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One day batting!

By Schon Jianna On August - 29 - 2009 1 COMMENT
Who the hell created exams! Credit:Schon jianna

“Life is beautiful in engineering, and then a time comes when all of us suffer from the same symptoms. All of us are tensed, mind goes completely blank, everything seems like Greek and Latin. No money for guessing. It is the semester exams. We enjoy all the while bunking classes, don’t open the books, don’t even bother what the syllabus is and sometimes don’t even know the subjects in that semester until the D-day arrives. We start the preparation just one day before the exam, so we call it ‘One Day Batting’, a term that every engineering student is well versed with”, says Arjun a student of CVR college.

“It’s then we open the syllabus book, call the toppers and find out, which are the units that are easy and can be done in a short duration of time and we are lucky that we have to attempt only 5 questions out of 8. Then,we realize that God is sometimes kind on us. It is then we realize that we wasted all the semester doing nothing, but the fact is that since we are left up with only one day for the exams to begin,the tension builds up so vigorously that we literally start understanding the subject!. That is the day when we realize, ‘Sirs cheppinadhi gorantha… chadavalisindha kondanthaa’ (Syllabus that Sirs taught us was just a mole and now, a hill of it has to be studied). It’s then that we start doing combined studies staying at friends place, doing night outs and reading all through the night”, says Nikhil, who happens to be a student of BVRIT.

“All the engineering students owe a lot to the spectrum series publishers as they publish ‘All in One’. It is the Bible or Koran or the Gita or what ever one can call it, for us. I suppose 99% of the students buy the ‘all in one’ and manage to clear the exam. We never open the text book until the day before the exam and as there is no time to read it, we again close it and rely completely on our Gita. The best part of all in one is that it covers all the previous question papers with their solutions and we have seen through the years, most of the questions are repeated. So, there is always a hope that if we study all in one we could clear the exam”, says Akhila, who really wants to thank the ’All in One’ publishers.

The Bhagwatgita. Credit: Schon jianna

The Bhagwatgita. Credit: Schon Jianna

“One day batting in engineering is like using a candle during a power cut. Only for a particular period of time, we need it, when the power is back we switch it off. One day batting is just the same. It is meant for the next day’s exam and later the subject is erased of our minds. It doesn’t help us in the long run but in certain cases it is the best solution. When we do this we just score well but we don’t have a grip over the subject”, says Akarsh from GRIET.

“The scenario on the examination day is the most funniest part. Everyone browsing through the Gita, discussing what all could appear in the paper, few even preparing chits, few consoling others, who are tensed  by saying ‘Ae question ochina neeku thelisindhe rasey ra’ (Whatever question comes along, just write whatever you know). Then appears the question paper containing 4 sets. For this reason, copying becomes difficult but as they say that ’experience counts’, we manage copying even when there are sets. The first reaction as soon as we see the paper will be ‘this question wasn’t there in the all in one!’ but still we manage to write 5 pages answers for every question and finally come out of the exam hall”, says Raju.

When the results are out, the first thing we see is the right most corner of the online mark sheet as to whether we have passed in all the subjects or not!. Later, if someone asks about the results, the answer is always ‘All clear’. It is after the movie Pokiri that this dialogue is pretty famous when the results are out ‘marks entha ochindhi kaadhu mama, pass ayiamma leda’ (It’s not about how many marks we get dude, but it’s about whether we passed or not).

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  1. Morle'la Wheermy says:

    Correct analysis of the present engineering grads.. A small change that is observed these days is students want their all in one’s ready by first internals!!!

    “Experience Counts”, ya it does 100%..hehe :)

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