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Am I an Engineer?

By Schon Jianna On September - 9 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
Am I an engineer? 01

“Everyday I wake up, I ask a question to myself. Am I learning anything in college effectively? Am I doing something that I will ever feel proud of? Am I doing anything constructively in these 4 years of my engineering”, says Anirudh, who is in his final year engineering and never finds a convincing answer to his questions.

This is the common scenario of every engineering student, who is in his final year, who thinks, “When I look back to my engineering life, will I get an answer to what have I achieved in those 4 years of my life”. A B.Tech degree is what everyone gets at the end but does every one deserve it, is the question to be asked. “Engineering Degree is so common nowadays that it is losing its value as days pass by. I am a mechanical engineer but I still doubt whether I will use this knowledge as all the companies are software oriented. I will be trained there and work all day sitting in front of my computer, which is totally a contrast to what I do in my four years of engineering”, says Rakesh, who feels topsy-turvy when he thinks what will he really do in life.

“My son is doing his engineering in a reputed college but I hardly see him studying. It is just a week before the exam that I see him with books studying day and night and fairing pretty well in the exam. I don’t really understand how the whole engineering syllabus is done in a week. My son is scoring but I wonder if  he really has a grip over his subject. If he mugs up the answers and puts them on paper, I really don’t know. I want my son to be an Engineer not a mere engineer degree holder”, worries Mr.Rao.

“There are very few students, who really have a grip over the subjects. Many come to college just for attendance or by force. There are students, who just read the ‘all in one’ and score well but that’s not what we really want now. We need students, who can think creatively, use common sense in daily life and be practical. If you ask me there are students, who score just 60% in their exams but have real good practical knowledge. I am sure they will do well in their lives than the ones, who score 80% knowing nothing. I don’t say it is the mistake of the students completely in not gaining interest in any subject.  Even the lecturer plays a part but the student has to realize that it’s time he acts responsible and traces his path. All this is not something that we tell and they listen. They are matured enough to understand it, they have to make a mark in the society and it is their choice how they do it”, says Prof. Kishore.

Can I be called an Engineer. Credit: Schon Jianna

Can I be called an Engineer. Credit: Schon Jianna

“Engineering is not a cakewalk. We need guidance to know any thing in it. When the lecturers themselves are only exam pattern oriented in finishing only 5 units so that their students score well. How do you expect the students to gain interest in knowing something beyond the syllabus and think innovative? Everything that a student faces in college, be it the facilities, the lab practical and the lecturers, everything counts in making an individual a real engineer. I don’t say that they have to spoon feed us, but explain the logic in what is happening at least. We will do the rest”, says discontented  Srikanth from Mahaveer College of Engineering.

“What we actually learn in these 4 years are the basic principles of various streams but it is when we really start working we realize what we have actually learnt. I don’t think what we learn in 4 years is mere waste. I think at least at some stage of my life I will need them. It is when we start working we realize the technology used”, says Kalyani, who is in final year engineering in MGIT

To sum it up, after 4 years, everyone has a degree in hand but it is when a student really starts working and instigates the basics they learnt efficiently earlier, can they call themselves an Engineer.

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