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Invocation 'spirituality' at Bharat. Credit: Painless Predator

Ever thought how this catchy word ‘Spiritualism’ has gained so much of importance amongst the youth in recent times? Even if someone says, “I am Spiritual”, it leads to reactions like, ‘Oh that’s so cool!’, ‘Do you meditate often?’ or ‘Do you gain peace of mind?’ etc. Similar kinds of reactions were observed at the ‘Invocation’ programme held at Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology (BIET) on the 19th of August, Wednesday.

Post lunch hour, it was announced through a circular to everyone that an event named ‘Invocation’ would be taking place in the main auditorium resulting in the suspension of all the classes for the afternoon. Some students sprang up with anxiousness on what’s going to come and many others were happy to sit with their ‘gang of friends’ and continue with their gossiping. Within 15 minutes of announcement, the auditorium was buzzing with a capacity of around 500 students. Much to the agony of everyone, the event started half an hour late. Faculty members were especially placed at the exit points of the auditorium to prevent students from leaving as they insisted that this event was for the ‘awakening’ of the students. It’s a different story that few of the students had started ‘sleeping’ already even before the programme had started.

A mini book exhibition for the students. Credit:Painless Predator

A mini book exhibition for the students. Credit: Painless Predator

This event was initiated by Ramakrishna Math, lower tank bund, Hyderabad, who are the prime followers of Swami Vivekananda’s  teachings and tenets. It was supposedly put up by the management of BIET that the essence and main emphasis of this event would be on ‘how to make better professionals’ out of the existing batches. “With the introduction of ‘spirituality’ in Engineering or any professional course as a matter of fact, a student will be able to concentrate better”, said Dr. Padmanabham, Principal of BIET. Many wondered on how would that be possible anyways! Kritika, a student said, “I really don’t think that by making few people speak on spirituality, it would make any difference to the students as such. It’s just another ‘result optimization’ scheme by the college”. The chief guests of this event were Swami Raghunayakananda, a renowned philosopher of Ramakrishna Math and Mrs. Varsha Sane Godbole, a Professor in Psychology at Osmania University(OU), Hyderabad. When Swami Raghunayakananda was invited onto the stage to express his opinion towards ‘spirituality’ which is causing a major positive transition in improving the quality of professional studies in today’s times, he said, “I have been noticing how professional students today are just going through their courses only to acquire a good job and just doing nothing to help the country’s cause. In order to improve the situation, we have decided to make ‘Spiritual learning’ a part of every professional curriculum by providing free books related to ‘the art of being spiritual’ and ‘teachings of Swami Vivekananda’. This system will be implemented on a national scale very soon”. He further added, “This will not only enhance a student’s concentration and dedication, but will also be great for the country”.

Traveling the Spiritual way! Credit:Painless Predator

Traveling the Spiritual way! Credit: Painless Predator

Many students in the crowd seemed to be inspired with the way Swamiji was talking and quite a few of them got seriously ‘pissed off’. Karthik, a student questions, “How ridiculous is this? How can ‘Spirituality’ improve the standards of education? Do they think we are unfit? This is utter nonsense!” Another student, Anju, completely disagrees, she quips, “This event is really inspiring in the sense that it is based on the subject, which is very pure and non-preachy. I strongly believe that youth today needs a strong base of mindset to be able to sustain in this competitive world and Spirituality can definitely show us the path”.

Mrs. Varsha Sane Godbole, on the other hand, was asked to share her thoughts on the Psychology of youth today. She said, “Though I respect Swami Raghunayakananda’s thoughts, I disagree with him on certain issues. I feel that that every person is different. Some students are good at studies, some are good in arts and some in sports”. She further added, “One just cannot judge a student on the basis of his/her marks. I feel that ‘Spirituality’ will surely help improve the confidence levels of the students”. After Mrs.Varsha concluded with her thoughts, all the students gave her a standing applause as she rightly stood up for the ‘youth’!

The Chief Guest receiving the momento. Credit:Painless Predator

The Chief Guest receiving the memento. Credit: Painless Predator

The students of BIET seemed quite confident and happy after the event and just to add the ‘icing on the cake’, a small book exhibition was arranged inside the main building and free books based on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda were distributed to one and all present for the event.

When  asked about the positive outcomes of the event, Mihir, a student says, “I have always been a great fan of Swami Vivekananda. Though ‘Spirituality’ is something very new for me, I feel there is no harm in practicing it”.

With so many professional courses like Engineering and Medicine turning out to be sort of machines to produce secured and ‘money trapping’ jobs, the basic essence is seemingly lost. The motive to ‘create’ and ‘reason out’ seems to be vanishing in the shadows of money. Though one may feel nothing can be done about it, Spirituality has always made a man realize of his inner strengths. Let’s hope that the concept of ‘Spirituality in professional studies’ will help improve the standards of Education to a greater extent.

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