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Biotech at Loyola 01

Biotech at Loyola Academy, setup in the academic year 2001, has seen a lot of progress. In spite of the fact that the economy is going through a lean patch, courtesy “recession” and that the IT sector has been worst hit, the bright future prospects in medicinal fields has kept this stream alive and vibrant. During its introduction in 2001, this stream was further diversified into B.Sc Biotechnology and Genetics and B.Sc Bio-Chemistry. The two streams are distinctly different with the former having subjects like Recombinant DNA Technology, Animal cell culture, Plant Biotech, Bioprocessing, Human Genetics, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, while the latter has Endocrinology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Enzymes, apart from a few common subjects with the former. This course also has Medical Biotechnology, which is offered exclusively at Loyola Academy.

Established with a motive of providing the best possible training facilities in the field of biological sciences and in order to meet the needs and the growing demands of highly skilled personnel for the Industry, Loyola provides a huge arsenal of facilities. The state-of-art infrastructure and high quality instruments go on to satisfy the requirements of this course. The following are provided at Loyola:

  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Polymerase Chain Reactor
  • Inverted Microscope
  • In-situ Sterilizable Fermenter
  • Orbital Shaker
  • Laminar air flow system
  • Carbon dioxide Incubator
  • Digital Analytical Balance
  • Electrophoretic systems
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • BOD incubator
  • Bacteriological Incubator Bioinformatics Lab
    Lab Hour Or Mass Bunk? Credit: Inverted Frequency

    Lab Hour Or Mass Bunk? Credit: Inverted Frequency

With such abundant amounts of infrastructure facilities, the practical aspects of the course are well insured. “One thing I liked about this course in Loyola is the kinds of facilities that we are provided with. The practical sessions at labs are very interesting and my personal favourite is Chemistry practicals”, says Sudeep. There are numerous labs in the college for the students to carry out their practical experiments that would give them a better experiment and understanding of the subjects of their interests when compared to the lessons that are done inside the four walls of a classroom. Lab facilities are provided for subjects namely, Biotech, Genetics, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry and Chemistry. Ask Tarun, a final year student, about the kind of practical work that they carry out, he says, “We do a lot of different things. We write Culturing strains, we make media for cells to grow, and have database in biotech. Practical classes are always fun”. And adds, “About the theory papers, my personal favourite is Genetics as it intrigues me. It’s fascinating to know about us that is so freaking minute. Whoever must have formulated all this must have possessed 2 things: 1. Plenty of time; 2. Hell lot of Patience”. His friend Prateek adds, “And 3. The knack of being a freaking genius”, and they laugh and exchange high-fives. Another final year student, Clarence says, “ I like Genetics too, but I’m a bigger fan of biostats as I have always enjoyed dealing with numbers and statistics“. The fee structure  is an amount of Rs. 42,000 per annum for both the streams of Biotech: Biotechnology & Genetics and Biochemistry.

Following the semester system, like every other course in Loyola Academy does, the  final semester is totally devoted to practical/field work. The students spend most of  their time doing their project work in industries or research institutes. A few research  institutes/industries with which the students do their projects are as follows:-

  • Dr.Reddy’s Research Laboratory
  • Bharat Biotech Foundation
  • CCMB
  • Central Liver Research Institute
  • Hyderabad Central University
  • A.P Forensic Sciences
  • Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Mahavir Research Institute
  • Indian Institute of Genetics
  • BPRC-Lepre India
  • Genetech
  • Godrej Biotech

Cramming Genetics. Credit: Inverted Frequency

Cramming Genetics. Credit: Inverted Frequency

Loyola has always had the best rank of faculty and this course has nothing different. Mrs. Madhuri, the Head Of Department, is a very good lecturer. Mrs.Kavita and Mrs. Zehra Samana, who teach Chemistry and Genetics respectively, are also among the elite lecturers of Loyola Academy.  Mrs. Leena Vinola, Mrs.T.Suchitra Naidu and Mr. V. V. S. Chalapathi Rao are a few more lecturers of the stream.

The USP of any Under-Graduation Course today has been its job prospects. While the commerce and arts graduates take away a major chunk of the job opportunities after graduation and add “experience” to their Resumés, what does this course offer to its graduates? Tarun says, “The immediate job prospective might not be very satisfactory, but in terms of Research work and PhDs., this course is by far the best. It is the best option for people with a passion for Medicinal Sciences and such similar streams. In simple terms, this course is a very good future prospects and acts as a propeller for further specializations”.

Biotech, an upcoming field of medicine is thus, a very important course at Loyola Academy and promises to provide a strong base for future professional studies to its students.

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