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A gigantic war between two different planets yet the prediction of who loses can be done easily. A prediction on when the dinosaurs will come back to life is also possible. The mafia war leaders also prepare 30 days in advance for wars. But the people who give a damn to the preparation which have an effect on career decisions and their own future also exist. They are Students. No student is completley sure what is important – “Subject or Marks”.

The results of a survey on what’s what and what’s not are discussed here. The survey, conducted on 50 students was distributed across different types of students – toppers, first and last benchers, average, medium and poor students. We even found out what a general engineering student does before exams. 65% undergraduates feel that marks are important, 20% feel that subject is important, 10% feel that both are important and the left 5% think neither of them is important.

Come exams time and every engineering student is in a state of confusion on what is important – subject or marks. This confusion ends in a few days but in the time it prevails it’s the only matter of concern. Everything else seems lost before this. This all happens all of a sudden when the colleges notify the students about the exams’ schedule, almost a month before their commencement.

Formation - Bunk on regular base before exam season. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Formation - Bunk on regular base before exam season. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Generally, a student goes through seven stages before the exams. Typical reactions of a student in all these phases are quoted, to reflect the exact mood and reaction of students.

Phase 1: 4 weeks before exam: Every student feels this time “I should not repeat history, I will go to library in this week, get the books and will start my preparation and will top the class. At the same time I will start behaving well with the ma’am coz it makes an impression that I am a good student and she will reward me for that. Subject is very important.”

Phase 2: 3 weeks before exam: “Shit, damn! What man.!! My college library is of no use and it doesn’t have enough books to issue either. Its better I borrow an All In One from my senior and start my preparation at least now and I will top my class. Ma’am teaches so well I think she will help us with the doubts.”

Transformation - Night out, a night before exam. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Transformation - Night out, a night before exam. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Phase 3: 15 days before exam: “Hey did you start your preparation?  I don’t know what’s wrong with me I am not able to allot time for study. Ma’am has good impression on me; she always smiles at me when I wish her. It’s not subject that always matters.”

Phase 4: 10 days before exam: “Hey let’s ask the ma’am for important questions. So that we can prepare easily. I am not able to understand what ma’am taught in class. She didn’t teach things completely.”

Phase 5: 7 days before exam: “Dude let’s ask ma’am to tell us the main questions that will appear now. Scoring marks is very tough. They speak for us. Subject lite. We can study later. She gave us almost the whole unit as important. It isn’t that way right? After all she dint teach everything and how does she expect us to write everything.”

Phase 6: 1 day before exam: “Shit! I wasted all my time, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I am fit for nothing. I will read off the very important questions from All In One and will try for subject in the topic later. I will call up the topper to find out what exactly to write in the very important questions that ma’am gave. So that I can skip reading everything and wasting time.”

Phase 7: An hour before exam: “Arey  I dint prepare anything. I was not able to understand the head and tail of it. Can you explain me what to write? Shall I put a copy chit? It’s not wrong I suppose. This is the first time I am doing it. Or explain me at least 2 questions I will write only those and will score something. Ma’am has some impression, I will manage with that.”

Students requesting for marks. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Students requesting for marks. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

After the exam all this comes to an end. Everything is clean bowled. “I tried so hard but the questions that ma’am gave didn’t appear. Not my mistake, after all she dint tell us the subject that is required. I will Maskafy(flatter) her for marks. From this session I will only study and will top the class next time are the most common statements made.”

On the day the results are out, the students say, “I cleared everything and got more than 60% that’s like my marks totally. Let’s party. I don’t think they will start teaching important things and subject in detail immediately after internals. So let’s plan for a trip and have fun.” This is the general scenario that is seen in most cases. When questioned how correct is the above statement, 70% students voted a yes and 15% no. 10% they both are almost equal. And 5% I don’t know.

Akshitha from SWEC and Neeraja from SVIT stated that “When in college, marks are THE most important aspect, but once out into the world of interviews and jobs, subject is important”. “I am a student so I think that it’s marks that matter now, whereas i can learn the subject slowly”, says Rohith Motha from SVIT. “Marks are really very important. They are the most important thing because you’re not allowed to sit in the interviews if you don’t have good scores in your score card”, told Vinith Negi, final year EEE student from SVIT.

Maskafy and Impression, two key acts that lead to +3 marks most of the time. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

Maskafy and Impression, two key acts that lead to +3 marks most of the time. Credit: Morle'La Wheermy

When I submitted my résumé to a company, they rejected it initially because I dint have good score. Majority of companies firstly see for the scores and then after that they go for subject. They take the scores as source of filtering and getting students with stuff, talent and subject” said Arniya, a young software engineer, graduate with 67% in engineering.

Everything has to be logical and if one wants to have a successful career, then knowing the subject is the only way out. It’s not marks that matters instead it’s the subject. “Subject will be first preference and marks come second”, averred Adithya from Aurora Engineering. Poonam Jain of St. Francis says “Subject is the most important because with subject you get content of the topics and present it well you get marks”.  Sesank of VJIT said, “Subject is directly proportional to marks. You learn subject you earn marks”.

There also exist people who disagree with both the schools of thought. For them the probability of a thing to happen is equal to the probability of its failure. “Subject matters, even scores matters. You can get  the subject if you don’t get scores but you will also get more subject and more opportunities by getting good scores. Both are equally important” said Jyothsna from SVIT. “Depending on the consequence you want, one has to decide what is important for them”, averred Priyanka of MVSR. “It depends on what exactly you want to be in future. If one wants to get into the familial business because it fascinates one more than chosen field of study, then one has to get a degree to get into the business. So the subject doesn’t matter. But otherwise if one wants to get familiar with the subject and wants it as future then subject is important”, alleged Charan from CVR.

Whether it is the exams time or not,  most of the students start start lining up before book stalls or libraries. “Better late than never”. So better they realise it now that it’s a crucial time and start the preparation. In the confusion between subject Vs marks, non won. But the main point to drive in is if you know subject then you have content. Score marks, Grasp subject and enjoy career. Study hard.

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