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Afforestation drive by Jupiter Colony 01

Residents of Jupiter Colony, Trimulgerry, Secunderabad, literally justified the adage ‘Charity begins at home’. On 30th of August, 2009 at 10 am, the residents of Jupiter Colony at Secunderabad had come together for a very noble cause – a Plantation Drive! The Drive was inaugurated at 7:30 am by the elders of the colony, Shri S B Sugunakar Rao garu and Smt S B Indira garu, who planted a Silver Oak each. (Picture – Earth Warriors hold the poster of the 350 International Campaign! Credits: Sayyed)

A total of 25 to 30 people, from kids to senior citizens and from all walks of life did their bit towards developing a clean and green neighborhood. Firstly, around 40 saplings were bought from the Nurseries of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and they were planted in the various cantonment parks and on either side of the roads in the colony.

“In the beginning, we had to really sweat it out! We had to remove weeds, dig the fertile earth and plant all these saplings with utmost care. The entire event was covered by the press and the media alike. An article about the drive was published in the local Eenadu newspaper and a local TV channel, TV A telecast the entire event on September 3, 2009 at 8:30 pm”, informs a satisfied Swetha, who was the main coordinator of the drive, who also happens to be the granddaughter of Shri S B Sugunakar garu!

Shri S. B. Sugunakar Rao garu and Smt. S. B. Indira garu inaugurating the Plantation Drive! Credits: Swetha

Shri S B Sugunakar Rao garu and Smt S B Indira garu inaugurating the Plantation Drive! Credits: Swetha

Several members from the IYCN (Indian Youth Climate Network) and the Rotaract Club of Secunderabad Sunrise took active part in the drive. A non – government organization called Passionate also played a pivotal role in the programme. “We are grateful to Mr. Gaja Ram, the Health Inspector of the Cantonment, for his timely supervision and support, without which the event wouldn’t have been this successful! As today’s youth, all of us are representing the country’s future and such noble and environmental friendly steps are always welcome to save our dear planet. Infact, we are organizing an International Campaign titled 350 on the 24th of October, 2009 when the entire world would be coming together to check the pollution levels in the atmosphere! 350 refers to the threshold parts per million of Carbon in the atmosphere for the planet to sustain life on it. Unfortunately, we are already past this number – we are at an alarming 390 parts per million! But we are leaving no stone unturned to stop this climate crisis!” beams Mr. Chaitanya Kumar, the National Convener of IYCN.

Zor lagake hayya! Bharath does it! Credits: Ranga Prasad

Zor lagake hayya! Bharath does it! Credits: Ranga Prasad

“We are really glad that a large number of people turned up for the event in spite of it being a holiday. A total of 37 saplings were planted by each member of the colony, including a host of varieties like Bamboo, Teak, Gulmohar, Tecoma, Wood Apple, Bougainvillea and Tamarind to name a few and we made sure that every colony member adopts a sapling”, asserts Bharath, an active member of the IYCN and a student of Environment Management. “We selected those saplings, which would grow into hard, woody and tough trees in particular, since they shouldn’t perish in the future if not well watered”, seconds Ranga Prasad from the IYCN and an enthusiastic volunteer of the 350 campaign.

The programme culminated with the screening of a documentary films on the adverse effects of plastic bags on the environment. Venkatesh from the Rotaract Club affirms, “A lot of physical labor was put in today and we got to learn new techniques of gardening. Removing the plastics and roughing it out with the crowbar, plough and the spade was no child’s play. Mother Nature also supported us, in the bargain by maintaining a hot and sunny day without any showers”. Other active participants were Prasanna, Sayyed and Venkatesh from the IYCN and Siddharth, a member of the colony. “This herculean task was indeed worthwhile. There was a rain dance at the end of the programme as a celebration of it’s success! No wonder both the guys and the girls got the dirty, brown nail polish contributed by the Mother Earth this time round”, chuckles an excited Sindhura, a kid, who contributed her best towards the event.

Similar events were carried out in the city at various places by the IYCN and other organizations. One such was CBIT’s Plantation Drive in their campus. So all the ‘climate folks’ and ‘Earth Warriors’ out there, who believe in doing something for our wonderful planet and the amazing forms of life inhabiting it, do sign up for the Global 350 Campaign at www.350.org or 350ap@googlegroups.com and the IYCN at iycn_hyd@googlegroups.com. The IYCN, along with the Rotaract Clubs is again coming together for an Awareness Rally on the International ‘No Plastic’ Day, on September 12, 2009 at General Bazaar, Seunderabad. The main objective is to encourage shop owners to distribute cloth bags and avoid the use of plastic bags. For details, please contact Bharath on 9848910111 or Ranga Prasad on 9490121212. Arise, awake and take action!

The National Convenor of IYCN, Chaitanya Kumar Sir planting a sapling of Wood Apple! Credits: Swetha

The National Convenor of IYCN, Chaitanya Kumar Sir planting a sapling of Wood Apple! Credits: Swetha

Joining hands for a safer and greener tomorrow! Credits: Sindhura

Joining hands for a safer and greener tomorrow! Credits: Sindhura

Hurrah! The participants rejoice after a whole day of hardship! Credits: Venkatesh

Hurrah! The participants rejoice after a whole day of hardship! Credits: Venkatesh

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4 Responses to “Afforestation Drive by Jupiter Colony – Hats Off!”

  1. Satish Mantha says:

    heartening! i have seen the prime of the research in this field and the scientists warn that even if we stopped all the greenhouse-gas-releasing activities — which means getting rid of the momentary luxuries for survival! — the Mother Earth would still take about two decades to realise our efforts! while we are talking about the 350 ppm that the atmosphere can bear, our projections to the near future (20-30 years from now) hit 800 ppm (http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/2007-10/carbon-crisis/images/stabilization_wedges.pdf), which tragically, could lead to our extinction of all life on Earth. i’m not kidding.

    so, any small effort is completely worth it, planting more trees being the most natural way to ameliorate things. so, go for it and never get discouraged. :-)

  2. srikyreddy says:

    good job …….time to celebrate for the participants for their hardship..
    good job by candy floss

  3. pa1e says:

    nice article candyfloss.so u r not only covering the college but also the otherworks around. good work and cheers to the jupiters colony

  4. Meghali Ghosh says:

    wow…all the colonies in the twin cities must take inspiration from Jupiter colony!!!planting trees is the only way to better the present situation..so lets all go for it!!!

    n great job candy floss…awesome!!!

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