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Stop spending and start mending 03

Nothing can change the past that we come from. The present species of man comes under a new series of evolution called the ‘Economic Evolution’. The only survivors are people, who are pros at money making and management. Though money is the ultimate goal for almost every person and every nation, global business is affected by recession almost every decade.

As the news papers read and the sensex flashes, India is economically, comparatively stable this year though recession has had its effect on most sectors of the industry. The ever joyful and merry youth of Hyderabad has also caught the Recessionenza. Is it time to cut down on party cheques, petrol & phone bills? The festive ‘off’ season has also been affected by recession and movie goers face a huge disappointment as well. VAT – the terrible word at the end of every bill is more noticeable than ever. So, how is the youth of Hyderabad facing the situation?

Fete offering underpriced French cuisine. Credits: Poet's Revenge

Fete offering underpriced French cuisine. Credits: Poet's Revenge

“My father works at GNC Infosystems. He lost his job recently due to the economic epidemic and the whole family is totally dependent on savings. I need to think twice before buying a new bag, shoes or even a dress as I step into the second year of college”, says Shruthika, a student of IRSEC. “I don’t get pocket money any more. I don’t completely understand the crisis that we supposedly are facing, but I definitely have lost the privilege of eating lunch at Gokul Chat every alternate day”, says Susheel, a student of KMIT. “I had to give up gaming!” says a frustrated Varun, who is one of the proud gaming geniuses of Hyderabad. More than half the student community has come under the effect of recession. But there are others like Swetha, who proudly affirms that she can bunk college any time she wishes to and still go watch a movie with her friends at GVK.

There definitely exists a smart group of the student community, who are creating opportunities for themselves to overcome recession. “I work part time for Naandi Foundation, an NGO. I am a junior software techie for them. All I need to do is work for an hour from home whenever I feel like. My job is simple and my pay is huge. I don’t have to depend on my parents for everything I need to buy. I can even go shopping to Hyderabad Central without troubling my parents”, says Manas, a student of KMIT.

Lunch for Two?! Credits: Poet's Revenge

Lunch for Two?! Credits: Poet's Revenge

Venkat, a student of VIT, says that saving up for the future is the best technique. He could easily survive two months at VIT though his monthly allowances were reduced to less than half. “I don’t need to worry about hanging around at Coffee Days or Baristas with my friends any more. We’ve decided to share, even for the simplest of places we go to and that has made all the difference”, says Ronita. ‘Dutch’ is the word! Earning, saving and sharing is the mantra for Gen-Y.

There are many other alternatives to eating lunch at Ohri’s. Hotel Punjab at Abids offers tastier food at affordable prices. “I don’t go to McDonalds after college anymore. Bombay Frankie, just a kilometre away is so much better”, says Vaijayanthi, a student of Villa. So many substitutes are available and the world is no longer a small place to live in. It is all about where, how and why we spend money.

It is time that the youth of Hyderabad realized the seriousness of the problem. Every penny they spend makes a difference to the country. Spending 500 rupees at Mocha every Saturday or buying overpriced tickets at a theater on a Friday is not worth anymore. So, stop spending and start mending!

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