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SMS to glory

By Pearl Rive On August - 28 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
SMS to glory 01

“Hey this lecture sucks na, shall we bunk?”, asks Deepa. Trapped in an incredibly boring lecture? All one needs is to do is whip out the trusty Palm or Nokia or Ericsson and tap out a message to one of the classmates across the room. Chances are one has already heard and used messaging. But how useful is it going to be? Is it that beneficial to the economic world? Or is it showing us a new way to pass notes behind the teacher’s back?

The advent of Internet has taken over our lives; and it seems to be growing in huge leaps and bounds. Mobile technology has grown immensely – CDMA, GSM are widely used. 3G phones are the latest addition to the market, which support many other features. People want these devices to do everything from accessing their e-mail accounts, utilizing the Internet and to access personal and corporate information. The new type of service available is SMS (Short Messaging Service), which is very handy and economical. It allows the user to send and accept messages over mobile phones.

SMS based services are nowadays available not only over the mobile phones but also on the Internet. The user just needs to create an account and add the contacts or just feed the numbers and send SMS over the web to the other mobile device. For this one needs to have a mobile with a number. This service is free over the net whereas when we send messages from the mobile we are charged nominal rates according to the offers available.

Youmint Main Page. Credit: http://www.youmint.com/

Youmint Main Page. Credit: http://www.youmint.com/

There has been a flurry of sites offering messaging services to mobiles all over the world for the past few months. Some sites need registration and some need not which are better for use.

Suppose one wants to send appoximately 5 lakh messages per day having about 100 characters, is this possible in an ordinary mobile phone? Is there any way for sending these SMS’s free of cost? The answer is yes. Websites such as www.smsjunction.com, www.free-bulk-sms.co.cc, www.nonstopsms.com are a few examples, where one needs to register and give the correct details such as selecting a new username, password, email id, phone number, address details etc. Almost all top companies are using these SMS services for marketing their products and have managed to grab eye balls and boast of good returns.

Students are also using these services like never before and websites such as www.way2sms.com, www.peekamo.com, in.wadja.com, www.text4free.net, www.hai91.com, www.youmint.com, sms.dynadel.com, www.160by2.com, www.freesms.net are a few examples, which allows users to send free SMS all over India and the world. Out of these ‘peekamo’ and ‘text4free’ can be used to send messages all over the world. The other websites are India specific. ‘dynadel’ and ‘freesms’ do not need any registration.

Way to SMS. Credit: http://www.way2sms.com

Way to SMS. credit: http://www.way2sms.com

“I have been using ‘way2sms’ for a year now and I love it. It has saved from scary mobile bills. Now I have made quite a lot of friends and have recommended this website to many of them”, beams Bharath, a student of Sri Indu. However, he says the only hitch faced is, after a series of SMS are sent, it logs out automatically and needs to be logged in again. A large number of Vidyouth reporters have also been using this website. However, ‘way2sms’ seems to be the most popular website among all others and reigns alone when it comes to student fraternity.

These websites not only support messaging but also alerts on mobile, mail and access to our yahoo and gmail accounts right inside the website. Cool ringtones, mobile downloads, news, forecast, radio, ads pertaining to our interests etc. are the special features. On ‘youmint’ website one can even make money by getting paid for ads and free gift vouchers are given for deserving people. Members even get personalized offers from Samsung, Nokia, Tata, HP, Olay, Amity University etc. “Thanks for the free olay kit, I am a big fan of olay now and use only their stuff ”, says Mini Alva a user of ‘youmint’.

Ads are available according to our areas of interest and no unnecessary ads are present on ‘youmint’. ‘Hai91’ offers Rs. 30 recharge to the mobile for 1000 SMS’s sent. ‘peekamo’ is a mini blog wherein we can update what we are doing etc. ‘160by2’ is also widely used after ‘way2sms’.

These websites are thus a boon to all and sure help in a lot of ways. HAPPY SMSing folks

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