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‘Happy Days’; listening to these words, one immediately conjures up images of the hit Tollywood movie ‘Happy Days’, where a set of happy-go-lucky friends are shown enjoying their Engineering life in CBIT. However, this is the title of the program, which is aired on NTV every week. Sri Indu college got a chance to showcase its talent on this show.

The day started as usual and all of a sudden, a lecturer informed the students to gather in the portico for the shooting. A few  interested students from IT, EEE, ECE and CSE gathered there and were whisked away promptly for the shooting. They looked very pleased and some were very happy to get away from the usual, boring lectures. “Hello”, beamed Sujatha, the anchor of the program and she received a thunderous response from everyone. They were in high spirits. She explained the whole purpose of the program and she told everyone to start off with a short prayer. The program was divided into three segments. In the first segment, the students were asked to recall and narrate sweet memories of their college life. In the second segment, they were asked to exhibit their talents like singing, dancing etc. Finally, in the third segment they were to speak about their ambitions/goals.

Students. Credit: Pearl Rive

Students. Credit: Pearl Rive

It started off quite well and students were very happy to share their views. “Sweet memories” segment was nice, where students poured out their anguish and also sweet incidents. Some told about the kind of stuff they usually did in the college; how they got their pet names, their fights, jokes, anecdotes about the college, etc. “This session was the best and I was able to speak fearlessly in front of the camera and never felt afraid”, says Sheetal, an IT student. “I got a chance to speak in all the three rounds”, she says proudly.

The next segment was about hidden talents. Seeing them perform, lecturers were quite surprised. Many sang popular Tollywood numbers. Haritha, an IT student even danced to the popular song , “Innallaki gurthochana vana”. She danced very well amidst huge applause and to everyone’s surprise it even started raining. Everyone asked for more. The rest told jokes and anecdotes. Most of them, however, sang and even a group song was sung.

In the last segment students spoke about their ambitions. Most of them wanted to be CEOs, work in multinational companies, etc. Some admitted that they would happily stay at home, eat, sleep and dream. Ashwini, an IT student proclaimed that she would like to change jobs often as working in the same place would turn out to be boring and there is no “kick” in doing so. She said she was inspired by the movie ‘KICK‘, a popular  Tollywood flick, where the lead actor switches over jobs frequently.

NTV Van. Credit: Pearl Rive

NTV Van. Credit: Pearl Rive

After the completion of each segment, there was a break where everyone had to shout “BREAK” at the camera placed in front. The anchor was quite chirpy throughout and made everyone feel at home. The last batch was from RVR college, a sister college of Sri Indu within the campus. “Keka unde experience”, (The experience was awesome) exclaimed Pradeepthi, a RVR student. “The whole experience was good and most of the students in our batch only sang songs”, she says. They had to wrap up by 4 O’ Clock as it was time for the college to close and the college buses to leave. The program organizers promised to call up and inform when the program would be aired. The anchor bade Goodbye to all and even tasted a few items in the college canteen before leaving.

On the whole, the experience of appearing on TV was too good  and irresistible for the participants. Others, who couldn’t participate were quite disappointed. Watch NTV everyday at 6.30 p.m to get more info.

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