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Uniqueness is the flavour of the season; be it the untimely rains quenching the thirst of the crops or the exclusive ways in which Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated across the state or more appropriately the nation. The eco friendly Ganesh is here, the famous Lal Bagh Ganesh of Mumbai or the most popular tallest Ganesh of our city at Khairtabad. (Picture: Lord Ganesha. Credit: Dynamic Warrior)

But near Kompally at a place called Bahadurpally, the festive season was caught high spirits among the local youth, mainly from the age group of 8 to 12yr old. Everyone in the group are school going students and had vacations going on. What they came up as a activity to keep themselves busy in the holidays and to devote time and express respect to Lord Ganesh, the God of All beginnings, showed what determined young minds can do.

The team comprised kids with unique names in itself suiting the occassion very aptly indeed, the list starts with one Siva Kumar, Shankar (Not Mr.Dad of Shri Ganesh), Ladoo (Again not the favorite diet of Shri Ganesh), Srikanth and Venkatesh (8).

The team leader or may we say the spokes person Siva, who organized the complete event was beaming with self confidence and an ever longing smile managed the complete event with help from his Father Mr.Mallesh.

Prayers being offered on first day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Prayers being offered on first day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The preparations started well before the stipulated day of Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. 23rd August, in the beginning of August the team went round the neighborhood collecting generous donations. He said fund raising was the most difficult part he faced during the complete process as he had estimated atleast a collection of Rs 10000/- but ended collecting only Rs 4000/-. It was then, the team decided to ask their parents to chip in the remaining amount and thus the whole plan was set into action.

Shankar tells us what their plan of action was in the initial days of preparation: – “Purchasing an Idol, Constructing a stage for the Idol to be placed in and the Pujas to be performed, Calling a Priest from the local temple to perform daily Pujas, Setting last day ceremonial objects, Arranging for transportation and selecting immersion point”

But what missed the list was; what to do in case of the rains, how to get a priest when ten other people are looking to call the same person at same time; that they have to bribe the police to let them organize a devotional gathering in praise of the lord.

The Organizers (Venkatesh and others) attending a prayer. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The Organizers (Venkatesh and others) attending a prayer. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

As Venkatesh recalls it took them three whole days to get the material for constructing the stage and completing it, but it took rains only an hour to spoil all their efforts and again they had to start right from the scratch to build the whole setup inside a vacant shop.

Next was to bring in the idol and then they realized how important role the finances play in an planning for an event as the idol cost them Rs 6000/- after an hour of bargain. The problems were just beginning to come their way as finding a Priest to perform the Puja on a highly auspicious day was next to impossible. It was then they realized that to get any work done money speaks for itself; when the priest was offered with a higher price he made an excuse of rain to the other party waiting for him and made his way to come and make a deal with Siva Kumar and group.

Venkatesh the youngest of the group and aged only 8 yrs was enthusiastic only about the final day, when asked what was so special he said the group has plans of organizing a peculiar sport involving breaking star pinata tied upon a rope and hung on high stick structure. What fascinated the little kid the most, was the fact that when one tried to jump and reach the start pinata to hit it and break it open, other throw water on him/her in effort to save the star.

Final Day Celebrations. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Final Day Celebrations. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The first day was a learning experience for all the kids and from the second day they behaved no less than any perfectly trained event management honchos. Till the seventh day of puja timely prayers were offered, priest was called, offerings were made and finally the 7th day, the most awaited one for Venkatesh, the proceedings for the last rituals and rites were starting to gear up.

The game was played by the many kids in the locality and to the surprise of many even when the star pinata was broken there was another coconut placed inside it to be broken to complete the game; drums were played in the background and the idol of placed in a transport vehicle to be taken to a local pond nearby for immersion. The whole program has come to an end and it was surely a grand success and one helluva learning experience for the kids, who told us that in fun way they learnt so much of what it is to organize and manage any event.

Cheers to festive season and to the spirits of the kids.

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