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Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Credits: Enigmatic Euphony

“Don’t you think Edward Cullen is very cute?”, “Yes, absolutely! Indeed all the Cullens are just as admirable as him!” This is yet another conversation between two girls, who are currently obsessed with ‘Twilight’ and its extraordinary series. This eternal Twilight saga written by Stephenie Meyer is her debut novel, which provided a lot of entertainment for the enthusiastic readers. The saga initiates with Twilight as its first book and advances with ‘New Moon’, ‘Eclipse’ and completes the series with ‘Breaking Dawn’ with Bella Swan as its narrator.

The novels revolve around the main characters Edward Cullen and his inamorata, Bella Swan, two 17-year-olds, whose love for each other is eternal. Edward Cullen, who is forever frozen in his vampire perfection, is a ‘dream come true’ of every woman. His impeccable knowledge along with his superhuman strength and speed are the fancy of any man. On the other hand, Bella is a charming, polite and an innocent teenager, who can be the easiest target to bereavement. Jacob Black, Bella’s  acquaintance, a human turned werewolf also finds himself profoundly in love with her. The book and its sequels, with their gripping narrative give the vampire-human-werewolf relation a whole new perception.

One thing about a good novel is that it gets trolled around. In Twilight’s case also, a lot of people have learnt about it through their friends. “I started reading the book just to find out why my friends are so engrossed in it and soon it was my turn to have joined the gaga-group of it (read Edward), the time just starts fainting and I couldn’t put the book aside even for a second”, beams Srujana, an excited 10th class student, who just finished the first book and adds that she can’t wait to read the sequels. This book, however,  has gotten a lot of transfused opinions. A few people say that these books are enchanted by a serious transgression of feminist ethics, while some others feel that these books have showcased the innocence and tenderness of the feminine nature in its right way.

“I know that it is upon the readers as to how they interpret a book and I think that this book doesn’t deserve all the hype that it has aroused,” shares Vamshi, who seems to hate the book. He adds, “It might be a great pleasure for the female readers but surely this fictional tale did not succeed in topping the men’s booklist”. There are other complaints like, “The first book was really good but the whole thing gets monotonous in the sequels. It has been dragged like elastic and beyond, so it gets onto my nerves”, says Vidhisha, a frustrated ‘New Moon’ reader. There are others, who as a matter of fact get annoyed with Bella, who seems vulnerable and weak most of the time. “I hate that part of the book where Edward encourages Bella’s stupidity and all the more treats her as though she is made up of glass”, opines Rahul. “Most of the guys don’t really seem to like the book because of the J-factor brimming up in them”, laughs  Smitha, a college going girl.

The Twilight movie, which was released on the 21st of November, 2008 received a lot of appreciation towards the direction, actors and did well at the box office worldwide. Although the movie wasn’t officially released in India, there are a few, who secured the DVD’s when they were released. A petition was filed to release the movie in India, which needed a lot of support from people, so voting is being taken on websites. “The movie isn’t that satisfying for the ones, who already read the books as is the case with any movie made out of a novel. It is difficult to showcase every part described. As for the non-readers the movie is worth giving a shot”, declares Kritika, another fan out of a “Twilight fan club”.

Twilight quizzes on facebook! Credits: www.facebook.com

Twilight quizzes on facebook! Credits: www.facebook.com

There are people, who go out of their way in expressing their fan-ship, with posters making a place in their rooms or wardrobes, getting their mobile phones stickered et al. “If I ever have a boyfriend, he ought to be like Edward, so intensely caring with his out-of-the-ordinay affection bequeathed upon his lady love,” shares Suma, who has her mobile stickered with Edward’s name and uses only his pictures as wallpapers.

Both the novel and the movie are a treat to the social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and  Twitter as they have communities, quizzes, and a lot of other things that recreate the magic and bring forth the novel untold on their computer screens. The youngsters, who are too much in love with Twilight like sticking to their computers when the digital world around in front of them is filled with the Bella-Edward related quizzzes, themes, wallpapers et al. Tanya concludes “I love spending my time facebooking, because I  end up taking the awesome quizzes out there until there are any left! I guess I can never have enough of them.”

The book sure gives some cue on what the women desire from their loved ones and also ‘how to be the best soul mate ever’. Time to take it on!

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