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Supposing that a celebrated orator, on a bright sunny morning, walks up to the podium and greets a “Good evening” to the crowd. How wise would it be to approve of him as a promising leader? Wouldn’t a low score, as a fair judge, bring about a negative slope in his hitherto ideal performance chart? That’s a faint idea of how scores can affect charts. The importance of scores and whether or not they precisely judge a person’s calibre has been a raging debate, but beneath the surface all along. (Picture – Overall Performance Graph – Marks are also part of the overall performance. Credit: Morle’la Wheermy)

In the absence of ’scores’, which help judge a performance, we would have lacked an effective mechanism to demarcate the elite from the rest and hence, scores are not something, which can be brushed aside as secondaries. One may argue that a bad score card might be a result of failing to choose a field of one’s interest but doesn’t that indicate a lack of decision-making skill pertaining to the matter of pursuing the subject of one’s interest? Isn’t that a negativity in itself, which is in turn, reflected by a bad score card?

Biased and lowly prioritized.

In a simple language, the charts here as the overall performance graphs are described here. It is high time we stopped grousing about score cards not being a manifestation of true talent. It might offer solace temporarily against failure, but in the long run, it would surely and adversely affect your charts. The overall performance of a student unfortunately includes both the subject knowledge and the marks.

“The simple thing is, if you have time and dedication then you should start preparing and listening to professors. But until you are forced to; no engineering student has the dedication to do that.” Himank Sharma, a software engineer from MNC and ex-student of IIIT-H avers. But when questioned what kind student he was, he said that temporary marks served him. “It’s the only option for students, who are lazy. But when it comes to the employer’s view, the main thing is how you perform in their tests when they come to your campus. Provided you clear the set cut-off limit, they don’t really care about your Acads.”

The major idea behind this article is to bring the emphasis to the students that a good incremental chart can only be achieved by good scores. Many students these days do one day batting‘ and try to be happy with the scores that they achieve at that moment. Temporary satisfaction is what matters in the present scenario stated many. How many students feel bad when they don’t get good results or scores after an exam? At least a 95% might have felt the situation of depression when one looks at the results.

This being the exam season, one should awaken their mind and try to get superior marks so that the graphs that one can portray in the future will have a rise. Again a debatable point is ‘Is Subject important or Marks?’ “One always has to learn to think on both sides of the coin. Both charts and scores should be well maintained.  Subject matters, even scores matter. One can get subject if one don’t get scores but one will also get more subject and more opportunities by getting good scores”, says Jyothsna. “It should be like 65% marks and 35% subject for students when they are in college. But once outside the criteria changes”, says Kiran from 4th year ECE, SVIT.

Last moment preparation- One Day Batting. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

Last moment preparation- One Day Batting. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

It’s an irony that people are finding ways to get away by faking high scores but on the flip side of the coin, premium institutes like IITs and IIMs are doing well adopting the same methodology to cream of the best – an indication that an effective screening system can set things right. “I think marks have been the only criterion since time immemorial. But we could go ahead with having project based evaluation. How can one decide what a student is in 3 hours? A period of time is for sure an alternative. So I would say it’s the overall performance that one has to concentrate on. As the overall performance includes everything, students have to concentrate on it”, suggested Imran Parvez of IIT-M.

Even teachers and parents need to work towards instilling faith among the students on the present educational system and its evaluation procedure because at the end of the day, recruitments and promotions would inevitably be based on these scores, which would be instrumental in shaping a good or a bad résumé. “It’s exactly correct with my kids, they prepare for exams every time. Such students, who believe in last moment preparation not just have to face a problem with their academic life but also have to face problems with everything because they will be used to the pleasure in laziness”, said a mother of two children.

If charts project performances, scores help acknowledge the talent behind. So what we ought to realize is that scores and charts are, in no sense, paradoxical to each other and the need of the hour is to realize just this, failing which, we would only be further degrading the quality of tomorrow’s workforce beyond recovery and by the time  reality shows up, it would have been too late. It’s easy to score now than to feel sorry, sorrow and swear that I will get good scores in succession. Study hard.

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