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Internal exam woes in colleges 01

The classes were calm and suddenly a wave of terror had hit the whole college building, the complete strength of the class was present and surprisingly, still there was a pin drop silence. Lecturers, for the first time in this semester were seen smiling, it was then told: “Let The Exams Begin!”

JNTU, as always, has been coming up with new and unique ways to trouble the students; this time around, it was done so by changing the exam patterns and the allotment of marks. Rajiv, a 2nd year student of CMEC, quotes, “Earlier, our seniors used to complain about the online exams and how there were many errors in the bits, which are given online”. But for now, the only change which the JNTU has made is that they have started giving the same online paper in print! (Picture – Exam fever on a high! Credit: Dynamic Warrior)

Everyone has the same problem when it comes to the Objective papers, its not only Rajiv but Sunil, Amrita, Nidhi, Venkat and the list goes endless. The list comprises of students from the 1st year to the final year, who are all tired of various tactics of JNTU, which in turn irritates them.

A Class in Prorgess. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

A Class in Prorgess. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The objective paper given to the students still isn’t accepted as Imran, a final year student points out saying that, “These papers can’t evaluate the students’ knowledge during the exams”. He further adds, ”As they come from the university directly, many a time, it happens so that a part of the syllabus is not completed and still many questions appear in the Objective paper. Though, as the students are still made to answer these questions, they eventually end up loosing marks.

As if these arrangements were not enough to trouble the student’s fraternity, now the latest rule, which is currently doing the rounds is: Four Exams a day. Phew! what better than to have 4 exams in a single day. Earlier, it was 2 exams per day i.e., one theory and one online. The JNTU board seems to be quiet happy as the students are literally scraping off their heads to prepare for 4 exams a day.

So, with a little bend in exam the schedule and Voila! A new schedule comes in picture:

  • 10:00am to 11:30am:     Theory 1
  • 11:30am to 12:00am:     Objective 1
  • 2:00pm to 3:30pm   :     Theory 2
  • 3:30pm to 4:00pm   :     Objective 2

Ashok shares, ”Though one suffers due to a lack of time to prepare properly for the exams, there is always a less wastage of the overall time”. He further adds, ”Only in three days, all the exams get over and one can ‘party’ sooner when compared to a week long exams and the tension associated with it”. Everyone have their own views about this new pattern as Sheetal tells, “It’s very difficult for me to prepare for both the exams and I end up getting tensed by default for the second set of exams for the day”. As another student from the nerdy group points out, “We get tired by writing 2 papers till the afternoon session and having lunch after that makes us even more drowsy”. He further says, ”Eventually, it’s even more difficult to write the second paper”. As in proper words of Shubam, “Our minds stall and so do our hands during the second set of exams of the day”.

Verifying with answers after exams. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Verifying with answers after exams. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Well, the exams are over and we assume that the tension is gone, but NO! it’s just the beginning of the whole process of getting the answer sheets and comments, which  begin cropping up in a day or so after the exams are over. This time around, the sudden death of AP’s Chief Minister, Dr. Y S R Reddy, was a shock for many but at the same time, a relief for the students as for the 2nd and 4th years, their results were delayed and for the 3rd years, their exams got postponed to the following week.

In reality, no one can escape the wrath of receiving their marks and certainly, the fun, humiliation and excitement associated with it always comes naturally. As Santosh tells, “I left a blank answer sheet in the exam and was applauded for the same by my lecturer. He praised me in front of the whole class saying that I had saved him from the bad time of going through a paper filled with crap answers making no sense”. He further adds, ”He appreciated such an effort and for those, who troubled him by scribbling in the answer sheet, the lecturer made it a point to read out all the funny and stupid answers in front of all the students and then handed over the papers”.

With such ‘bindaas’ attitude of many students, the removal of board exams at colleges and even at university levels, won’t make any difference and could possibly be a great step towards strengthening our failing education system in India.

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  1. Painless Predator says:

    Tells exactly what we guys go through in the midst of this incompetency. hehe:) A very clear depiction of the above this one!

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