the much acclaimed play, ‘Alexander – Rising of the Great’ expresses her passion with content. “Theatre to me is a platform for people to openly express themselves in any role or character possible and the stage is a place, where one experiments with different emotions even though he/she may not experience them personally”, opines Sana, who graduated from Villa Marie after completing her course in Mass communication and Journalism.

Apparently, the concept of commercial theatre started off five years back with ‘Magic of Creations’, of which the well-known theatre group Samahaara is a part. During the course of time, various workshops were conducted on the basis of a non-profit medium to expression and activity. Rathna Shekar Reddy, the director of Samahaara reveals, “The journey so far has been a captivating experience for everyone from the actors to the organizing members. When we though about it in the beginning, we focused to instill this art among the younger lot as they are the ones splurging with creativity and interest. When these kids come in, their friends and family would follow up as the audience. Thus, an entire society is here. If atleast one of them is serious about performing theatre and taking it up on full-time basis, it’s a great thing for us and our job is done”.

Finestra. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Finestra. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Breaking the norms of the society through the nerve of teenage grit can be easy to depict various social issues bothering the society. The ‘30 days of September’ was based on child molestation and the message came out clearly through the actors’ expression. More recently, AIESEC conducted the play, Finestra – Your Window to the WORLD, which was based on global warming. Seemingly, this forms a powerful medium of communication to convey a message to people. Silky Agarwal, a student of Loyola Academy, who acted in the ‘30 days of September’ says, “I joined Samahaara with a passion for acting. It tells you about your inner self and also through this, your message to the people is conveyed”.

Stage fear isn’t uncommon. Some prefer to work backstage and overcome this. But slowly, one tends to come out of it and set his/her heels for stage activity. Anupama Nayak, who has acted in the play, discloses that all her fears disappeared through her acting stint.

Amateur artists also strike a chord with the professionalism of the fast-growing theatre clubs. The youngest of the lot begin from high school to various graduation colleges. Nikita Garg, a second year student of Loyola Academy talks about her 11 month journey through the world of theatre. She being one of the core members, directed the 30 days of September. “It all started in February; we spoke to numerous theatre personalities and took advices on how to go about it. Although, some glitches crept in, we worked our way through it. Shalini Rao, a student of Samahaara, who is yet showcase her talent on stage gives out, “I think Alexander was an amazing play, considering that most of them were amateurs, everything from the performance, acoustics, stage settings were perfect”.

Also, it’s an easy platform to meet a whole lot of interesting people. Most of them look forward to the amount of diversity one is exposed to. “I learnt so much and the best part was that I met so many new people with varying personalities”, says Farina, who acted in Alexander.

Entering into this arena was easy for most of them as the workshops conducted were free and splurged of intense passion for the art. While most of them got into it through their friends, the auditions were always there. Faiz Rai, who played Aristotle, a final year student of Deccan engineering college affirms, “I got into it through my friends and for me, it’s a break from the studies and college”.

Anupama Nayak and Silky Agarwal. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Anupama Nayak and Silky Agarwal. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Acting comes naturally to these youngsters. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Acting comes naturally to these youngsters. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The final accolades. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The final accolades with everyone on the stage. Credit: Screed Hauteur

“Theatre is very much going to stay. Here it’s more about talent than physical attraction. Enough of bollywood, its high time we watch real action”, adds Suhas.

The rehearsals, the actors, the stage settings and presentation would leave a lasting impression in the eyes of the audience. If a play is realistic, involves emotional and interesting situations and conveys its message easily, then appreciating its various aspects would automatically follow up. “We will continue to conduct workshops and teach the essence of theatre to people”, adds Rathna Kumar Reddy. He envisions a day when people wouldn’t mind spending to watch a play rather than wait for a free pass. When an actor gets onto the stage, whatever happens there becomes a part of him/her. Role-playing makes one understand different personalities. It becomes a venture to provide a common platform for all the directors, actors, organizers and other members to meet, exchange views and interact with each other. Life flows through a legion across the stage, where all the actors are real and their feelings become the life of a play.

If interested, please visit: http://www.samahaara.com

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