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By Seargent Arbit On September - 19 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
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Opinions: one really cannot keep them bottled up for long. Whether or not people like something, they always find a way of telling the world. Whether it is our esteemed politicians opining on the socio-cultural impact of soaps today, which they undoubtedly feel is an issue relevant to the governance of the Indian democracy, or one’s next-door neighbour expressing his/her concerns over America’s latest ploy to subordinate the developing countries, opinions always find a way of being expressed. It doesn’t matter whether or not one has a say in the matter, or if anybody is even listening – if people have an opinion, he/she will surely express it , if only by catching hold of their partially deaf friend and pouring it down his/her ears! (Picture: IIIT Blogroll. Credit: Seargent Arbit)

Though, for the students of IIIT, who swear by proxies sand firewalls, the medium of expression must, but naturally, be ‘electronic’ and what better than blogs to say something and be sure that it’ll be read? A survey conducted amongst the students of IIIT revealed that over 40% have, at some point of time, blogged. Some left off, having let off their steam by publishing what they had in mind, while others continued to entertain their readers with humorous (or otherwise) accounts of their mundane activities. In fact, the regular bloggers formed a fair share of the surveyed junta (public).

So much so for the writing part, one does need to have a subject to write on. So what is it that these bloggers write about? Aakanksha, an active blogger, finds a way to inject her wit and sarcasm into her posts. She says, “I generally like to blog about the faux pas of others, things I can express my contempt for or things I feel for…”. Rini, who belongs to the category of ’sporadic bloggers’ offers, “Well, I blog when I have an observation to make and of course, when I’m bored and have nothing else to do!” The subjects of the posts, as the IIIT-Blogroll testifies, runs the entire gamut – from academics to commentaries on the latest scandal to erotica!

As is the case with any form of media, wherever there is mass readership or visibility involved, controversy must rear its head. The IIIT blogosphere is no exception. In the past one year itself, there have been quite a few blogs, which have raised such an uproar that for days after certain posts were published, the entire campus would be talking about them. Truly, with the blogging culture IIIT has, if one has a piece of gossip that one wants the whole world to know, there can be no faster way than to blog about it!

Anonymity is the biggest weapon in this virtual world and in this electronic warfare, the ’seekers’ always find a way to hunt down the authors of the ‘juicy’ posts, which are invariably posted anonymously. So, four days after a post was published anonymously on a certain blog (which incidentally received 700+ hits per day during its peak period), a screenshot was circulated, which had the author’s name circled in red under the post title. (Credit – Google Doc Reader)

Meanwhile, what do the readers make of these ‘controversial’ posts? While Anika believes, “Everyone has a right to express their opinions, no matter what the topic may be”. Divya usually scoffs at the (authors’) attempts to propel themselves into limelight by writing something controversial.

However, these ‘opinions’ don’t really bother the authors. After all, if the soaps are after TRP ratings, then bloggers want hits and whatever works with the readers works for them too!.

After all, that’s what freedom of expression is all about, right? and IIITians, whether it is babbling in computer-world jargon, or making a quirky observation about a professor’s attire, surely know how to express themselves!

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