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GRIET Canteen. Credit: Schon Jianna

Hot cuppas, steaming hot snacks, surprise birthday parties, happy bunking hours… all this and much more! They are the images, which flash in our minds at the very thought of college life because every college student spends more time in canteen than classes. Welcome to the world of incessant chatting, blaring mp3s and ek dum masth attitude ka ilaaka (fantastic hangout to exhibit attitude).

“The best part of our canteen is that it is a separate building and consists of two floors. This gives a lot of scope for us to while away our time unnoticed in the first floor of our canteen. We have a separate canteen for boys and girls, which is weird but once we are GRIETians we all get used to this girls and boys discrimination everywhere so there’s no big deal if canteens are different”, says Prateesha of ECE.

“The menu of the canteen resembles our lengthy JNTU answer sheets because you find nothing in either of them. You just have to satiate your hunger by seeing the board. There would be idly on menu as the first dish, which would never be available. At times, try asking for a ‘Maaza’ and you will get the one that tastes like both ‘Maaza’ and ‘Fanta’ (mix and match in cool drinks too).  Students of different years have different timings of lunch, which is basically done so that we don’t rag and moreover the  space is also limited but students, who have lunch at the end have almost nothing to have except for a few dishes, which is disliked by everyone”, says Aishwarya of Mechanical. In GRIET, the second years have their recess at 11 o’clock, third years at 12 o’clock, first years at 1 o’clock and fourth years at 2 o’clock.

The long menu. Credit: Schon Jianna

The long menu. Credit: Schon Jianna

“Cleanliness is redefined in our canteen”, says Sandeep of BioTech, sarcastically. He adds, “wiping away the things on the table with a dry sponge, makes it sticky at times. But it is still our first choice of place to do almost everything, eating, studying, writing records, speaking on phones, watching movies on laptops, cutting birthday cakes, having petty fights and the list goes on and on”.

Surprise parties have become a common phenomenon in the GRIET canteen. The success of the surprise parties is largely due to the co-operation of people, who run the canteen. “Our canteen owner, whom all of us fondly call canteen uncle is very jovial. On my 19th birthday, we all had to come to college as we had an exam, but my friends made it special by getting a cake and I cut the cake in the canteen with everyone around. In fact I made so many new friends on that day from so many branches. It was the first time a birthday party was celebrated in GRIET canteen”, recollects Anusha from IT.  “It all started off with my birthday and everyone does it now; thanks to my friends”, she adds.

“Our canteen is the place, where we conduct our cooking competition ‘SPICES’, where all of us come out with out innate cooking talents. It is during this cooking competition that we really get a chance to mingle with each other (girls and boys). All kinds of dishes – sweet and hot, veg and non-veg and anything that can be called edible (he chuckles) can be experimented here. We are judged by sirs, who are from the hotel management department. We have a great time as there are no classes that day and we get a chance to taste everyone’s dishes”, says Pavan of computer science department.

Students studying. Credit: Schon Jianna

Students studying. Credit: Schon Jianna

A ’snacks stall’ has come up recently, which has all yummy cakes and puffs and few junk food. The prices are student friendly but there are very few dishes, which are good. We asked some of the students about their opinions and it is surprising to see that all of them concur with each other on most of the dishes. Manchuria is one dish that they said is good and so are the dosas (unless they are burnt, of course!). The chapattis are good only when eaten immediately, when they are hot and otherwise it’s very difficult to tear them apart. Meals are also quite good. As far as Biryani and Fried rice are concerned, there were mixed reactions. All other dishes are not that great but for variety sake every dish can be tasted.

On the whole, it is the place to chill out in college. In GRIETians’ words, it is ‘a place where we can do whatever we like, which is such a relief in a college like ‘GRIET – the world of rules‘!

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