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CS plantation at CBIT

To mark the ‘World Green Day’ on 22nd August, there were quite a lot of activities and events carried out in the city but this event, undertaken by ‘Chaitanya Smruthi’ deserves a special mention for reasons galore. It was initiated and executed solely by the students, with no help from the college management. Let alone ‘help’, the Director of CBIT had to be compelled to grant permission for this event to take place. Despite all these impediments, CS (Chaitanya Smruti) – the student body of CBIT supported by the association of Alumni, emerged victorious. At the end of the day, the most noteworthy reminiscences of the event were the cause itself, the zealous students, who came in unexpectedly huge numbers on the day of the event and the immaculate planning. (Picture: The inaugural plant. Credit: CS)

CS was formed by alumni of the college, in 1983. It is represented by a few students in college, who are selected after a thorough recruitment process. CS was formed in order to provide scholarships the under-privileged students’ education. Carpe Diem, the cultural fest of CBIT, the proceeds of which are utilized for granting scholarships to students, is one of CS’ very successful events. In simple words, CS is ‘for the students, of the students and by the students’.

The planning for the event began weeks before the D-day. Bhumi, a renowned NGO, was contacted and it offered help in the form of providing saplings for the event. Then some locations were marked in the college, to plant the saplings. Posters were pasted all over college, about 10 days before the event. Some enterprising students even urged their friends and classmates to be a part of the plantation spree. All this resulted in a total of more than 210 students turning out on the day of the event. Most of the students were from the 2nd year. There were as many non-CS members as there were members. This, in itself, speaks about the success of the publicity.

As scheduled, Mr. Sanjeev Reddy (President, Alumni Association) inaugurated the event at 10’o clock on Saturday morning. Mr. Anirudh Reddy (Vice President, Alumni Association), Dr.B. Chennakesava Rao (Principal, CBIT) and Prof.I.Ramachandra Reddy (Director, CBIT) were present for the inaugural as well. “Schools and colleges should adopt the ‘one plant for one student’ scheme, where the responsibility of growing the plant would lie with the student. This will make our world a greener place and make the students responsible as well”, said Dr.B. Chennakesava Rao (Principal, CBIT).

Students posing with 350.org and Bhumi posters. Credit: CS

Students posing with 350.org and Bhumi posters. Credit: CS

Shruti, planting a tree. Credit: CS

Shruti, planting a sapling in the premises. Credit: CS

Aditya. Credit: CS

Aditya and others doing the good deed. Credit: CS

The saplings were acquired by Bhumi from the Forest Department and were later handed over to CS (Bhumi – Freedom Under Construction – VidYouth). These were in turn distributed to all the students. It is surprising to note that the species of the plants were carefully chosen to suit the soil conditions in the college. “The height of the plants was also kept in mind, when they were planted in areas where there were already trees or less space for growth. While there were small plants, which would grow up to 5 feet, there were the taller ones, which would grow to a height of 30 feet”, said Anup, the student coordinator of CS. More than ten indigenous species like teak, pomegranate, gulmohar, kanuga, tangedu, bamboo, papaya,  parkiya, neem, tamarind , tecoma argensia, pacha thurai and even bamboo were planted all over the college.

With enough planting paraphernalia, the students dispersed and started planting the saplings with utmost care under proper supervision. Groups of students gathered at different locations, helping each other with the digging, planting and watering. “I never thought planting trees would be such a great experience and fun. I feel a strong sense of accomplishment now. I feel like a responsible citizen now”, said a gleeful Shruti, who didn’t seem to care a bit about the dirt on her palms. The event was successfully concluded with a talk on global warming & the 350 initiative (the 24th October 2009 international day of climate action) by Bharat from IYCN (Indian Youth Climate Network) with an initiative taken up by the members of CS to do their bit to fight global warming and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Sweating it out in the hot sun while digging the ground. Credit: CS

Sweating it out in the hot sun while digging the ground. Credit: CS

The participants pose for a photo. Credit: CS

The participants pose for a picture during the drive. Credit: CS

A group of students, scattered. Credit: CS

A group of students in the drive, scattered. Credit: CS

“Yeah, they have done a great job by planting all these saplings. But I’m sure they are going to be neglected like it has happened before”, said a cynical student. To this, Anup reacts, “We too thought of the same and so we came up with a unique ‘adoption’ scheme because even the sustainability of the plants is important. Nearly 100 students registered for it and pledged to take care of the plants till they leave college”.

Does he think that it would really work out? He has a convincing answer to this as well. “I know all the students may not conform to their pledge. But, surprisingly, on Thursday, I happened to see a few students going and checking out the plants they planted. They had a sense of ownership of the plant. I’m sure most of the other students feel the same way”. It even rained slightly for three days after 22nd. Is it a blessing by Mother Nature for the good deed, we don’t know. But it sure filled all the ‘owners’ of the plants with a feeling of optimism.

On 24th, the immediate Monday after the plantation drive, students who weren’t a part of the drive, were amazed to see so many saplings that dotted the whole campus. Some students, who weren’t aware of the plantation drive were pleasantly surprised to see the new plants. “On one hand I was delighted to see so many saplings planted meticulously and on the other I felt guilty for not being a part of the event. I knew about the plantation drive but I didn’t think it would happen. Kudos to all the people, who worked for it. Especially CS, for taking the initiative”, said Pavan.

Credit: CS

Credit: CS

Students waiting for their turn. Credit: CS

Students waiting for their turn. Credit: CS

The plants, sponsored by Bhumi. Credit: CS

The plants, sponsored by Bhumi. Credit: CS

Many CBITians second Pavan. The CS members have emerged as heroes after the conspicuous success of this event. We acknowledge here, all the ‘heroes’ who made the event happen:

Executive body members who were actively involved: T.Anup kumar, Aditya Venigalla, Abhishek Reddy, Santosh Kumar Layam, Nikhil, Aditya Pavan, Amit, Shruthi.

Planning and locating places for plating saplings: Vishwambhara, Charan reddy, Amulya , Goutham Goud, Rajgopal

Deputies: Aditya Reddy, Vijay Aditya , Pramod , Akram, Santosh Reddy

Publicity: Anvesh, Mitesh, Premashruthi, Sindhura Akella, Harsha, Mrudula, Aishwarya Rao, Bob Precious, Heta Gandhi, Anupam Singh, Snehith, Shwetha, Ruqhayya Begum.

Documentation and writeups to the media: Shravya and Premashruthi

Other members: Anudeep (4th year), 3rd year students – Anirudh Reddy and Arvind Babu.

Non CS members, who worked actively: Ankush Reddy, Rahul Reddy, Vikas

The video of the plantation drive can be viewed here: Plantation Drive at CBIT by CS, Bhumi and IYCN

With every day that passes by, with every litre of fuel we burn, with every KWH of power we consume, we are just adding to our environment’s woes. If only the environment had a voice, its shriek would be deafening. But it doesn’t and we conveniently choose to not pay attention to the growing pollution. In such a scenario, the students of CBIT united to help reduce our pollution by carrying out this plantation drive. We solemnly wish that many colleges and organizations follow suit and plan out and execute such activities.

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