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“Have you chosen MECHANICAL! Are you out of your mind or something? It’s not your thing at all. Why didn’t you ask me before?” screamed Sirisha, when she heard that her cousin Varsha had chosen the Mechanical Engineering stream. Heard these exclamations somewhere!? Oh yes, one gets to hear all these dialogues every time the counseling finishes. But as of now, Mechanical, Aeronautical and Civil are the most sought after groups after recession and the subsequent ’seeming’ downfall of IT.

“The drive to choose this branch was that there was no other option and also, the love for Robotics made me choose this college”, said Arjun, a 2nd year Mechanical Student. Mechanical students however, unanimously say that this is the only branch, which has a lot of scope and they can join any field later on in the future. They can work in fields like Production, Designing, Analysis of various systems or they can also switch over to the IT field. This branch has been evergreen and the pioneer among all engineering groups.

“I selected Aeronautical because I wanted to fulfill my dream. I want to design a plane, which will land in my backyard. People can purchase it for 20-30 lakhs”, says Mohd. Imaluddin, a 2nd year aeronautical student, who aims to reach the skies.

Mr. Srinivas is the HOD for both Aeronautical and Mechanical Departments.  He encourages students and always keeps them occupied. He’s been here from 4 years. One of the lecturers, Mr. Kulkarni, is a retired scientist from DRDL having good experience in practical field. “He is very interactive”, the students say. Faculty is okay but they lack good communication skills in the English language and hence, they tend to switch over to Telugu most of the time. “Some of them just read out from the material, which they bring to the class without explaining much”, some students complain. The all time favourite among all the lecturers is undoubtedly, Mr. Mallesham, who is the Principal of the College. His ever smiling, ‘never-say-die’ attitude are the major plus points, agree all the students.

Aeronautical Students. Credit: Swathi

Aeronautical Students. Credit: Swathi

Coming to labs, most of them are satisfactory but some of them definitely need to be developed/upgraded as the students are forced to go to other colleges for their lab externals. The college authorities are constructing these labs much to the students’ relief. UTL and WinTunnel labs are under construction. Workshop equipment is not at all good and changes need to be made.

“Some labs did not exist at all and our seniors were forced to go to the neighbouring college during externals”, says Jyotsna, a 2nd year student. Dress code in the labs is mandatory for all the students, which includes a navy blue coat.

“We have been taken to Air Force Academy, Dundigal, Begumpet Airport and Hitech city as part of our field work. We should have more technical visits. We are taught more theory than practical field work. We have less on-field exposure”, complain the students of Mechanical and Aeronautical Departments.

Mechanical Lab. Credit: www.sriindu.ac.in

Mechanical Lab. Credit: www.sriindu.ac.in

One problem faced in the college is that students are divided into sections based on marks and lecturers tend to support the bright ones more, thus neglecting the others, who really need their help. Mutual exchange should be there, allege all the students. “Indiscipline is not at all tolerated and lecturers keep threatening us from time to time that they will see our end during external exams”, says Priyanka, a 2nd year Mechanical student.

“There is not much scope after completing B.Tech as promising jobs are things of the past and even the future of IT field looks bleak. You either got less scope for good jobs or you have to settle down as lecturers like us”, say many of the lecturers. “Unless we work really hard and shine, we have to settle for menial jobs”, says Alekhya, a 2nd year Mechanical student.

However, better times are always round the corner. Students need to cheer up and follow their dreams. A rating of 6/10 can be given for both the Aeronautical and Mechanical branches. The fee per year is Rs. 30,000 and the management-quota fee is Rs. 4 to Rs. 7 lakhs for both the branches and is negotiable.

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