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Anti Ragging Banners - Credit: Kryptic Mind

Anti Ragging Banners - Credit: Kryptic Mind

With the menace of ragging increasing year after year, the management of SWEC is taking all precautionary measures well in advance to avoid any occurrence of ragging in the campus. They are trying to restrict students in all ways possible before the 1st year students enter the college.

With about 20 days left for the 1st year students to start college, the management of SWEC has decided to alert the senior students by putting up ‘Ragging Prohibited’ banners and many posters, which tell the consequences a senior will face if any junior complaints about being ragged. Banners reading ‘Ragging is Prohibited’ and of the length of the college building have been put up. Notices have been pinned in every lab and on the main notice board which warn students of the punishments one has to face once a student is caught ragging a junior in the college premises. The buses and canteen haven’t been spared either. Posters reading ‘Ragging is Crime’ can be seen in college buses and in the canteen.

During the last academic year, the management had to face a serious ragging related issue. A student from EEE was suspended for three days for ragging a junior in the bus. The junior had brought it to the notice of the management, which after examining the situation and proclaiming that the senior student had confessed to ragging the junior, suspended the student for three days. The senior students of the college were not happy with the management’s decision and a small strike sought of situation was seen. To over come any such incident this academic year, the management has decided to take all necessary steps against ragging.

Anti - Ragging Forms Credit: Kryptic Mind

Anti - Ragging Forms. Credit: Kryptic Mind

“The management is getting very strict this year. If the situation is so bad even before the juniors have joined the college, I can only imagine what it’ll be like after the juniors enter the college”, says Lekhya, a 3rd year student of the college. The management plans to have separate timings for 1st year classes so that juniors and seniors do not interact at the same time in the canteen or ground. It also plans to have a faculty in charge in every bus so that juniors can immediately approach the respective faculty is case of serious problems since college buses are the place were seniors get hold of many juniors. “All these rules imposed on the students aren’t of any use because we are not that interested in ragging our juniors. But in case the juniors try to annoy or ruffle us, then we have our own means to reply back, rules or no rules”, say a bunch of 2nd year students.

All the students were made to sign in a form in which they accept to take in any kind of punishment if found guilty of ragging. Students had to fill in their name, father’s name and the contact numbers of parents. The form also said that the student could be suspended from classes, debarred from exams, expelled from hostel, be fined and in extreme cases the student could also be canceled of his/her admission.

The management of SWEC hopes not to face any ragging related problem this academic year with so many rules in action. It will be interesting to see how far the management will be successful in curbing such instances. The wait for juniors has never been this eager!

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