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Orientation day ACE 01

Quite a horde of eager and anxious students and equally excited parents by their side, were seen on the 11th of September, 2009. A new batch of students was welcomed with open arms by the students and management of Ace Engineering College on this day. Yes, the long wait for the counseling has finally come to an end, putting to rest the days of suspense for the students, who were nerve wrecked as to which college they would end up in. (Picture – Kudos for organising the event without a hitch! Credits: Insanity Personified)

Four different banners of the four student organizations namely, Tektronix (ECE), Phasor (EEE), Infotrace (IT), Cybertronix (CSE) were hung from the college building, welcoming the juniors to the college. Popular songs were played on the music system in the morning till the buses arrived for the benefit of the volunteers, who either stayed back at the college overnight or came as early as six o’ clock in the morning to make arrangements for the D-day. It was quite a tough job making all the arrangements as there was another fest in the college on the day after the orientation day. So, it was quite a commendable job to have made all the arrangements without a hitch, a fact much appreciated by the faculty and the management.

The day dawned perfectly without a trace of cloud in the sky, spreading out sunshine all over, unleashing an aura of goodness on the newly joined students of the college. For a change, the freshers weren’t petrified at the prospect of coming face to face with their seniors, as they had their parents beside them to ward off anyone, who cast an eye on their precious wards. A few of them had a boring look on their face, which quite surprised a lot many people. On enquiring, Hardik, a fresher says, “This college is quite ok, but I expected the college to be just like the college from the movie ‘Happy Days’”, bringing about a tiny smile or a look of understanding on the faces of the 2nd years as they too had this popular notion that every engineering college is just like the college from ‘Happy Days’.

On September 11, 2009, the seniors didn’t dare to venture anywhere near the freshers, lest they be interrogated by the parents of the very freshers they wanted to rag. Anti ragging posters were put up in the college campus a few weeks prior to the orientation day and students were warned of dire consequences if they were caught in any ragging incident. Says Pavan Kumar, a 3rd year student, “With such a fuss being made about the whole ragging thing, only a fool would want to rag anyone and I certainly am not a fool”, making it clear that not many students in his year are either in a mood to rag or have an inclination towards it. The management was very strict while making it clear that even if anyone is found in the vicinity of ragging, he/she would mercilessly be handed over to the police. Such was the stance of the management towards ragging that the general secretary of the college Mr.Y.V.Gopal Krishna Murthy repeatedly made it clear in his address to the students that any form of ragging would not be tolerated and they needn’t worry about it.

The freshers were first made to go to their prospective classes to fill out their registration forms and carry out the other routine procedures. “Man… I find it very amusing to serve the juniors lunch and to try and be nice to them”, says C Anil Kumar, a 3rd year student from Ace Engineering College. Then everyone, including the parents assembled in the seminar hall to attend the address given by the principal, general secretary, chairman and the vice-chairman. All the words spoken by the dignitaries were quite enlightening and were worth the wait, as each one gave their own insights and anecdotes to the audience present there.

The principal of the college, Mr.S.Venkatachalam started the proceedings by lighting up the lamp along with the other dignitaries. Then after the lighting up of the lamp, he introduced everyone present there to the who’s who of the college. Then he began his address by highlighting the achievements of the college so far, which were mighty impressive. Then, the general secretary Mr.Gopal Krishna Murthy took over the proceedings by beginning the address with a popular telugu saying advising the students to always stick to the right path, however hard it might seem to be. This is generally the sort of advice the General Secretary often gave in his address to the students and every time he manages to enthrall the students and the faculty alike with his thunderous, dynamic speeches. This time was no different, as the loudest applause was reserved for the general secretary‘s address.

After all the dignitaries addressed the gathering, it was time for lunch to commence. The hungry students and parents made a bee-line towards the lunch counters, which thankfully was organized to perfection by the students and management. The senior students played charming hosts to the freshers by serving them lunch and directing them to their required rooms and halls. After the lunch was done, the students, seniors and juniors alike were asked to congregate in the seminar hall yet again. This time, the students belonging to different groups were asked to go to their respective rooms, like, all the students belonging to EEE were asked to assemble in a separate hall, students of IT were made to sit in a different hall, etc.

Then started the orientation program, where the faculty members of each group introduced themselves to the enthusiastic bunch of students staring at them. The HOD’s of various groups began the session by introducing everyone to the subject/stream they chose and explaining the current scenario of the particular stream in the world. Gradually, the students were also asked to introduce themselves on the dais to the crowd present there, which was a rather enjoyable affair as most of them were quite nervous and a couple of girls broke into tears for reasons not known to anyone. “This was the first time we had ever been on a dais and we couldn’t just get ourselves to talk in front of you all people”, confides Sneha, a 1st year student, who was petrified at the very prospect of facing the huge crowd.

Student organisers of the Orientation event. Credits: Insanity Personified

Student organisers of the Orientation event. Credits: Insanity Personified

Thereafter, a few parents also recounted their experiences, which made them opt for Ace Engineering College and also shared a few valuable insights on the present day education. This session was supposed to wind up by 3.30 p.m, but such was the enthusiasm and the response of everyone present there, that it extended up to 5.45 p.m and the buses were readied by that time. Soon, it was time for the students, faculty and the parents alike to end the orientation session for the day.

The orientation program for the year 2009, at Ace Engineering College was quite an enjoyable affair and the first day at the college started off on a high for the juniors and they couldn’t have asked for a better start to their engineering career. Also, they certainly have got a thing or two to prove to their seniors and the faculty, who have reposed such an amount of faith on them.

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