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Dark clouds loom in the sky, bringing forth a sense of foreboding into the minds of engineering students all over the city. It’s neither the monsoons nor the rainfalls, which is giving jitters to the students, especially for the 3rd and the 2nd years. The days of making fun, roaming around the college without caring a damn seem to be short-lived, as the student’s biggest enemy, i.e. the examinations have resurfaced yet again. Yes, the mid-term exams for all the 2nd and 3rd year B.Tech students of JNTU are about to commence from the 31st of August for the 2nd years and from 3rd September for the 3rd years. (Picture – Effect of exams. Credit: Insanity Personified)

For a change, everyone’s quite tensed and uptight regarding these mid-term exams, which hardly bothered the students until this year. The change in the examination pattern from the previous semester onwards has been sending students into a tizzy every time the topic of mid-term exams comes up. They now have to write two subjects per day and each subject has got two papers, which means that the student has to attempt a subjective question paper and an objective-type question paper for one single subject. By the end of the day, each student has to attempt a total of 4 question papers, which is quite exhausting and quite a demanding task.

Each subject consists of four units and a student has to cram roughly 48 units into his brain within a span of 3 days and reproduce it in the examination, which is quite an extraordinary feat to perform, keeping in mind the various tasks and activities an engineering student is involved in. It is therefore quite amusing to see the 2nd and 3rd year students finding refugee in the college library or burying their faces in textbooks and poring over their notes in a last ditch attempt to memorize a few important formulae.

Almost each and every faculty member is seen ‘lecturing’ the class on the importance of the upcoming exams for at least fifteen minutes prior to the  beginning of the class, much to the resentment of the students, who feel they have got enough on their plates to deal with.

S Anirudh, a 2nd year student of Ace Engineering College says, “It’s unfortunate that we have the mid exams at this time, with the Ganesh utsavs being held in full flow near my house”. As if this weren’t a distraction enough, he has to cope up with his favorite songs being played in the loudest possible volume at the pandals. He finally decided to give into his temptations by resolving to put in double the effort at the college and also during the exam time.

He isn’t the only one caught in such a dilemma. Many of the students are facing a similar problem and find themselves torn between wanting to enjoy in the festivities and also worrying about the exams, as these exams are a key factor in the final result. Shruthi, a 3rd year student of CVSR College wonders if the clashing of the examinations with such festivities or during any major sports tournament is purely co-incidental. She points out that almost every cricket world cup or any major sporting event coincide with an ongoing festival or a sports tournament, thereby dampening the festive spirit and also smashing any sort of inclination one has towards studies.

Mr. Satyanarayana Reddy, a faculty member at Ace Engineering College says that the first mid exam of every semester is of utmost importance to any student, as they are the easiest of the two mid term exams conducted per semester. Also, he says that not many students tend to concentrate on the 2nd mid term exams as they would be too busy with either their lab exams or will be busy preparing for their semester examinations. He feels that these exams provide invaluable assistance with regard to the semester exams as these mid term exams cover 4 out of the 5 units required to attempt in the final paper, which reduces the burden of the student greatly if he/she studies properly for the 1st mid term.

Rapt with attention. Way to go! Credit: Insanity Personified

Rapt with attention. Way to go! Credit: Insanity Personified

A few students agree with this notion saying that this sort of preparation greatly helps them in reducing the amount of stress and tension while preparing for the final onslaught. A few students like Sidharth, a student of of Ace Engineering College feel that internals are nothing more than a pain designed to disrupt the ‘peace’ of engineering students. He says that he just couldn’t bear the tension and the maniac glint in the eyes of the faculty. He also says that the mid term exams are not properly scheduled as the students have to cover a mammoth number of 48 units in 3 days, which isn’t sufficient at all.

The earlier pattern of 1 exam per day is widely appreciated by the student fraternity as it gave them enough time to prepare, analyze and understand the subject in a proper way rather than mugging up the entire syllabus just for the sake of sitting through the exam, which is the present scenario among the students.

The change in the pattern of the examinations has received a mixed response both from the students and the faculty. While the students strongly oppose this change in pattern, the faculty members say that it’s not as harsh as it sounds. Yes, it’s tough to complete 24 units within 3 days, but on the positive side, the exams will go on only for a span of three days, which ought to bring a smile on the otherwise frowning faces of the students. Its quite fitting to say that many of the students are quite unhappy with the present pattern of the examination. Sujeet, a 3rd year student says, “It’s quite maddening to write a total of 6 subjects within three days and even the faculty knows that no one is thorough with any of the subjects. Even then no one has taken up the initiative to inform the board, i.e JNTU about this ‘unfair’ pattern of conducting the mid-exams”.

Similar thoughts are echoed by students all across the city. They feel it’s high time someone takes proper steps in ensuring that the mid exams are welcomed among the student fraternity as they consist of 20% of the total marks per semester, which can make a whole lot of difference in their career. The previous pattern of one exam per day is highly appreciated by a very large portion of the students and many are of the opinion that the online exams should be re-instated in the exam pattern provided that they are error free, which wasn’t the case earlier.

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