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Evergreen Field of Electronics Prospers @ KMIT 01

Electronics as of today is being considered as one of the most extensive, dynamic and flourishing fields of Science and Technology. With the continuous advancements and technological innovations, it is under a constant flux, finding applications in all human endeavors. Despite many companies and businesses being hit by ‘Recession’, the Electronics industry has managed to keep itself at bay due to it’s growing range of products and consumer demand. Electronic Engineers have an edge over the other engineering students as the branch attracts many recruiters. (Picture: Electronic labs. Credit: Coherent Cody)

The ‘School Of Electronics’ at KMIT (Keshava Memorial Institute of Technology) offers Electronics and Communication (ECE) and Electronics and Instrumentation (EIE) as the two branches of study. It is common knowledge that ECE has been a highly popular choice amongst the students and parents as it offers a large scope for a better career. Instrumentation is also not far behind and seems to be catching up, with its growing demand in the industry. Instrumentation is a core subject, which deals with the various instruments used in R & D and in almost every industry. The popularity of Electronics is evidently on the rise.

When asked on what makes this field a popular choice, Amrita says, “The growing popularity of electronics even in the times of recession, make it the best and safest option”. Mr Kumar, a parent, whose son recently took admission into KMIT says, “Electronics is a happening thing at present and will be in the future too. Added to this, it has great prospects”. With electronics stream being the most sought after, the colleges demand a hefty donation ranging from anywhere between Rs.5 and 6 lakhs in addition to the the annual fee of Rs.92,000 as prescribed by JNTU. Such is the demand that the seats get filled just in two to three days. Mr Amin, who admitted his daughter into ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) through the management quota, justifies the decision, “If my daughter’s future is going to be secure by spending a ‘little’ extra amount, then there is nothing wrong in it”. 60 is the intake for each of ECE and EIE, out of which 70% is under the convener quota and the rest 30% is under the management quota. Even though it is popular, many find it difficult to cope up with the subject. Narain, a student of 2nd year admits, “I regret choosing EIE because it is really exhaustive at times and is only for the hardworking and determined ones. So, a student should choose this field only if he likes the subject and is dedicated”.

KMIT is situated in the ‘heart of the city’, near Narayanaguda. So the students here have an slight edge over others because a lot of their commuting time is saved, which in turn reduces the exhaustion that students of most colleges generally face. The studious atmosphere and the reasonably good infrastructure with spacious classrooms and  labs are an added advantage. But Balakrishna, a second year student complains, “The infrastructure is not good when compared to other colleges and the labs are below par. It needs a lot of improvement. There is only one ground,which is not well maintained”. The college, located in a congested area, has a less scope for expansion and lacks a spacious campus. But all these factors can be overlooked because there are many academic activities going on in the campus. “Something or the other keeps going on in the campus. We have so many people coming and going. People from reputed companies like IBM, Adobe, Adtran, Sun etc., keep visiting and give us guest lectures”, says Kartik, a first year student. The campus has a Wi-fi network and has recently started the e-learning initiative, in which the student with just a computer and a headphone can have access to thousands of recorded lectures by renowned and famous persons belonging to various industries and universities. This program runs on a web component designed by KMITians themselves.

In KMIT, the faculty of electronics is well trained and qualified. Dr G R Babu is the HOD of the department. But as usual, the students are divided in their opinions on the staff. Zeeshan says, “The lecturers lack communication skills and are very strict”. But Rupesh begs to differ. He says, “Overall, the lecturers are good and they teach us the complex electronic concepts in a simple language. At times, the lectures get a bit tedious and boring, but it’s a part and parcel of this studies”.

As a KMITian, a student has the advantage of being up-to-date with various technological advancements and industry needs through programs like TRISHUL and various seminars by experienced people from the industry. So the student is shaped into a complete engineer with a very good knowledge and strong basics. There are so many initiatives going on like the recently conducted “XILATHON”, a Short Term Course covering VLSI, FPGA and Embedded Systems, which was introduced to promote Industry Institute Interaction by the department of ECE, JNTU  and Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology (KMIT) in collaboration with Xilinx. There is also IBM’s TGMC (The Great Mind Challenge) going on, which is open to both the Electronics and Computer groups. Brainchild of Mr Neil Gogte, the director of KMIT and founder of Genesis, the ‘Incubation Center’ was established in the college, which aims at training the students of ECE and EIE to take up projects from the IITs and industry under the supervision of Mr Vinay Patankar.

An Electronic kit. Credit: Coherent Cody

An Electronic kit. Credit: Coherent Cody

A good engineer needs to have a good knowledge of the subject as well as extraordinary practical knowledge and experience. The electronic labs at KMIT are ‘chalta types’ (just okay and not great). The instruments are a bit old and the lab faculty are also not well trained. Krishna says, “Good labs are very essential for us to get acquainted to the practical knowledge. The labs are not very good and they have to be be improved”. The college management has assured the students that it would definitely bring about some changes by next year. There are, in all about three labs and only three lab in-charges managing them.

Lastly, KMIT assures that the engineers are ‘Complete’ in their spheres. So all the geeks out there, who are fascinated by technology; here’s the right college you seek!

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