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A famous philosopher once said, “Better inside the house pissing out than outside the house pissing in”. Just to prove the aforementioned quote absolutely wrong, Raghavendra, a student stopped his bike at the end of the road, he seemed by his facial expression that he was in some unknown tension. Something was really pulling him. He looked left first, then right and kept looking down with a fear of possibly getting embarrassed and finally, when he seemed to complete his desired work successfully, a ‘sigh of relief’ was observed on his face. Thousands of instances like the one mentioned above can be seen any day – any time – any where by any one. If one’s still guessing what this ‘routine’ is all about… it is none but the relentless saga of ‘pissing in public places’ without any proper civic sense.

Pissing in public parks. Credit: Painless Predator

Pissing in public parks. Credit: Painless Predator

Public places like footpaths, open grounds, parks, compound walls, graveyards etc are the most tortured and commonest victims of this irresponsible act of ‘pissing in public places’. Adding to the unhygienic atmosphere, which is evidently created, the unbearable ‘stink’ is also something that people have to deal with by either covering their nostrils with a handkerchief or wearing an ‘odour proof’ mask. As it is said that ‘wrong deeds come along with proper justifications’, Rohan, who was caught red handed, justifies “if the government is not providing me with proper public toilets, then what can I do?” He further adds, “I will definitely stop doing this if I am provided with the right reasons”.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), on the other hand is quite upset with the present scenario. On questioning about what measures are being taken in order to curb this menace, a senior official at GHMC, Mr. Ram Chander says, “We have around 250 GHMC public toilets in the city but still people don’t make proper use of them. We have also tried to create some sort of awareness with the public and especially the youth about the ill affects of ‘pissing at public places’ by placing sign boards at every junction which say, ‘do not pass urine here’ or ‘passing urine here may cause diseases’, but the situation still remains out of hand”. When asked about the reasons for the negligence of people in maintaining proper civic sense, the official is quick to respond, “In most of the European countries, there are laws which prevent people from breaking the basic barriers of civic sense. But in India, there is no such particular law enforced apart from the ‘ban of smoking’, which came into action recently. Until and unless there are strong punishments, no one will come to senses”, he adds pessimistically.

Polluting the Environment. Credit: Painless Predator

Polluting the Environment. Credit: Painless Predator

It is quite a common sight that a person, who notices people pissing in a public place feels much worse than the person, who is actually doing it. Reactions like ‘yuck!!!’, ‘aww!!!’, etc are most definite. When questioned on how it feels witnessing young people taking undue advantage of their civil rights, Chris, a college goer says, “It is really very annoying to see men not having civic sense to keep the surroundings clean and just because they are not checked at any point, they continue to do so. If girls can avoid in being so irresponsible, then why can’t guys?” When further questioned if any initiative has been taken to make people realize of this blunder, she says, “Yes definitely! I have taken an initiative a lot of times in telling people that today if they do it, it only encourages people and it will never make others realize about it’s ill effects”.

Youth in today’s times has evidently become well informed about most of the social misled issues due to the rise of media and other sources of information. But it does fall flat on the ground when it comes to implementing them in the right way most of the times! The possible solution of this problem of ‘people pissing in public places’ would be to enforce strict laws and impose heavy fines on whoever is found guilty of misusing his / her civic rights.

Apart from this, it’s a person’s conscience to decide whether ‘to piss or not to piss’!

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